Cartoons u PPL!! r u serious??OPEN YOUR EYES~!!

natasajackson posted on Apr 06, 2012 at 05:35PM
How can some people get dirty with cartoons!!?? this is sooo horrible!! Cartoons are loved about their authenticity,they have some important messages for kids and they live forever!! It's just a great thing and being inappropriate about cartoons is the worst..ONE THE WORST things it could ever happened...I'm just embarrassed of this ..I mean,ok you can say that a character is cute but sexyyy(???!!)...and ughh :S just lord have mercy!!Is there any respect to the world anyway?I hope that you can understand me and if you really LOVE cartoons ,then at least don't take advantage of them
With all the respect,DON't ruin them with nasty things or thoughts
JUST LOVE,let them remind these beautiful days you had as a child(if you are grown now)cartoons have no age limit,remember why cartoons are loved becuz cartoons exist to make us happy in our lives
and be humble for at least one time
L.o.v.e :)
 How can some people get dirty with cartoons!!?? this is sooo horrible!! Cartoons are loved about thei
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een jaar geleden pEnELoPe3six said…
I totally agree!! I mean, wtf are they thinking those are cartoons! Those pervs better get a life and don't destroy cartoons!
Can you even stare at this pic for 5 minutes?!: link Also in MLP: FiM spot, some fans are posting such perverted fan arts. Aren't they ashamed?!?! >..< they're posting such sh*** for nothing!!! Don't they know there are a lots of underaged/age faking users here (Like me, I'm supposed to wait for a year to have my exact age in FP) And what if one of them saw it?!?! such a shame... like what you said, they should REALLY open their eyes.
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een jaar geleden MortalAnonymous said…
The same way anyone can be turned on by anything. Eyes are drawn to certain lines and contours, and cartoons are nothing BUT lines and contours. If you like watching cartoons, it's perfectly healthy to have an attraction to an animated character; so long as you realize they aren't real. Why, many characters are even drawn to look attractive on purpose.

"Don't take advantage of them"? You sound as if you mean cartoons can think. While I agree that some content shouldn't be placed on a site where minors can view it by accident, I don't agree that no one should make such art. It's an outlet. A way to show passion for something you love, making the natural, more mature move as oneself matures. It's not evil and is nothing to be shamed about. But it would be wise to keep it on art sites or places designated for such art.

A bit of this is the fakers' own fault for faking their age in the first place, though. Those limits are there for a reason, and yet you've purposefully by-passed them. You've really no right to be offended by something you weren't meant to be part of in the first place.
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