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livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
OOHHHH that totally makes sense, lol yeah peyton was just so confused with her emotions and she couldn't sort them out at all. i honestly don't understand why she doesn't know what she wants considering that she was like "i love you lucas" blah blah blah and then when he asks her to marry him, she said she got the boyfriend but i guess it wasn't enough to have him? and brooke on the other hand, would have lost everything for him. so what does that tell you? peyton is covered in issues and always complicates lucas' life! brooke knew what she wanted and it was lucas, no matter what happened, as long as it was lucas. she said she would've lost everything for him.
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een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
The fact she was willing to lose everything to be with him makes her most deserving of his love. Brooke has had her heart put through so much and it would only be right that she gets the one man she completely gave her heart too. Peyton has shown a strong love for someone else, meanwhile brooke has not found a serious relationship outside of lucas, even chase was just a replacement for lucas. Chase on the surface is just like lucas, but he is not lucas, and that is why it will never be true love with anybody but lucas. Brooke would give up everything, but Peyton would not give up a crappy mail room job. I know it was sudden, but that still does not make up for the three year separation. She said he did not fight to save their relationship? He wanted to take it to a new level (it had been over a year of dating) but she did not want it, and she gave up too. Isn't it ironic that she said "someday" to Lucas's marriage proposal, as well as to Her and Jake being together( look at s5 ep5 and s3 ep21 to compare).
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
yeah, i totally agree.

so this is random and totally off subject, but fanpop is making me mad, im one of the top 10 contributors and i dont have a medal. soo im gonna stop contributing for awhile now. sorry guys but im not gonna take the time anymore.

anyways back to the conversation. i think we should compare Brooke and Peyton and their love for Lucas. i don't have time right now to expand but i will later, and bigdayne i would love to hear your opinion on the matter :]
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
huhriissten its probs coz people havnt rated your stuff we should all start rating as many videos and images as we can coz peopl on here deserve better medals than what they have
een jaar geleden Janni said…
I`m back and it is taking me forever to read all your comments. They are all so good, and so great points.
Bigdanyne: I noiced thtat you aren't a fan at the Brucas spot. And i thiknk that such a great Bruvas fans as you should join this spot..:)
++++ OTH starts soon!!!
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Kuhriistenb: PLZ..PLZ..don't stop contributing. Exactly THE SAME happened to me. I was trying like for 1 month and then BOOM...all of the sudden i got the FANATIC one. Y'know what i mean? They might give it to you late...but they will DEFINATELY give it to don't worry. In my case..i was like "WTF? I've added like 2.000 vids + 5.000 images, soapboxes and polls...what else should i do to get a f*cking medal?" LOL! But then i got it and i calmed down.

Janni: WELCOME BACK! So glad to have you again with us <33! And should really really join the spot! haha!
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
haha kay, that makes sense that no one has probably rated it. lol

anyways yah, join the spot bigdayne and welcome back Janni!

een jaar geleden Janni said…
It is good to be back:) Ok, I have an idea. I love this spot and i love all you guys. Cause you are the ones who is a Brucas fanatic like me;P
I thought that maybe i should make a forum , make a list when our birthdays are. And a list of what we want to be called. Just a way to us to get to know each other better?
Tell me what you think..
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Sounds GREAT to me!! I'm totally IN! Hope you make it soon =DD!! We will totally learn more things about each-other and i'm sure it's gonna be so awesome..xD

