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livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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een jaar geleden sophialover said…
I'm...but i can't stay for a long time b/c "Lost" starts and i totally wanna watch!

een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
lost i love lost! are you a jate or a skate fan??
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
hihi..Skateeee <33! I mean..i love Jate too...but Skate is just WOW!! (L)! I'm addicted to them..xD!
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
ohh im sooooooo im love with Jate their like my fav couple ever( idk if i like brucas or jate more it's soooo hard to pick)! what season are you watching?
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
s2 <33! I know..i love Jake...but i just don't want him with Kate! Sawyer is so damn funny...he's like my best male character (him and Chuck..xD) EVER!! And i especially love him with Kate (L)! But Ok...i can't say that i HATE Jate with a passion...y'know what i mean? I just don't want them to be together...
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
I love Season 2! where do you live?
i totally understand what you mean like skate doesn't really bother me as much as lp! i can't wait until season 5!!! im like in love with jack he's my fav! but im liking sawyer more and more:)
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
You just gotta ADORE Sawyer <33! He's soso freaking amazing <33! I live in Greece...and here we've got it until the 3rd season...but as i only started watching it this winter, now i'm trying to catch up with some episodes from the second and the first season! It's amazing!

PS: Hell yeah! Definately=D! You just can't hate ANY couple more than LP..xD They make me throw up..eww!!
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
hhahah i used to hate sawyer but now i kinda love him! im a total jack girl though! he's so like amazing i just love everything about him♥! im also a huge Desmond and Penny Fan and also a Charlie and Claire! lost is my favorite show in my option it's even better then oth and gg, but i love prison break too! but i hate the lost spot on here it really sucks it's so boring too!
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een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
You all may know about this site already, but there is a great Brucas forum at this link:


I still like this one best though. My next post will be coming soon.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
cool! i love all your ideas:) so whats up?
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
I have appreciated all the props for my brucas analysis. I must say that I have gotten most of my ideas from some posts on this forum. I thought this time I would get some feedback from those of you who enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy all of yours. Here are a few theories I am working on:

Mark is playing a trick on LP and BL fans

LP being endgame violates all rules of endgame couples

Why LPers are so stubborn and rude

THe difference between BL fans and LP fans

Why Brucas is preferred over Leyton (more logic than opinion)

Why BL fans should keep their spirits up about Brucas being endgame

Why Leyton should not be endgame (nothing to do with chemistry, or the triangle, season 5 only)

Why Brucas is a better fit now than Leyton is (season 5 only)

If anybody wants my take on these subjects, pick one and let me know. I will probably touch on all of these eventually, but the ones that are preferred, I will put more effort into. Again, I appreciate all of the props; those are the reason I continue to stay positive about a brucas reunion, and I am happy to see so many people that agree with me.
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
great idea!! elaborate on the "Mark is playing a trick on LP and BL fans" i SOO believe but i wanna hear what you hafta say! :]
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
kuhriissten, you want it you got it, but I also invite you to check out my post for a brucas leyton storyline that can make everyone, including BL fans happy. It is on pg 7 or 8 of this forum (this will show up on page 9 or 10).

IN relation to Mark playing tricks on the fans:

