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 Buffy - Entropy
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Source: http://www.mikes-images.com/misc/buffy/entropy/paes/epy_mq_111d.htm
Buffy Entropy screencap
buffy the vampire slayer
sarah michelle gellar
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This Buffy the Vampire Slayer screencap contains brand, vlammen, vuurhaard, vuur, and inferno. There might also be concert, open haard, kachel, and brand.

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Voting closed. Scoobies taking place now in chat!

Welcome vrienden of the Buff, Minions of Spike, Watchers in Training, Zeppos, Wiccians, Broody Do-Gooders, Mystical Keys, Evil Masterminds, and of course former and/or current demons!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome u tonight to the offical opening of The Scoobies, The Buffy Oscars event right here on your favoriete spot - The Pop.

Don't know what they Scoobies are? Just clicked on something that u were curious about? Allow me to fill u in on the exposition. The Scoobies is completely fan run, fan based, and fan broiled. Everything...
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My bad dag got so much better with this video. Made door KaileeA42, footage belongs to Joss Whedon, WB, UPN, etc.
buffy the vampire slayer
gummi bears
theme song
muziek video
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buffy the vampire slayer
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