PS: Completely irrelevant but your icon is so lovely <33!! hihi! I had kinda of the same before i put the Brachel one.
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een jaar geleden Janni said…
And I'm going to make the forum right now!
It want hvae much but just enought tp when when our Birthays are...++
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
janni thats a realli good idea we should have like a lil paragraph of each person like age birthday fave film fave show etc thats such a good idea
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
i just joined
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
whoooo finally lol
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
hey whats up guys! im finally back:) ohh and good news i only broke 2 toes!
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
ow you broke toes that sucks lol
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
i know! btw nice icon:)
im so excited i just got my dedicated medal for the twilight spot:)
are you done reading all the books?
een jaar geleden Janni said…
you broke your toes? wow! Well, hope your toes gets better.. Glad that it wasn't your foot;]
+ CONGRATES with your medal:D
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een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
whooo congrats and know coz im in uk breaking dawn only came out on monday nearly finished it tho so im avoiding the twilight spot until ive read it coz i dont wont it ruined for me
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
brucas4ever, ouch, atleast its not your foot. so you finally saw a doctor. just remember next time don't kick the door (totally hypocritical of me caus i always kick the door when im locked out) and if you do, wear shoes :) glad u ok.

btw do you know if they've done a proper trailer for the twilight movie?
een jaar geleden eka-chan said…
I think Peyton always makes the mistake of confusing emotional hunger and desperation with love. I know LPers say Brooke is insecure due to her mommy issues and she needs Luke to constantly prove that he loves her. But in comparison to Peyton's? I think Brooke never identifies herself solely on the status of her relationship unlike Peyton who takes every affection and caring word to a whole new meaning of romance when it shouldn't be especially when it comes to Lucas..she obviously exaggerated everything between her and Luke and Luke, in return, idealized and patronized their relationship, their "connection." As if this 'fantasy bond' is sustainable.

I have had a good talk with a mature LPer and as much as I appreciate and understand her views, I remain wary and disappointed with Leyton. Whatever 'love' they have seem to have sprouted from wrong grounds, whatever commonality they attained never lasts and no matter how much they want to be together, they never see this through.

Brooke might have been too paranoid or distrustful and insecure but who can blame her? Your boyfriend and your best friend hurting you not once but twice? That hurts ten times worse than having someone you love die (sorry, Peyton. I know this comparison is nasty but death is closure while betrayal leaves you vulnerable and not in a good way.)

I still adore Peyton but as I stated many times, what she did to Brooke that almost ruined Breyton is a bitter disappointment.
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een jaar geleden Cheery_Penelope said…
Brucas is amazing but they just seem 2 temperamental together. i lyk wt dey have,,.i lyk how dey made each odr laugh bt in d end, luke goes back 2 peyton and brooke only gets hurt nd i luv brooke and she deserves better dn lucas,,..