It is of my opinion that Mark does favor Leyton. It is obvious that he was pushing for them to be endgame. However, Mark has also said that he recognizes all of the strong BL fans. With that being said, everywhere I read people are talking about how Mark prefers Leyton, and whatnot. Mark has said that he reads the blogs so he knows how people see his opinion of leyton. It would catch so many people by surprise if it were brucas. Because of his known leyton crush, people would never suspect him to make brucas endgame. THat is what endgame couples are all about: will they ever get back together. A surprise like that would make it memorable. Remember in s2 when Lucas said there is a girl from his past that he loves. Everyone thought it was peyton, but it ended up being brooke. THat was a swerve nobody saw coming. It is the swerves that make for compelling and interesting tv. Leyton fans believe they will be endgame, and are just watching for it. If BL fans were to watch it, they would just watch just cuz and see how it turns out. Everyone is expecting that, so the hook up will not be that big. However, if it turns out Mark goes the Brucas route, Brucas fans and leyton fans will watch to see. Brucas was not blatant in s5, so it would take some doing to get them back together. BL fans will watch adn enjoy, and LP fans will watch to see just how Mark is gonna make that couple work, cuz in their minds, Brucas never stood a chance. THat is where BL fans and LP fans differ. LP fans do not accept Brucas having a chance. BL fans accept LP as a strong favorite, but know that Brucas still stands a chance. Brucas is the underdog couple, and people love the underdog. LP fans are pro leyton, and BL fans want Brucas, but may partially expect Leyton, which means that all fans are expecting leyton. Why not swerve everyone with Brucas. If you build a good story around it, you can easily make this work. I posted a storyline a few days ago where brucas would work, and LP fans would still be happy and have there Leyton moments. Just going with Leyton would not satisfy Brucas fans, and there is no logical way to go brucas first then leyton (I have stated I believe he calls Peyton but they are not endgame). Everyone is thinking leyton, and mark knows that, so why would you give the obvious? WHy would he make the Leyton issues so strong in s5, and then just put them back together as the endgame couple? How anti climatic is that? Why would you put them together in the beginning of the season if they are the endgame couple? He is obviously planning something down the line, and leyton lasting till the end is a cheap ending to one of the foundations of the show: the BLP love triangle. People say the triangle is getting old, but I think they mean how they go about it. Leyton backstabbing twice is old, but the triangle itself can be revisited now that it has been four years. The fact is that this four years into the future thing gives mark some new avenues to visit, and putting leyton together this way has that teenage love affair feel to it, which is how mark has continued to display the leyton relationship. Leyton is still pulling high school tricks, with Peyton's attitude and Lucas being oblivious to the fact that his fiancee is hurting because of it. The relationship, or them together or whatever, has not grown and their behavior is not that of mature adults, especially Peyton. Why would Mark make them the endgame couple? I won't even mention the backstabbing high school stuff, but Peyton only wants him when he has someone and won't let him be happy so why reward her? Is that what Mark believes in? He has to see past his Leyton crush, or Peyton crush, and see what Leyton has been made to look like, a couple born out of deceit and backstabbing. What couple you know of lasts like that? I know it is fantasy, but the fact LUcas still has feelings for both girls is the fantasy part. Relationships should always have the happy fairytale ending, and brucas is the true happy ending, especially when the show is geared toward women.

Here's another tidbit that LPers can ponder while the BL fans enjoy:

Peyton said, "If I knew it would be over, I would have said yes." or something like that. If you break it down, she is saying that she would marry him to keep him, not because she wanted to marry him. SHe does not want to marry lucas because she wants to be with him forever, and she is ready, but because she wants to keep him. SELFISH. You should marry someone you love and want to marry. Maybe Peyton's reason to be with lucas are not truly set in romantic love, but something else. Remember when Peyton was talking to Haley about loving the thought of her and lucas, or something? Mark had to put that in there for a reason, and it would not be needed to cause confusion on who lucas would pick. That convo shows how she is questioning her love for lucas. It was put in there, I feel, because Peyton will eventually see that she does not love him the way he deserves, or the way she is supposed to, and they will finally call it quits. If she was as in love with him as she seemed, this convo never would have occurred. Maybe she is holing onto Lucas for another reason. A reason that would make LPers and BLers cuz brucas could come back. It is little situations like that need to be accounted for, and if Mark did not mean anything by it, than shame on him.

Besides, the brucas break up was not truly resolved so Mark may be doing this swerve cuz he knows he has an out for it.
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
EXACTLY! Thank you so much for have no idea what it means for us...really...your posts have restored ALL my faith about BL. I mean...i never lost it, anyway...but those are truly awesome...and i love them especially cause you don't speak like a fanatic BLer but simply like an open - minded One Tree Hill fan who's expressing general opinions about the triangle and the endgame. I LOVE IT <33! You're so right...BL is not over. Actually it was NEVER over and it will NEVER BE OVER.

