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posted by Canada24
Sense we all love movies, and I was gegeven the video game due to this.. Anyway.. I decided to do a very unique lijst for him.. Sad moments.. I don't collect any marvel comics.. So I only do what I can find online, don't know the whole stories... Except the film examples..


Some of his meer serious sides reveal how much this "sucks". I saw one comic foto of Wade shooting himself for no apparent reason. And another where he is actually complaining that the villain couldn't kill him..

#5: There was this time that he ran into the Ghost Rider, and he slapped DP with his whole...
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Nappa stops in mid-air.
Nappa: Vegeta!
Vegeta: What is it, Nappa!?
Nappa: I can fly.
Vegeta: (stammering) ...Yes, Nappa, yes u can.

Vegeta: Nappa, what are u doing?
Nappa: It's his turn, Vegeta. I have to wait for him.
Vegeta: Wha... I... uh... (nose starts to bleed)
Nappa: u okay, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Yes... just... just having an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity.
Nappa: Wow. (beat) Didn't think u were that stupid, Vegeta.

Vegeta: (loudly screams out of frustration) I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!! I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED door A LOW-CLASS WRETCH!!!
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Niko: (bangs into someone) Only in this country do they let blind people drive!

Niko: (sarcastically) God bless this city!

Niko: [when drunk and hailing a cab] Yellow car!

Vlad: Oh, that's funny. u know, for a damn yokel you're a very funny guy.
Niko: [laughing] Yes. And for an annoying dick, you're really an annoying dick.

Gracie: [as Niko kidnaps her] I'll scratch your fuckin' eyes out!
Niko: Scratch my fuckin' balls, bitch!

Niko: (car bangs into him) OPEN YOUR EYES!!

Niko: (points gun at citizen) What!? It's just a gun!

Niko: (shooting) COME ON! Test me! TEST...
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After recommending a few games to my hetero lifemate, Canada24, I thought “You know… I should annoy him door giving him some anime to watch”. Now, I know Canada isn’t the best when it comes to understanding Japanese culture, so I need to be as careful as I possibly can with this list. Like disarming a bomb. Only this will probably leave a lot less casualties if I fuck up. So, seeing as how this will never make the front page, I am going to put little effort into this opening and just get started.

#10: Samurai Champloo

I do not expect Canada to ever watch this anime. This is just one...
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Although he usually means well. Saten Twist isn't always as innocent as the other my little pony characters. He's been known to kill 3 people (though non of them were on purpose).
Saten often reveals to have had a very bad childhood, his father was abusive to him and his mother, and his mother was emotionally distant, never tonen him any true signs of love. As a result, Saten has grown into a recovering alcoholic, who sometimes takes weed, and has strong temper issues witch often makes him unpredictable, and sometimes even sadistic.
However, he is also shown to be quite immature...
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Let me put this out of the way.
I reread cupcakes.. And truth is.. It actually SUCKS.
I realize now, the story itself isn't what inspired me.
It's the WAY it's told that inspired me.
I mean.. That writer is so amazing..Too bad the actual plot is so god awful.
And for all those that say it ruined how they saw Pinkie.
Seems too me like u wouldn't of had much hope for her in the first place, if a stupid creepy pasta ruins her so instantly..

There's actually some really well made story writing.
Too bad it's about JEFF..

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Rick: [after stabbing Shane for trying to kill Rick] Damn u for making me do this, Shane! This was you, not me! u did this to us! This was you! Not me! NOT ME!!... (sobs) Not me!...

Rick: Dale coud - could get under your skin. He sure got under mine, because he wasn't afraid to say what he thought, how he felt. That kind of honest is rare and brave. Whenever I'd make a decision, I'd look at Dale. He'd be looking back at me with that look he had. We've all seen it one time of another. I couldn't always read him, but he could read us. He saw people for who they were. He knew things...
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Song: link
 Blue lines fly along the screen, then the words appear
Blue lines fly along the screen, then the words appear

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! Pingas!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! Pingas!

I've made several enemies, been in many wars, and countless battles, but this will be intense. It all started on March 13, 2025 when King Sombra was figuring out a way to destroy Equestria. He had something very big planned after losing the crystal empire.

King Sombra: Finally, time to test the time machine. *travels back into time*

November 23, 2012

Nazi Leiutenant: They went into a place called Equestria.
Robotnik: Then lets go!
King Sombra: Wait!
Robotnik: What do u want?...
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She meer often than not portrays a male character.
She gives off the cute yet sarcastic voice in shows like Kid VS Kat.
Awful show. Just awful.
But I just like hearing her, even though she was a minor character.
So when I realized it was her that voiced Spike. u can all guess, it's what inspired me to watch meer than just the first episode. Otherwise I never would be here, after just seeing one episode. I hated every character, except Twilight, cause I do kinda like Tara Strong meer then I say I do. And Twilight was just so cute :).
Anyway. I looked up a clip of Near from...
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It's kinda hard to summarize this story, but basically it's a set of emails, where a man gets a mysterious dog on his front yard, holding a sign saying "give it everything", and gave it too his son. But the kid begins acting weird after that. And the dog watches him sleep, not in a cute way, but disturbing way.
In each email, the writer becomes meer and meer paranoid.
I won't spoil much, so your have to read the story.
But it's scarier than u think.. Especially when THATCREEPYREADING reads it to you..