eka-chan, my bff, convinced me dt der is so mux love bet. brookey and luke but somehow i juz cnt understand dt if ds love is dt strong,,..then why didn't dey stayed 2geder and leyton has 2 make a comeback? i have always loved leyton (always knew dey'll be bk one way or d odr) but i love brooke so mux more cuz her inability to surrender herself fully in a relationship BUT at the same time can love so deeply,,..reminds me of how i am with my relationships.,,.and brucas cud hv just remained,,. i swear dt even though i still root for peyton, i want brooke to be happy w/ luke at last..,,.bt as i predicted, peyton gets luke and my brookey has to get hurt badly in the process,,. it's so painful to watch your favorite character being broken by ur couple of choice,,.
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een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
The reason Brucas broke up in the first place, aside from the peyton interference, is that they thought their love was not strong enough that nobody could come between it. Neither group had that because Peyton came between Brucas and Lindsey came between Leyton. Even if peyton gets picked to go to LV, it definitely won't last. What couple gets together in the beginning of the season and stays together til the end. The only reason brucas was temperamental is because brucas was always worried about Peyton trying to get with lucas again. I try to watch leyton episodes over adn over to see if I can get into them, and I just can't. While Leyton did have some connection in s1, the brucas moments in s1 were much better. The reason they did not stay together had nothing to do with the love they had for each other. They loved each other, but Lucas would shut brooke out a lot with everything he is going through, so she just became frustrated because she felt he never let her completely in. The thing about that though is that they were in HS, and in high school, no love is really that strong. Even Naley broke up for a second, and they were married. Even still, Lucas shut peyton out too, when he was dealing with the fact of who killed keith. I think Peyton just needed somebody to be there, and lucas was the only person who never left her and was always there. When they were together it seemed like two people depressing people. Brooke tried to cheer lucas up, while peyton just enjoyed lucas's misery too. Peyton was worried about what lucas was doing all the time, and instead of trying to find out, she just let him do it. Brooke wanted to help him through at least. I think Peyton just needs somebody. I personally will never ship leyton because she lied and hurt her best friend twice to get him, so I will never like them for that. Peyton is soo stupid when it comes to lucas. If you really love someone, you should let them be happy. THat is the key. Brooke let him be happy, and did not mention anything about her feelings for him, while Peyton stabbed her friend in the back twice, and was mean to his fiancee and drove a rift between them. THen she has the nerve to say she feels bad for him. If Peyton had just came back and been nice and cool, lucas would have married her, but of course that was not gonna happen as long as selfish peyton wanted her man back, even though it had been three years since they last saw each other and nobody is desperate enough to hold onto somebody for three years. Oh wait, Peyton is, how pathetic is that. I think Mark is trying to make Peyton look so pathetic that either we feel sorry for her, or we forget that she is the reason lucas's past relationships did not work. It's funny to me that Peyton has had lucas three times, and has not been able to keep him. Brooke really only had lucas one time, and I already mentioned why they broke up. I think Mark was trying to portray Brucas and Jeyton as two strong relationships that were just there because Leyton did not want to admit their feelings for each other. The problem is that it did not feel that way, and why would somebody embark on another relationship with a girl he hurt if his heart was not completely invested. WHy take that chance of hurting her again if he did not love her and think they were meant to be. But anyway, they aren't in high school anymore, and both girls want to be with lucas. Seeing as how Peyton is the same woman from high school, and someone who wasn't willing to give up everything to be with him, Like brooke was, why should she get him. I think that now lucas is older he can open his heart up more. Haley even told him to stop hiding is heart, and he told lindsey he is willing to do anything to keep her which shows his emotional growth. I think lucas did not know how deep Brooke's love was for him. THat is why leyton is seen as comfortable. Leyton was on the same love wavelength, where they loved each other, but could be apart and handle it. That is why they did not work out. THey were apart for so long that they grew apart. Brooke could not stand to be away from him. Her love was so deep and I do not think Lucas knew how to handle a love that strong. I think now he is looking for a love like that. Plus seeing how brooke has never found a love as strong as Brucas, and it is so late in the series, nobody could fit the mold. I think Lucas calls Peyton, but the fact is that a couple that gets together in the beginning of a season never lasts until the end of the season, except maybe brucas season 3. They will get together but most likely break up. IF they even think about bringing chase back I will destroy my tv. I do not hate the guy but fact is he was not a big part of the show like Jake was, so his part in the show is over. Fact is, I want Brucas to be together. If there were no signs that Brooke still had feelings for her, I would have not been so big on the subject, but seeing all the clues and the extremely close bonding they have been doing, the brucas signs are there, and a true happy ending is the woman who loves him the most getting him in the end. Lucas did nothing with Peyton to show he loved her more than Brooke. IF the roles were reversed, Brooke would have married him, and the book would have been about her. That means teh book has no bearing on who he loved more. I think he went to peyton to see if they had a love like whitey and camilla (one of the reasons Brucas broke up) and come to find they did not have a love like that either. The marriage thing had nothing to do with loving her more, but a fulfillment of what his dreams were. Peyton was never there when his dreams came true, but Brooke was. It would be more intriguing for Brooke and Lucas cuz the show is giving them a slow burn, so that we get a little bit at a time, and always want more. We also slowly get to see the two warm up to each other, like in s2. Brucas has been more entertaining to me, so I vote Brucas all the way.
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
Welcome back Hannah...hihi! We missed u <33! Hope your toes get better..lool! And congrats for your medal in the twilight spot...yayy! I'll strart contributing there too!
Bigdayne...amazing post-as always! Loved it so much <33!