PS: Another thing is considering me..! Do you believe that there are possibilities of Lucas, ending up alone? I mean...maybe Mark doesn't want to make LPers or BLers sad with the endgame thing and he decides to give us a shock value by making him ending up alone..! Ofcource this will be SO DAMN!
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
brucas4ever: I was like "WTF????" when i learned from a spoiler that Charlie dies!!! I mean...grrr! I wanted him so much to end up with Claire...<33! Aww i knoww..i LOVE Prison Break too..! MiSa is LOVEEE plus that Wentworth is so HOT!!!!
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
im glad faith in BL is getting strengthened with recent posts. just curious... was their a big LP BL debate, reading over the posts i was get excited, so did it happen?

i havent been on for like a week cause i was on a little holiday, it was great getting away and finally im out of my writers block so i am happy.
een jaar geleden Janni said…
I`m right back you sophialover..Bigdayne is bringing all the hope back and given me more faith then ever. Bigdayne is my favourite bring back BL-faith person!!^^
And Sophialover I think that if Lucas ends up alone that will just make more kaos. Cause everybody will just say that Lucas loved Peyton/Brooke more and that he would/will pick her in the future. If Marks really end Lucas alone, I think that the show will be ruines. If Lucas can't pick after 6 season, that is just wrong...
And by the way MiSa is AWSOME!!<3
een jaar geleden Janni said…
I just wanted to tell you tha i'm gping ona a vaca tomorrow, so i probably won't be on. But if I get a chance ill try to log on. Hope you guys will spare the drama until i'm back..^^
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
Lucas ending up alone is very unlikely. Like Janni and sophialover have said, it would be very anticlimatic. Plus, the triangle, and lucas finally picking a girl is one of the foundations of the show. That is something everybody is waiting to see. Whether you are an LPer or a BLer, people want him with somebody. THat is why a lot of people did not like Lindsay, not personal, they just want this love triangle to play itself out, and the fact that Peyton acting the way she did prevents that from happening anyway. And yes, Broody_4_Cheery there was a debate on the website, talking about whether LP should stay together, or give it up. I t was not a direct LP vs. BL debate, but it turned into one. ON there it also said that recent polls showed Brucas having the majority of the fanbase, with leyon and LL behind them. It also said that Mark had decided to make his decision as to who goes to Vegas based on what the majority of the fans want. I do not know how legit that is, but there was a pretty strong debate until it closed.
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
Thanks again for all the props. If you keep reading, I will keep writing. In an attempt to lift the Brucas faith some more, I will work on three new posts:

I will give specific examples from all seasons as to why the other characters on the show want brucas back together.

Why Brooke now is a better fit with Lucas than Peyton is.

A new storyline for Brucas that is more thought out and possibly exciting and better. I loved writing the last one.

They're coming...soon!
een jaar geleden sophialover said…'s been like 2 seasons without real BL love and there are STILL more BLers than LPers! At least according to the polls. This is simply *WOW* cause it shows that although some people are blinded by the fake, boring, "TLA" some others still recognise that Brucas HAPPENED, they haven't given up hope and they still believe in BL <33! Aww i'm so excited right now! just HAS to be BL. The endgame HAS TO BE BL or i'll kill everyone around!
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Aww i can't wait bigdayne! I bet that the LPers who read this topic are extremely mad at! We're so glad to have you in our spot..and OFCOURCE we'll keep reading your fantastic posts. I can't wait for the "I will give specific examples from all seasons as to why the other characters on the show want brucas back together" just b/c the stupid Pucassers CLAIM that EVERYONE on the damn show is a pro-LPer..!! Grr! I mean..c'mon. Some examples that they give are so ridiculous that i can't help but LAUGH than get pissed off or angry...haha!
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een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
yes sophialover im in love with wentworth miller:) he's soooooooooooo hot... i hate tla.. it annoys me it's a fake made up line for season 5...

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een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
omg i LOVE this part you wrote bigdayne:
"Peyton said, "If I knew it would be over, I would have said yes." or something like that. If you break it down, she is saying that she would marry him to keep him, not because she wanted to marry him. SHe does not want to marry lucas because she wants to be with him forever, and she is ready, but because she wants to keep him. SELFISH."

yeah i agree with everyone, you totally strengthed our BL faith! you look at BL in new ways and its amazing :]
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
LOL..brucas4ever! Why did she slap you..? haha! That must have hurt..LMAO. Poor girl=D!

PS: Yeah..Went is HOOOT...but it is said that he's gay. God..why do all the good-looking men of this planet have to be like that? TT.TT! Anyways..i really really hope it's not true.

