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Okay so i was just watching some new clips of Oth and I just think Brulian had many scenes which seemed a lot like Bl past scenes.

Am not an Anti-Bju but i dont ship them either unlike pucass its all Hate.
I know people sometimes have scenes alike but hallo its my opinion.

okay so Starting with recent scenes

Julian helping Brooke With Sam is like Lucas helping Brooke with Anjie.

The season seven promo of Julian holding Brooke door the brand reminded me of Brucas scenes at Rachel's cabine of both brucas door the fire.

Julian fighting for Brooke was like Lucas fighting for her in season 2 and 3....
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posted by RoXanne4Brucas
The legend of the queen of hearts.

The legend of the queen of hearts started from the first season,when Lucas and Brooke shared their first kiss.The red colour appeared in the hot scene wen Brooke’s tatoo was near her RED underwear.In the other words,their first fizical contact and the beginning of their relationship started under the influence of this color.
They both became meer mature when Brooke thought that she was pregnant.The appearance of the RED color one the pregnancy test was a hard moment for them when they realized that life wasn’t that easy as it seemed.
From the beginning ,...
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Leyton supporters have claimed that Lucas was only hiding away from Peyton through Brooke.

Funny thing is, as a non-supporter, I can argue that it’s actually the other way around.
Consider season 2’s finale. That ending scene for Lucas and Brooke is a powerful revelation in Lucas part (and he doesn’t need anybody to bombard him about what his hart-, hart wants)

Lucas: I wanna be with you, Brooke.
Brooke: What?
Lucas: I know we’re vrienden but it’s just how I feel.
Brooke: But what about the Peyton stuff?
Lucas: I keep that stuff to remind myself how badly I screwed up things...with you; to remind...
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First of all I have to start door saying that I have never been so disappointed door a toon in my life. Seriously Mark? A Leyton fetus brewing ALREADY! How long has it even been since they’ve been engaged, let alone back to being “in love” (yes, I don’t consider the time when they both went their separate ways as being “in love”) I honestly can’t even put into words the shock and disgust I felt when I heard the words “baby daddy” come out of Peyton’s mouth. Not to mention the fact that she was horrendously sobbing. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not a hateful person, and would...
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"I do what I do. And I like what I like and that's just who I am. "
"I know. That's what I love about you"

“All I really want to see is Lucas laugh again, hear him song off key, watch him roll his eyes when I steal French fries off his plate. All I’m trying to say is, I’m crazy about your son and I hope that’s enough for you”

"...Felix, we kind of stopped benifiting!
"I´m glad...I´m not about the windscreen, but about the rest of it."
"Why because u don´t like him?"
"no... because your better then that"

"This is all about courage, nobody is gonna believe this, coming...
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Ok, I don't know who else watches/watched Dawson's Creek but I find HUGE similarities to the Joey and Pacey's relationship(Jacey, JP) to Brucas (BL); and Joey and Dawson's realtionship (Doey, JD) to Leyton(LP).
Doey and Leyton are 'platonic soulmates'. i.e. they share similar interests JD film, analyzing, academic fulfillment; LP music, abandonment, the arts (writing and drawing).
LP and JD seem to be unable to function normally with of without the other. Both share traumatic experiences and are there for each other which undoubtedly gives them a close emotional bond.

However, when they...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Okay, so i'm pretty bored and my douche plans were put on hold which kinda sucks caus i kinda need to be clean to go out. So I'm putting that on hold.

Anyway... i'm gonna share a story, and it's not really bl related at all, maybe i'll throw in somethings at the end. The topic of this artikel is phone calls.

Yesterday i got one of those 'who's this?' phone calls, and if u don't know what i mean it's when someone calls u and is all like who is this, and it's like come on u called me! so it went like this (and really i'm not always so bitchy but strangers on the phone can bring out the bitch...
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posted by bl0ndy
hallo guys. I saw this icoon and I suddenly felt ... relieved. Finally the whole Brucas vs. Leyton war is over and although that we the Brucas fans lost the war,I'm glad that we won a lot of battles.Brucas had their amazing moments,their love and also their friendship will always stay in our hearts.Maybe Brucas weren't meant to be after all...Don't get me the wrong way,I'll always adore Brucas,but watching "Remember me as a time of day" I really enjoyed Leyton's moments. I got surprised having in mind that I have ALWAYS hated Leyton.I guess I realised that there is not even a little chance to...
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posted by CheeryDavis
Have u ever met someone who at the first time u make a mistake, defends u whole heartedly, and makes u feel a little better about yourself! Someone who even though u have your differences is so sweet and kind that it makes u forget about all those dissimilarities. Well that is what Laurencia7 did for me! So i just want to say thank u so much for standing up for me even though I didn't deserve it! u are a rocking Leytoner and even though u are from the dark side lol I really think u are an amazing person! So here is to Brucas and Leyton fans being able to exist in one world and being able to meet kick ezel individuals like Laurencia7! u rock girl even if u are a Leyton slap my booty they got cooties fan lol! Just kidding about that, but it totally rhymed so i had to use it! Love ya!
posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Remember today for it is the beginning of always…

When it comes to One boom heuvel not much can be counted on, our hearts as fans have been played with, hope destroyed and rebuilt over and over again, sometimes the toon is far too predictable yet it still manages to surprise us with twists and turns which leads to doubts to if it will go the predictable route. Yet amongst all the uncertainty there is one constant, one thing we all secretly know is untouchable – Naley. Nathan and Haley may be cheesy, they may be boring at times and far too predictable yet their fairytale love always and forever...
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Here is the official lijst ;) thought up door the fans, for the fans ♥

“BL fans: delusional, yet still better than you.”

