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posted by brucas_naley101
Brooke and Lucas walk in to the Naley house.
"Cooper! What are u doing her?" Lucas asked at seeing him.
"Hot Uncle Cooper!" Brooke yelled at the same time as Lucas.
"Hey Brooke Lucas." Cooper said, hugging them.
"Uncle Luke! Aunt Brooke! I want to see some pictures of u and Daddy all messy." Jamie zei to them.
"What pictures are we talking about?" Cooper asked. Brucas and Naley laughed, Brooke took out her ofhone and showed Jamie and Cooper the pictures.
"What the Hell!" Cooper said, causing everyone to laugh, and Lucas explained the story. "You two always were kinda cute when u were together."...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hannah though your little walk in hasn't happened yet i am planning on writing it in, probably chapter seventeen.

Chapter Thirteen


If u were to spread my life out in front of you, the good, the bad and the seemingly insignificant, it may read as a tragedy. If u look deeper, if u don't get distracted door the darker facts – dead beat dad, bullied, poor, murdered uncle, left at the alter, widowed, dying son – then my life is far from tragic. I've been gifted, I truly believe that, yes I have lost and may still lose more, and it is painful however the reason why it is so painful is...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
okay its meer breyton than brucas, but well i think blers will appreciate it more. yeah still dont own oth.


Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.
- Shakespeare

There is something similar about this scene, something that at the moment neither girl can really pin point. They stand in front of each other, two best vrienden who have gone through so much together, one a stunning brunette and the other a beautiful blonde. Brooke Davis is known for her smile and cheery attitude, but over the last few months life has beaten something out of her and that smile is...
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posted by brucas_naley101
So this is like oth season 7 my way :P . FYI this is NOT like the one we talked bout Krissy. It's still good..... I hope :P . And this has LOTS of Brucas, Jeyton, and Naley.

The Leyton House
Peyton's cell rings, "Can u get that, Luke?" she calls from where she is sitting holding Sawyer. "Sure." and he runs to get her phone. He picks up the phone but before he can say anything he hears someone on the other line yelling, "Peyton! u zei u were going to tell him! I'm tired of sneaking around! This was on your terms but now we are DONE if u don't leave Lucas like u zei u would, and...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
hallo so this is my entry to the contest thing,a one shot bl wedding, and i must admit i kinda 'cheated' well maybe taking a short cut would be a better term, because i just so happened to have written the wedding chapter to one of my fanfics last week, so lol its that, so yeah obviously AU, though any BL wedding would be AU. just yeah if something doesnt make sense,just like go with the flow. :P oh yeah, and italics w]are flashbacks/emphasis, majority are flachbacks

Lucas POV


Just breathe and count back from ten, and when u stop counting you’re ten meer seconden closer to having...
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u have such pretty words, shame they are repeated, engraved and forever in my heart.

Even though it turned out to be a lie, u still gave me love and with that i can go on knowing that we did once love and we grew together & we have the memories that no one can take away from us.
Brooke: There are 82 letters in here, and they're all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them 'cause I was afraid.
Lucas Scott: Brooke...
Brooke: I was afraid of getting my hart-, hart broken again, like before. 'Cause u hurt...
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This fanfic is the result of boredom and desperate need for a fanatic.
Here we go :)

Umm yeah.
So about a jaar has passed since leyton gave birth to their child and were married.
Brooke is out being a hot sexy fashion designer, and Luke is a fugly stay at home pagina dad.

"Yo Luke u gonna fry me up some chicken? I'm hungry."
"In a moment dear, I'm wiping Sawyer's doodoo."
"Your such a pansy ass." -she sits down on the lounge chair and unzips her jeans- "I need a little breathing room!" -takes a sip of beer-. "Who decided to name the fart Sawyer anyways? What a dumbass name!"
"You did,...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
so i dont know if i gott disclaim here but better to be veilig than sued. so i dont own anything. so that whole lucas' novel thing pisses me off so this helped me with my feelinsg about that subject. :) apologies for spelling mistakes, i dont do the editing thing and my little fingers type faster than they should.

Such is the inconsistency of real love, that it is always awake to suspicion, however unreasonable; always requiring new assurances from the object of its interest. - Ann Radcliffe

Sitting in front of his computer Lucas Scott stared at the words in front of him, there on screen his heart...
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Ho ho ho! Happy Christmas
So this is the seconde jaar were doing Christmas gifts and heres one for u Alice!
Alice- wow it’s been about two years since I first talked to you! I believe I first met u on the oth spot, but from when I met u I remember there was something different about you! u had your own uniqueness! u didn’t give in to the fighting, and u didn’t bash me, u were actually one of the only people who didn’t hate me(that I know of) I’m pretty sure I first started talking to u over message, I guess we just got along from the start. I got to know her more...
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 Biggest part of my world
Biggest part of my world
Ok so this is my entry to the Brucas fanfic contest at othforums and its my ideal Brucas contest it is a mainly a narration of what is leading up to it and then towards the end it will be them so enjoy commentaren are lovely please do if u like it.

Fade in to Lucas Scott house

Lucas was sitting their at his bureau writing his newest book and thinking of the things that inspired him to get to this new flow of Creativity it came very simple to Lucas now that he found something that he loves in his life someone he thought he would never get another...
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 Brulian of Brucas?
Brulian or Brucas?
Ok guys this is the seconde part! This is all the Brulian stuff!

