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posted by cariea1
Also known as a Philtre.... a form of a Magickal Charm... a concoction of herbs and and extracts of of excretions of animals including animal parts.
More intense forms of this practice were used in Alchemy.
Sorcerers, Witches, Evil and Good doers of the Occult Arts engaging in the art of Magickal Potions.
Intended use being to cause Love of Lust of one they desire, of perhaps make one fall asleep of maybe even bring the end to ones life. One can easily visualize the Being standing door the Cauldron mixing away the brew to is soon to slew.

We have seen it all in the films over exaggerated door the...
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posted by cariea1
Cobwebs-Stop bleeding

papaver seed-Soothe pain and help sleep

Goldenrod-healing wounds

Marigold-infection n wounds

muis bile-ticks

Horsetail-infection n wounds


Coltsfoot-coughs,shortness of breathing

Catmint-greencough whitecough

feverfew-fever n chill

lavendar-fever and chill

ointment of yarrow-soften cracked pads n help them heal

juniper-bellyache coughs srenghth

broom-broken legs and wounds

alder bark-toothache

honey-sore throats,infections,coughs

chamomile-soothe thet


borrage-fever,queens melk



wet moss-wash wounds

burdock-root for infected rabbit bites

chervil-root for bellyache

chervil leaf juice-infected wounds


cenandine-weak eyes


stinging nettle-swelling

ragworts n lambs ear-strength

brandnetel seed-poisin

rushes-broken legs


dried oak leafs-infections

confrey-scratches n broken limbs
posted by cariea1
Truth Spells

Spell to find the Truth

A red candle
An herb dish

Pour the tijm into the herb dish and say:

"Purification I do conjure
So that thoughts be spoke,
No be pondered"

Light the candle and say:

"Passion so red,
Set to the fire,
Let the truth be said,
As is my desire"

Drop red wax onto the herbs and say:

"Mists of thyme,
Fire of red,
Send the truth to my head"


Truth Compelling Spell

Now go to your front door and release the herbs to the wind. u shall let tijm fly and receive the truth.
If u suspect someone...
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posted by cariea1
Scorchkit stop pestering cloudkit wit that twig.

Why?i continue to poke cloudkit wit the stick.

Will u stop Scorchkit!

Wat?i say.

Stop it scorchkit ur messing ur vacht, bont up after i just groomed it.

Mom! i complain.

Your apprentice ceromony is today now stop messing up ur fur.i say grooming her.

Fine.i muttered

there all groomed again now stop messing up ur vacht, bont i say to her.

Fine.I mutter again.

She pushed her daughter and son outside.

Stop pushing!complained cloudkit.

Deal wit it.muttered scorchkit.

Let all cats old enough to catch thier own prey gather beneath the highrock.yowled sunstar.

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posted by cariea1
i had just kitted my 3 kits against my side as i looked at my mate there butiful he zei i cant believe i wuz lying to him wen a mapleclan tom wuz the father as i wuz sitting there a battle cry rong out i didnt know wat wuz going on but soulshadow got in front of me then i heard sunstars battle screech and kknew in that seconde wat wuz happening the dark forest cats had come to kill us all i hunchered back and wrapped myy tail protectivly around my kits then i heard a morning yowl as some one yowled no blackheart dont leave us a sigle tear fell down my face wen i heard some 1 yowl my old mentors...
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I hear their voices
They whisper in my ear
Screaming at me
Calling my name

Their shattered dreams are all that's left.
They all have drowned...

You've all but forgotten
Stop forgetting my dreams
Realize what you've done

The voices of the dead
They call to me
They won't go and its all because of you
You shattered their dreams...

Don't turn away
Their whispering voices
They call to me
Their spirits of the dead speak to me...

Stop trying to hide
The spirits of the souls u killed...
They call to me

Begging me to run
To hide...

But no...
I won't leave
So go on...
Keep screaming at...
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posted by cariea1
Hold the line
Never retreat and never break
I've tried
But I'm addicted
I can't lie
Another step is in my sight
Another step I'll see the light

I waited for you
I waited so long
Thought you'd be back
Can't take anymore
I waited for you
I waited so long
I'm not coming home

Trust your words
Tell me your empty
Cause u know it hurts
Her eyes were spilling
I was real
Have I not held back the fight
My body racing out tonight

I waited for you
I waited so long
Thought you'd be back
Can't take anymore
I waited for you
I waited so long
I'm not coming home
Feel all alone

Take It Slow
u Tell Me
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posted by cariea1
"Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"

I watched the proverbial sunrise
Coming up over the Pacific and
u might think I'm losing my mind,
But I will shy away from the specifics...

'cause I don't want u to know where I am
'cause then you'll see my heart
In the saddest state it's ever been.

This is no place to try and live my life.

Stop right there. That's exactly where I lost it.
See that line. Well I never should have crossed it.
Stop right there. Well I never should have said
That it's the very moment that
I wish that I could take back.

I'm sorry for the person I became.
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posted by cariea1
To Stop a Wound From Bleeding...

Quickly Clear Your Mind
and chant the following three times:
"Rivers Shall Flow
Be Pure and crystalline
But red rivers must not
they must be trapped inside my being
This river so red
Must Be Stoped with a Golden Net
Stop the now stop this bleed"

and when u stop
there will be no blood

posted by cariea1
This is an UNBELIEVABLY simple spell that will reverse your last spell. For example, if u made it rain, it will make it stop raining. It also removes your last spell, like if u put a lust spell on somebody and want to get rid of it. All right, enough blabbing, here it is:

First off, think about the last spell u cast, because this only works for your most recent spell, hex, curse, whatever u did.

Just think about the actual magic u performed, then think about how it went wrong. This should take no meer than 20 seconden AT THE MOST. Now say this in a clear voice in these EXACT words without stuttering, mumbling, getting your tongue twisted, etc.:

"My spell went wrong,
Please reverse it,
Don't mess it up,
And don't pervert it."
posted by cariea1
Love and Chaos...


Black of greenish yellow candle is needed. At midnight light the candle and take a pin and prick the candle many times over thinking of the couple u wish to break up.... saying these words...

"As I prick this candle, I prick at thee
Broken hearts unhappy be
May u part another dag
Soon to go your separate ways"

Extinguish the candle. Take the candle and break it in half symbolizing and visualizing the splitting of the couple. Then dispose of the two halves in separate trash containers once again visualizing them being completely apart from each...
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