"Mark is trying to make Peyton look so pathetic that either we feel sorry for her, or we forget that she is the reason lucas's past relationships did not work."
TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU <33! Mrs "pity me" doesn't deserve anything more than our pity. Gosh...i just can't seem to find anything great about her character and the way that it has developed through seasons. Or...wait. Has it even developed a little? Maybe not...xD
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een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
welcome back Hannah, we missed you! haha but seriously welcome back&we did miss you! hows your toes? and yah for medals at the twilight spot! lol

and yes, bigdayne, another amazing post! Peyton IS the same! she hasn't matured and she hasn't learned anything. like the choices she makes are NOT SMART at all, its just so pathetic! idk, sometimes i hate her and sometimes i don't (only because her dialogue is kinda funny) but anyways, i can't wait for season 6!! everything i read the posts about Brucas, my faith goes stronger for them to be endgame :] yahh
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
hihi..Kristen...happens exactly the same to me. Sometimes i hate her...and some others i just find her funny b/c she looks extremely pathetic to! 'Poor Peyton.." But anyways...most of the time, i do really hate her with a passion. The worst part is that when she's with Lucas she's becoming even WORSE..xD
This kinda insecurity she has always gets to me. The girl is so LOST...she can't even make up her own mind and she's like "I love u Lucas"...*they get together* "Now..i'm sorry. We can't be together Lucas..."
and then the same thing ALL OVER AGAIN. I mean...LMAO..CAN U PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR F*CKING MIND ABOUT YOUR STUPID FEELINGS AND LET THE SHOW GO ON? Why does she always have to be the center of attention and why does she always want people when she knows she cannot have them?
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een jaar geleden Janni said…
The new Brucas banner:link
Lucesmileyface did a great job on it..I sent a mail to the people who chagnges it, it would be great if you guys did it too:)
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
thanks janni!!!!!!!!! looks like it got changed:)
een jaar geleden bigdayne said…
I was looking at the other shipped couples on this site, adn I do not know if anyone is aware, but Brucas is in third place with the number of fans that joined with 823. Leyton only has 775. All the poll sites show Brucas over leyton, and cw source had a comment/poll up on whether or not leyton should give it up, and there was a post that brucas holds the majority of the votes, with peyton in second, adn lindsay third. Mark has to see this. I wonder how lpers feel that the couple they love sooo much cannot stand up to the logic and passion of Brucas.

I have to say that I am a brucas fan of course, but as much as I write I cannot be 100% committed. Mainly because of the off screen lives of Chad and sophia. they were married, and got divorced due to Chad sleeping with paris hilton (i heard). I also heard that they argue and bitch at each other a lot, or used to, and I have a very small feeling that maybe a scenario like that would be too much for them. However, I have a stronger feeling that they are professionals, and as professionals they should want to do what is best for the show, and although I would not want them to be uncomfortable, it seems that majority is possibly ruling that Brucas is teh more preferred couple. It is not difficult to like brucas because leyton has been so weak and unappealing. Season 5 annoyed me even more. Please give her a little self respect and dignity. I read review of season 5 and while the editor is not seeing a brucas reunion, she is just as annoyed and bored with leyton as every other brucaser, and she also feels that peyton works better interacting with everyone else. While she overlooked the subtle hints and the thing in ep5, even those whose job is to review the show does not like leyton either. What more does mark need to end leyton. SHe also said some funny stuff about chad's acting, Mark playing Max, and quentin as a brat. She did applaud Naley and support Dan becoming teh psycho villain he once was, which is what I want too.
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
haha honestly how wierd is mark coming into the show as max simply to like promote leyton (like he doesn't do that enough in real life) if you have to go to these extremes just give, he's just making leyton look even more pathetic, its like while he's trying to show how meant to be they are and how they simply settle for other people and things he's really showing how rong they are, he's ruining these great characters.
has anyone seen the interview (you probably have) on the dvds when they are talking about peyton in season one and how mark was surprised how so many people didn't like her (hilary admitted peyton was a bitch, whats wrong with being a bitch, nothing, its the backstabbing selfish thing that dragged peyton down in my books) and pretty much said he had to get her away from that, why doesn't he do it again??? its clear i think how people are not liking peyton and lucas at the moment, and instead of making it better hes just making it worse, I do love peyton as much as i love brucas and brooke has been my fave for a lomng time, but i think peyton can be awesome too, but its obvious that she is the least developed character, the one who is stuck in high school and doesn't evolve like the others. and that is one of the reason brooke is my fave andpeyton has to battle for second place with haley and luke with me, because where as Brooke is constantly growing peyton is constantly regressing and making the same BIG mistakes and choices all over again.