PS2:kuhriisten i TOTALLY LOVED THIS PART TOO! I had never noticed it before. I mean..i usually don't pay attention to what the bitch says...but that's not the point! The thing is that bigdayne with her WONDERFUL POVS has made me fall in love all over again with BL <33! She spreads the BL power/love!
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
He's gay!!!!!!!!!!!! omg that sucks! i was like in love with him... now im annoyed...

all i have to say is that peyton is crazy!

btw you guys can call me Hannah cause "brucas4ever" is kinda
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een jaar geleden sophialover said…
lol..Ok...and ofcource you can call me "Mary" cause "sophialover" really sucks and it's a bit long too! I mean...i don't even know how i chose it...i guess cause i ADORE Soph..but it's just that i wanted to pick something related to BL. Anyway=D! haha!
I'm sorry Hannah but if i were you...i would totally SLAP her back, no matter! FORTUNATELY i have a brother who is bigger than me and he actually doesn't care whether i live or good thing about us is that WE DON'T FIGHT! lol! Imagine, that i always wanted to have a younger sister...but now i'm ready to change my mind!

Awww me2! I was so in love with him!! He's HOOT and he has these AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL blue eyes..ooh..i'm dyiiiing!!<33! It's TOO bad he's gay. At first i was like " guys are totally retared. He's not're just freaking jealous of him" but then i saw some pictures on the internet where he was holding HANDS with an another guy and this utterly convinced me..!'s such a shame though..xD!
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
grr. ive had the worst day ever. im ready to scream i think i broke my foot:(

how can he be gay? like why he's was so perfect and i was like in love with him and james lafferty! now i guess i like james im so annoyed
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
sophialover posted that I look at Brucas in all new ways. I appreciate the sentiment. I think the reason for that is I am a very logic based person. I originally thought my point of view had to do with me being a guy, but I feel it has more to do with my analyses. Unlike LPers, I look for real evidence why brucas can still work. I do not rest my head on an idea the writers had five years ago. It is logic that tells a person that the ideas for a show can always change, and so can its direction. Did anybody expect a season like season 5, four years in the future. Mark even said that he had a tone for the end of the show and that was it. He has also said that just because lp were designed to be soulmates, does not mean they will end up that way. He is not set on leyton. He may have liked the idea of leyton, but I think he is changing. Maybe I will write a post about that.

I have a funny story. My friend, who is a girl, loves one tree hill, and she is a leyton fan. I have been sitting at home all summer waiting for school to start, and she gave me the oth seasons to pass the time. I do not know why, but I watched it, and got hooked. We have a lucas/haley connection, and that made it fun. However, it was brucas that got me hooked to watch all the episodes to know everything about this awesome couple. I am a true advocate of karma and happy endings and getting what you deserve if you work for it, so when I saw how hard brooke worked in s1 and s3 to be with him, I knew I had to see it play out. Peyton's involvement is also what lead me to not like Leyton, no matter how they were designed (I have posted my thoughts on Leyton so I do not need to unleash them again). I am a very diverse guy with different tastes, adn she has opened me up to a new one. It is great because we watch reruns together, and we battle each other on leyton and brucas subjects, until one day, when she said something I will never forget:

"Ahh, Brucas is so sweet."

I actually converted her. It was awesome. She had never had a nice thing to say about Brucas until I challenged her. It is amazing what a little analysis and logic can get you. I came at her like watching game film (I played football/basketball, she played basketball) where I broke down everything, because that is how I look at all things. She now ships brucas, and is trying to convince others to see the light. I do not know if it will work, cause the Leyton force is strong in her girlfriends. I just wanted to post this so all the BLers know that that is the reason I post here,it is possible for people to change their opinions, and we are getting stronger.
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
My next post will be about the oth characters wanting Brucas. I will be more evidence based, picking actual instances from the show. Mark should focus on continuity in the storylines, so I have to look at all of the seasons. I will work really hard to find some good stuff.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
yeah your making you friend become a brucaser!!!!!!!!!! your on the good side:)
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
omfg tell me your secret bigdayne! i am a devoted brucaser and i have a little sister who is a huge oth fan as well but she hates brooke and hates brucas because of it, we were always joined in our love for jeyton but since jake has left and since like sn 4 she is now a full on leytoner, to my ever lasting shame. in some ways its good because when im pissed at leytoners or leyton i can go to her and even if she doesnt go for brucas she is a rational leytoner and gets the argument and can see where im coming from, but nothing i say ever converts her, watching MY dvds over and over again doesnt convert her either. she is against brucas 100% and i seriously think its simply because she hates brooke so much, i dont know why she hates brooke so much for she never really gives a reason though she will go as far as to say she hates brucas because of brooke. its like she only wants leyton because she doesnt want brooke to have lucas and seeing jake is not around she wnats her fave character peyton to get the next best thing which is lucas. arghh! how can i get her to see the light?
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Broody_4_Cheery some LPers are just SO stucked with Pucas..and so damn stubborn that they are NOT gonna change their minds no matter what. The same happens with all the Peyton supporters. They care about NOTHING but her "happiness"!
Anyway=D! Bigdayne...i'm SO glad you made her come on the good side...and're a guy? That's great cause i thought we were only girls..haha. I'm looking forward to your next post.
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Hannah: I still love Went but James is definately HOTTER! He's like the hottest man! <33 him so much!