The narrator is fucking NUTS. As a kid, he got...
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Jonah is the leader of the 40th dag Initiative and takes over Shanghai with the help of his army. His reasoning for launching his attack on Shanghai is to prove that without any formal government to supervise them, people are nothing meer than animals who are heartless and greedy..

We all know the story..

the main antagonist of Stephen King's novel Carrie, its film adaptations, and the Broadway musical. After Chris Hargensen's death, Margaret replaces her as the true main antagonist. She is the domineering, abusive, insane (she shows possible...
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Some people would disagree.. I find Cole Phelps one of the most likeable video game characters.. He doesn't give a shit about the fame, of the money.. Only thing considered selfish, is he's trying to feel better about himself.. And I hated him for cheating on his wife the first time.. But I get it now.. In most causes of PTSD, the person has trouble to their wife, who don't understood what it was like out there.. Elsa was troubled. She better understood.. All it does is make u hate Roy that much more. Marie did not "need" to know about what was likely a one time thing..

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posted by Canada24
Grand Theft Auto 5 STILL isn't working.. We're gonna bring it back..

I decided make up for this door playing one of the other two games that were replaced as well.

* Red Dead Redemption.

* Army the Two/The 40th day.

I went with Red Dead.
My new room has still lots of cowboy crap we need to get rid of.
But at least it fits the mood.

I am NEVER seem to have it in me, to be a bad person as John Marston.
I am always helping as many people as possible (you get hell ton of money that way anyway),

And I always end up being famish for GOOD reasons.
Helping innocent people.
Not, KILLING innocent people.

But that's just me.
Anyway here's all the RDR pictures from my profile..
Earle has little respect for others. This is evident from various racist and misogynistic remarks that he makes throughout the game. He is also a opportunist. He stal a roll of money worth $1,000 which was actually evidence, after claiming "the department owed him fifty," when the department only owed him $20.

Between his uncaring snarky behavior,, lack of punishment, and his betrayal of Cole.. Nobody can find anything good to say except "he's kinda funny"

The main villain of GTA 4. And at the top, boven of everybody's hate list..

#8: NAVI:
That annoying little fairy from...
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Let's be honest EVERYONE knows about this dude.

Unless your from a dead beat country like (insert town of one of my fan pop friends) u know it's Jason-Fucking-Voorhees.
The machete dude.. The undead monster.. The "stab u for no reason" undead dude.

Frankly I don't think I have ever actually SEEN the Friday the 13th series.. I know who Jason Voorhees IS.. I mean, I seen Freddy VS Jason..
Such an underrated movie..

But anyway. I finally seen this series..
But too be honest..
I don't find these films actually very good.
Their not BAD.. There just kinda stupid..
Witch is weird coming from...
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Why do I love this guy so much!?
He is a evil dictator, who murders and tortures innocent tourists. And cares only about two things.
* Himself
* Money
Even Vaas is afraid of him. A man who makes Trevor look "sane"..

Makarov started WW3, simply because he COULD..

ddie Low is a random character who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a pedophilic, necrophiliac serial killer operating in Liberty City. The player encounters him on two occasions as Niko Bellic, who assists him (unaware of what type of person Eddie is).
But Eddie later makers the mistake...
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No comment..

The idea of it disturbs me..

What was wrong with people back then!?

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed door Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime and its collaborators. Some historians use a definition of the Holocaust that includes the additional five million non-Jewish victims of Nazi mass murders, bringing the total to approximately eleven million. Killings took place throughout Nazi Germany and German-occupied territories..

Theodore Robert...
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Dean: Your not real!
Freddy: I'm real NOW asshole!

Freddy: hallo Kris... (holds up Pinkie Pie) Look what I got!!
Kris: (awakes with a horrified scream).
(back in the dream).
Freddy: Haha.. New that would get her.
Pinkie: Why is she so scared of me?
Freddy: Don't know. Your actually kinda cute.
Pinkie: Really.. Because I-
Freddy: Annd, now I don't care (literary throws her aside).

Luna: (appears out of nowhere).
Freddy: What are u doing here! I told u to stop following me!!
Luna: I just thought that since we're both able to come into dreams, mayb-
Freddy: Let me ask u something......
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song: link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails

Starring the Union Pacific ponies

Pierce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Coffee Crème "Frenchy" From Karina_Brony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

NocturnalMirage from NochurnalMirage

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, Ike and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Also starring the Southern Pacific ponies.

Nikki West From Jade_23

Michael, Roger, Anthony, Ryan, and Donut from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 62

Rock & Roll

Date: January 3, 1957
Location: Ogden, Utah

Nikki enjoys seeing all the beautiful scenery...
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posted by Canada24
Willis ended up getting himself captured, and Carly, despite not "needing" too, went to save him. Something she never ever would of done if she knew what she find out later.. That he killed Pinkie Lancer's mom, and nearly Pinkie herself later.

She's grown to like Willis reminds her that not ALL cops are bad, and she'll have an bunch Dave Norton's and Willis Huntley's, over a bunch of Steve Heine's and Benson's.

But sadly. That doesn't seem to be how it works.

Carly defeated the small bunch of Pirates, catching them off guard. And then cut loose Willis once the area was cleared.

"You didn't have...
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