Now on to the Brulian scenes of the Brucas reunion foreshadowing. I have to tell u my inner Brucas fan girl squeed with joy when I watched their scenes. I mean don't get me wrong I love Julian and I was heartbroken for him when Brooke didn't say I love u back, but Brucas will always be #1 in my hart-, hart and some sweet
confession from a boy who is clearly in love with Brooke Davis is not going to change that.

2)The Brulian scene

"So then the last time u were in I get it."
"Look I'm sorry if it's weird for you"
"Do you...
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I can't say that my faith in a Brucas reunion is strong right now, of even the faith of the Brucas camp in general, but I think what makes this group special is the HOPE for that reunion, however slight it may be, that we all keep alive in our own ways. We are all dedicated to not accepting Lucas's true happiness as being with any other woman but Brooke. That is what keeps up my spirits, when it all comes down to it, deep down I know that NO ONE other than Brucas has the "look". u know that feeling that u had watching the first time Brooke and Lucas truly saw each other for who they really...
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posted by isoheartbrucas
I am seriously aggravated right now! I've started to hate this show, and i hate how they've been treating Brooke this whole season, but this... this was just the last straw!

First they make it seem as though everything that Brooke and Lucas were about was sex and that they didn't mean anything. It seems that Brooke and Lucas were nothing but a pety high school fling that everybody knew wouldn't have lasted. It's like they've all forgotten how passionate and true Brucas' love was in season 2 and 3! I feel so degraded and disrespected! It's just that I've believed in them so much and I loved them....
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
When I found out Hannah (Brucas4ever) was my secret santa I couldn't have been happier. She is truly an amazing fan and person. If u do not know this BLer u should, you'll never forget her. So Hannah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Painted faces all around
Dancing, spinning, falling down
Dazzling fakes are such a bore
A genuine smile sparkles more

So lift your chin
High and proud
Remember you're better
than half that crowd

You're honest and sweet
Loyal and true
The loudest and funniest
of our crew

u are you, mangos and all
A beautiful person for a beautiful soul
And though others may fail to see
We flove u always, at the BFG.
 and a red door achtergrond just for you. ily tigger
and a red door wallpaper just for you. ily tigger
posted by BrightSparkle
 "they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion."
"they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion."
So as most of u probably know, Ally is the FOTM for April. She really deserved this, and I for one am extremely happy for her! Congrats Hun <3

1.    YAY! u won, how do u feel?
- Super happy and excited! :D Seriously thank u guys for voting for me!

2. Are Brucas your OTP, if yes, why?
- Yes! Because they're amazing - they have such chemistry and emotion. They're real - they have issues like any other couple but in the end all that matters is their love <3

3. What are your other favoriete TV couples?
- Cook and Effy, Tim and Lyla and John and Mary Winchester.

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posted by Broody_4_Cheery

Coffee, the greatest discovery man has ever made, it is one of the many things I learnt during my time at law school. Going back to universiteit in my late twenties was far from easy, coffee was my salvation. The first thing I did once I walked out my apartment door was go to the nearest Starbucks, years later my morning routine is still the same, it’s just a different coffee koop I step through. I’m not saying I chose my office’s location due to Marcella’s across the street, and the fact they make the best coffee and Danishes, just that it might have had a small role in the decision....
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Chapter 3 Goodbye

“What?” I practically felt my word screaming I did not wan to know anymore I was so out here.

“That is it, Brooke u coming?” she nodded and grabbed her stuff and followed me.

“It was nice meeting you, Nathan unlike some people” Lucas rolled his eyes and I watched Brooke walking over to Nathan and hugging him tightly and somehow I felt jealous, did I feel attracted to him yes did I like him not really.

“Haley, u don’t want to give Lukey a hug”

I smiled and hugged him after we all zei our goodbyes we walked over to our cars I remember Brooke telling me she...
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Chapter 2 Drinking Game (Here comes confusion)

“Haley James” I zei looking up and shook his hand, he walked over and sat volgende to me and I couldn’t help but think he was very attractive and definitely meer charming than Nathan, who was of course too busy staring at my best friend , stupid perv.

“Dude, volgende time u want to leave me could u at least tell me

So I don’t have to wait for u like some kind of moron.” Lucas zei as he sat down in a rather tired voice.”

“Dude, if u weren’t hitting no that waitress I wouldn’t have left don’t u think” Nathan replied pretty...
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 What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
This is an anti-LP artikel so if you're an LP fan, get a clue. GTFO of our spot and don't rate this low. I am entitled to my opinion and u shouldn't rate this low just because u disagree with me. Now if you're gonna rate this low, at least have the courage to commentaar of you'd just be like any other losers I know. I came up with this in like an uur and these were the only ones on top, boven of my head at that moment. Suggestions are welcome. Now go on reading! :)

1) Cheating shows the intensity of your love for another.

Season 1: If your love is so intense, why choose to be with another when you...
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posted by oth-brucas4ever
i found this on buddy tv and thought i would share

it was an intreview mark did. he say it it's dangerous to ignore us....well i think he getting the message BUT MUST NOT BE CLEAR cause he still pissing alot of us off!!!!

In the interview, Schwahn addressed whether the Brooke-Lucas-Peyton love driehoek is over for good. "I would say that right now, I'm most compelled to see who Lucas and Peyton are going to try to be as a couple," he said. "I don't want to ignore that huge Brucas fan base, I think it's dangerous to ignore them, but while they may feel under served right now, I think if they're...
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