I don't know whpo Lucas is going to get with, I want it to be brooke, i think it would be better for the show and truer to the characters, and i think brooke is still a choice for endgame. i'm not ruling leyton out, they have a chance, a big chance, of endgame too, but i'll never support that decision, especially as long as their trainwreck relationship keeps going this way and as long as their 'love' keeps destroying two characters who have the potential to be great again.
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
"Brooke is constantly growing peyton is constantly regressing and making the same BIG mistakes and choices all over again"

i TOTALLY agree with this! its like Peyton wants to hold on to what was good back then, in high school, when everything was simple and she has Lucas. i don't get why Mark is trying to promote Leyton because it's pretty much useless because we, as viewers, SEE how flawed Leyton is on screen and no matter what Mark does, he won't be able to shift our view on them. the damage is done, he's created Leyton in a way that he can't reverse. if that makes sense.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
so whats up guys? anyone on?
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
totally makes sense, he's designed them in a bad way and dug himself a hole, some people won't accept leyton not because of who they want together but just because of leyton and how bad they come off, if that is love i never want it.
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
hey, still trying to get hold of everyones names, hannah rite?
een jaar geleden Janni said…
Great news: We have now 850fans. And that menas we are tied with Chandler & Monica.. And that means that it is a tied second place.. And if this did not make sense cause my english suck. I'm talking about the fact that the Brucas spot are one of the top three spots with mostf ans in the couple realtes spots.. If that also make sense:P
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
yeah yeah! Mark dug himself into the hole, that was exactly what i was trying to say LOL

and yah! Brucas has a lot more fans than Leyton who aren't on fanpop. i'm sure of it, i bet if we did get all like Brucas fans, the spot would def be number one!
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
brucas do have alot more fans on a poll thing on a site i ddi leyton only got like 13 percent out of 3000 people
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
i hear a lot that brucas usually have more fans than leyton, but still we never know, there are all the fans who don't have or go on the net.
een jaar geleden livelovelaugh said…
yeh and mrk was saying that alot of the brucas fans are from countrys who havnt seen season 4 and 5 so they dont have a chance to like leyton but thats exactly waht i mean why bring leyton back up when they were dead for so long
een jaar geleden Janni said…
They are not just dead but also made to ashes:P
And it is really god to shows thoese LP on fanpop that Brucas has a lot more fans here, and that they we are number two and they are not even ine the top three:P
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
but i bet..all of them think that we've got "fake accounts" and that's why this spot has more members! LOSERS! They just can't deal with the fact that BL is WAY more popular.
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
you know what, i don't get how season four and especially season five could make a person like leyton, it just turns me off them more. i get people settling for them but not actually being turned into a leytoner from those seasons. it just goes to show though that some people just eat whatever they are served *choke*brase*choke* sorry to all leyton or brase fans.
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
Yeah it's Hannah!

