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posted by livanjka
Hay!I`m livanjka and I made this spot! The spot is for everyone! For Brucas`s, Leyton`s and Naley`s fans!

Add yours pictures,questions,links,articles and whatever u want!!!!!

If u want me to change icoon of banner of if u have any problems just say it and we will work it out

I added this spot beacuse I think that these three couples are the most importanat couples in One boom hill!

In One boom heuvel there were a lot of other couples:Jeyton,Brooke and Felix, Brulian,Browen,Pathan,Lincas and etc. but Brucas,Naley and Leyton were the most interesting and the most important couples in One boom heuvel history! And they have a lot of fans!