PS: God..i hope you didn't break your! I guess, bad luck is following you but don't worry...Seyton has probably cursed you or smth..! It will go away as soon as the BL love will beat her as always.(It's amazing how i always put the blame on her..hahaha)
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een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
yeah i hope it's not broken cause im supposed to go out of town tomorrow:( but idk if im going:(
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een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
what did ya do to your foot?
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
i kicked a door cause i was locked out of my house and now i thinks it's broken:(
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
have you been to a doctor. heres something my friend jondy always says, if you can walk on it its not broken, but she aint no doctor.

i am curious though, were you wearing shoes and if so damn girl you must have a good kick.
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
It wasn't easy converting a Leytoner. It took hours of boredom and reevaluation of certain scenarios. I also think it was because she was a 20 year old girl so she was open to discussion. Usually younger people are just too stubborn to change their minds. Her reason for liking leyton was because peyton was her favorite character, so it was not as hard as if she just loved the leyton chemistry, or something lame like that. You have to pick your battles with converting leytoners, and make sure their roots are not strongly embedded, or else you will just be wasting your time.
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
forgot to mention... next post will be about characters from the show wanting brucas to be together. I do not think there are a multitude of examples, but I think I can find some.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
no i wasn't wearing shoes:( i know im so stupid! and i can kinda walk on my foot but not really! um i haven't been to a doc yet cause my parents are working today! so idk if it's actually broken but im gonna have my grandma look at it later cause she's a doctor
een jaar geleden sophialover said… totally must have had a really hard! I've broken my arm once and it was like...the f*cking worst experience of my entire life...(after watching the extremely "ewww" cookie fight LP scene..)! I hope you get better soon hun...* Broody_4_Cheery says...if you can move it, it's not broken. It just might hurt you very much and everything but it is definately not broken. If you can't move it...then i guess that YEAH it is.

Bigdayne: I tried to convince one of my besties! I love her so damn much...but we have completely DIFFERENT tastes about couples. (She loves LP, Ryan/Marissa,Jack/Kate) whereas i ADORE BL, Ryan/Talor, Sawyer/Kate) and everytime we try to talk about LP&BL we just start fighting like some crazy girls. I! I have a point..she doesn't have a good answer and she starts saying "Yeah..but you know..EVEN MARK said it that LP are soulmates..." and then i hit her back like.."Ah yeah? I don't remember him saying that they WILL be the endgame...!!" and nothing...just CHAOS. The conversation doesn't lead ANYWHERE and we both end up bashing MARK & the whole triangle thing like "We'll kick his a*ss...he really needs a braing change." and ofcource...laughing. I really can be very funny sometimes.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
i really hope it's not broken!! but im not sure yet:(

Mary did you get breaking dawn??? it's crazy!