haha bl have soooooo many more fans! i only know 1 person who is a lp fan and she's really annoying! all my friends are brucas fans!
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
lol..with me happens exactly the opposite! One of my BESTIES is a LPer...but i just can't hate! Love her to death..LMAO!
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
okay i guess she's not really annoying just her taste in couples is! lol... whats up?
een jaar geleden brucas4ever said…
im so pissed off i need to rant! so i was just about to rate all the vids and a noticed like a lot of them and like 3.6 or 4.1 and wtf!!!!!! i also noticed that the "office person" is invading our forums again! so im gonna message a few lp fans and tell them about it before a huge fight breaks out! i know a lot of us are trying really hard to get medals and it' really unfair that annoying lpers do this to us! i will also message office!
een jaar geleden Broody_4_Cheery said…
iam so bored, should prob just go to bed but im in a oth mood.

none of my friends really watch OTH actually most people dont want me to talk about it (cause i get obsessive, lets just say i bitch about leyton alot)but i have one tv buddy (tarn who watches all the same shows as me and we always go for the same couple) shes a big brucaser, then my main ho MelE is a leytoner but i usually disregard her opinions when it comes to movies and tv because i may love the girl but out tastes are very different (we only agree on alias and im pretty sure if it wasnt for that show we wouldnt be friends lol).
i wish i could get some of my other mates into the show, but im fraid my friendships wil be ruined if they become leytoners.
een jaar geleden RealLuvAlwaysBL said…
Is anyone else tired of Leyton fans hating on poor Lindsey? I am! I can't say I like her and Lucas together more than Brooke, but I don't see them as an awful couple. In fact, up until the very end of the season I think that they made the most sense. I just watched some clips from episode 9, where they were locked in the school library and found Lindsey pretty compelling. And it did help her case that she called Peyton a bullimic bitch, after Peyton called her a fat ass. Major points for Lindsey in this episode. So needless to say I joined the Lindsey & Lucas spot in protest. They need some support over there. Leytoners are being immature and creating obnoxious picks like "Is Lindsey a mean girl?" What kind of stupid question is that? Why can Peyton be a complete bitch on so many occasions and still be revered as simply tortured. That is complete BS, Peyton should be held more accountable for her actions. I don't care that she apologies. She only did so after she went way to far with her insults! Then, I read some other silly pick about Lucas being with Lindsey, and "NO, Lucas belongs to Peyton" was chosen over Yes, Lindsey is very nice to him" What kind of sick twisted world are these people living in that it is ok to feel entitled to a human being, and believe they "belong" to you? People are not objects! Ok...thats my two cents. Am I crazy?
een jaar geleden Janni said…
Well i get the thing about hating Lindsey cause she might seem like a threat to their fantasy about Leyton. But personally i don't hate Lindsey, atleast she backed away when she thought that Lucas might have feelings for Peyton or someone else. She kind of has more heart then Peyton. But Lucas & Lindsey's realtionship does not work for me. I feel like Mark just put them together to make a change or do something. I feel like they did not have a strong foundation and that they did not have those amazing moments like Brucas so they are definetely not my couple. But i woulf prefere Lucas being with her then Peyton.
And God i hated Peyton in episode 9. She sunk even lowen then her usual lowness!!

Most of my friends Bl'ers. Some used to be LP'es but i changed them, guss they just needed someone to tell them how much Leyton's relation sucked!!
Have some family member that used to be LP'es but now they are on the edge, but just a few hours with me talking about why Brucas are the best couple^^
I' bored anybody on?
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
yeah, that office fan is still HERE. and i totally agree that its annoying how they hafta go here and rate everything low! like how pathetic is that?! it pisses me off!

anyways with the whole Lindsay thing, im pretty sure Leytoners hate her because it was the girl Lucas wanted to marry and that like shattered the whole Leyton marriage or whatever. i think? yeah anywhoooo i totally agree, i'd rather Lucas be with Lindsay then Peyton because they were a lot more stable.
een jaar geleden Janni said…
I am just wondering of you guys knew what program they use to make photos, like photoshop just something else. Something free?
And what do you use to make videos? Windows Film maker?