“BL fans: the Dan Scott’s of the fanbase, we DON’T DIE!”

“Anything u can do BL fans can do better.”

“BLers are just effing fabulous. Deal with it.”

“BLers; simply the best. Yes, we’re better than all the rest.”

“BLers; bow at our feet, bitches.”

“BLers; droppin’ it hot since 2003.”

“BLers; no one in the corner have swagger like us.”

“BLers; it’s amazing how we’re the reason; people get fired-up so easily.”

“BLers; getting under your...
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Ok guys ... i just found this on FanFiction.Net ...
i thought it would be funny if i geplaatst this here,i will credit of course: link (heres the link!) First I know that lots of u guys like Peyton but please don't hate me for posting this! So unless u have a sense of humor this isn’t for Peyton fans of Leyton fans. :)
P.S I think Mary will like this LoL !

The 50 Deaths of Peyton Sawyer

1.) She realizes the writers made a mistake in making her a cheerleader. Everyone agrees. She gets angry and tries to prove them wrong door actually cheering. At the volgende game, Peyton Sawyer was bludgeoned to...
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posted by brucaslove4eva1
Lucas Scott has been through many on and off relationships with Brooke and Peyton, and has never really made one decision about which one he truely loves.
Look at it this way. Every season Lucas changes his mind about which girl (Peyton of Brooke) he wants volgende to him when all his dreams come true, of who is the one that he is going to love forever...blah...blah.
And for a while now, in season 5, Lucas has been talking and talking about his love for Lindsey and how much he wants her back *after the wedding*.
And now I don't even know what t beleive with lucas because of all of his mind changes....
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
i got bored and this was just something i did so my hands had something to do of i would slap someone, and i try not to promote violence, so i guess i should disclaim it, yeah i dont own oth and u all know that.

Jamie doesn't get love

I don’t get old people of the whole love thing. I mean, I think I know what love is. I love Momma and Dad, and of course I love Chester, and I love Aunt Brooke and Uncle Lucas, and I love Uncle Skillz and Nanny Deb, and I love basketbal and ice cream and I love my wii. Love doesn’t seem that complicated.

I don’t know why old people have such a problem with...
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posted by bdavisrocks
Refuting some BL negativity :)

False Theory #1 = Season 1 Brucas were all fun and shallow:

Brooke: What I mean is..I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that's just who I am.
Lucas: I know, and that's what I love about you.
Brooke: Ok, but the muziek that u listen to and the boeken that u read..I'm not into any of that stuff.
Lucas: And I never asked u to be, ok? u know, I kinda enjoy the fact that we're different.
Brooke: Ok. I'm sorry. It's just that, you're the first really great guy I've ever dated, and that really scares me because I never gave a rat's ezel before, ok?...
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posted by brucas_naley101
Brooke and Lucas walk in to the Naley house.
"Cooper! What are u doing her?" Lucas asked at seeing him.
"Hot Uncle Cooper!" Brooke yelled at the same time as Lucas.
"Hey Brooke Lucas." Cooper said, hugging them.
"Uncle Luke! Aunt Brooke! I want to see some pictures of u and Daddy all messy." Jamie zei to them.
"What pictures are we talking about?" Cooper asked. Brucas and Naley laughed, Brooke took out her ofhone and showed Jamie and Cooper the pictures.
"What the Hell!" Cooper said, causing everyone to laugh, and Lucas explained the story. "You two always were kinda cute when u were together."...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hannah though your little walk in hasn't happened yet i am planning on writing it in, probably chapter seventeen.

Chapter Thirteen


If u were to spread my life out in front of you, the good, the bad and the seemingly insignificant, it may read as a tragedy. If u look deeper, if u don't get distracted door the darker facts – dead beat dad, bullied, poor, murdered uncle, left at the alter, widowed, dying son – then my life is far from tragic. I've been gifted, I truly believe that, yes I have lost and may still lose more, and it is painful however the reason why it is so painful is...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
okay its meer breyton than brucas, but well i think blers will appreciate it more. yeah still dont own oth.


Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.
- Shakespeare

There is something similar about this scene, something that at the moment neither girl can really pin point. They stand in front of each other, two best vrienden who have gone through so much together, one a stunning brunette and the other a beautiful blonde. Brooke Davis is known for her smile and cheery attitude, but over the last few months life has beaten something out of her and that smile is...
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posted by brucas_naley101
So this is like oth season 7 my way :P . FYI this is NOT like the one we talked bout Krissy. It's still good..... I hope :P . And this has LOTS of Brucas, Jeyton, and Naley.

The Leyton House
Peyton's cell rings, "Can u get that, Luke?" she calls from where she is sitting holding Sawyer. "Sure." and he runs to get her phone. He picks up the phone but before he can say anything he hears someone on the other line yelling, "Peyton! u zei u were going to tell him! I'm tired of sneaking around! This was on your terms but now we are DONE if u don't leave Lucas like u zei u would, and...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hallo so this is my entry to the contest thing,a one shot bl wedding, and i must admit i kinda 'cheated' well maybe taking a short cut would be a better term, because i just so happened to have written the wedding chapter to one of my fanfics last week, so lol its that, so yeah obviously AU, though any BL wedding would be AU. just yeah if something doesnt make sense,just like go with the flow. :P oh yeah, and italics w]are flashbacks/emphasis, majority are flachbacks

Lucas POV


Just breathe and count back from ten, and when u stop counting you’re ten meer seconden closer to having...
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