and what i find more annoying then just lp fans iw when people can't pick between bl and lp! it makes me mad like make up your mind... i used to be an lper(i know what was wrong with me? nobody knows) but my sis turned me into a brucaser:)
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een jaar geleden sophialover said…
TOTALLY! I mean.."WTF?" how can they love both couples? It's kinda of crazy adn i really really can't understand it cause the history of these 2 couples has ABSOLUTELY nothing in common! BL is the absolutely cute relationship between two people who really love each-other...whereas LP is SUPPOSSED to be "the epic" love story" where both boy&girl have to face all the obstacles in order for them to be together and have their completely predictable "happily ever after", after satisfying their selfish high-shcool passion! Eww! Hannah you used to be a LPer? OMFG...thank god now you're on the good side..! haha! WELL DONE TO YOUR SIS for converting you into a BLer...!!
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een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
i know what was wrong with me? that im not sure whats up?
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
You know what is funny? I have heard LPers being converted to brucasers, but has anybody heard of a brucaser being converted to a leytoner? I think there is a reason for that. People who ship LP do not have a reason other than Mark said they were designed to be soulmates, but I do not think he expected fan responses like this to brucas so he has to take it into consideration. If LP was supposed to be the endgame couple, then there would be no split decision like it is now (well not really split, cuz i think there are more BLers anyway). If the story were set up to make LP look like the stronger couple, then I would understand. But as we BLers know, the BL relationship was much more interesting and heartfelt, and we have evidence to back it up, unlike Leytoners. Mark should look at the facts of the two relationships. What relationship was more heartfelt? Well, Lucas chased brooke for s2 and part of s3, and they dated in s3. LP hooked up on s4 e9, so LP lasted a little bit over half of a season, compared to brucas season and a half long love interest. Which couple had more love filled moments and arguments? Brucas had many memorable moments, and great arguments about their relationship. Leyton was so dull they did not argue or have any real moments other than having sex that one time, and brucas had a night like that too, so you can cancel those out. THe point is that Mark should look at the couple that was better developed, and that has more substance with it. FOrget who was designed to be soulmates and look at who appears to be soulmates. People have had the leyton are soulmates cloud over them, that people do not see the relationship that outshines it in every sense (passion, development, intrigue, adorability). I could elaborate more but it is 2 in the morning and Im gonna crash for the night. Next post coming soon.
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
well apparently there are BLers who turn leytoners, now i personally dont know any of them, its either BLers who dont totally hate LP but still would prefer BL and have 'seen the light' and think its not going to happen, or the people who went over to leytons side were people who were indifferent to the brucas vs leyton in the first place. but i dont know any or herad of any actual leytoners who were on brucas side and then now is a full on devoted leytoner, though im sure there is some out there (probably chances are, surely?) and if they do exist i wouldnt mind actually knowing what turned them. was it simply a case of giving up on brucas?
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
That gets to me. I mean...brucasers who have completely lost hope and are totally sure that LP is endgame...and that there's no point in believing anymore...etc! I REALLY REALLY hate it when this happens. People become Pro-LPers just because "Ahh Ok..if we can't have BL back...then i guess LP is FINE.."! Grrr..this kind of attitude drives me crazy! Really=D! I mean..WTF?

Anyway..there's something pretty interesting on the BL forum and i would like to point it out here too! It's about the "comet thing"!

"The idea of the Comet is very similar to a quote said in "New Moon," in the "Twilight" Series by Stephenie Meyer. I didn't realize it, but I reread the book and I instantly thought of the comet Lucas talks about in his new novel.

OTH: "It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again... And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart."

New Moon: "Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars --points of light and reason....And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything."

Don't you guys think it's pretty similar? Not exactly alike, but the idea, concept, etc..but anyway...pretty similar in my opinion.
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een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
sophialover: i totally agree! it is the same concept. pretty interesting lol

bigdayne, i TOTALLY&COMPLETELY agree with this... "What relationship was more heartfelt? Well, Lucas chased brooke for s2 and part of s3, and they dated in s3. LP hooked up on s4 e9, so LP lasted a little bit over half of a season, compared to brucas season and a half long love interest."

with Brucas, Lucas fought to be with the girl he was in love with because he couldn't stand losing her! and thats why i fell in love with Brucas. i saw this boy so head over heels in love with a girl that he had to fight for her and couldn't stand the thought of life without her. and that hooked me on because i saw Lucas and Brooke as a romance. Lucas did whatever it took to get Brooke back, he was sincere about his love for her and he never gave up. on the other hand, you have Leyton...where LUCAS LEFT PEYTON because she said no to marrying him (which i will NEVER understand, and plus, i think mark wrote that in just to bring more drama to Leyton and try to make them seem like the epic love story) i mean if this was with Brooke, he would've like moved to where she was living just to be with her! or find some way to keep her with him. like he did with his room.

i know i'm a broken record when i say this but Leyton love isnt as heartfelt and strong as Brucas love because Lucas NEVER FOUGHT for Peyton.

Love is a battlefield and you've got to fight for the one you love. Brucas is love.
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
theres so many reasons why they are better suited he didnt fight for peyton he never told brooke he hated her gawd i dont no why mark cant see that
anyway guys im goin away 2moz london baby lol so i wont be on here for a week unless the hotel has internet lol
have fun and tell me everythign that happens