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 A cute movie that's enjoyable and silly
A cute movie that's enjoyable and silly
For those who love rom-coms like myself then read this artikel as I will tell u what rom-coms are the best and some that are my least favourites. I may use an odd swear word but anyway enjoy.

If your looking for a movie on mermaids:

#10 Aquamarine

This sweet tale tells the story of two best vrienden who find a mermaid in their swimming pool after a storm. The mermaid of course is looking for love and has only 3 days to find love of else she will have to marry someone that she well doesn’t love. It’s a kruis between The Little Mermaid and Splash and add teenagers in it and that’s what you...
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Here is an artikel on chick flicks that u should watch. First up:

#1 Enchanted

Lets see where do I start with this movie. First let me tell ya that it has to be one of Disney’s best live action films that combines 2d animatie & live-action and it is also the best movie of 2007. The movie kicks off old school in Andalasia an animated world where a cartoon maiden named Giselle is set to marry her one true love and her soon to be wicked stepmother pushes her down a magical fontein where it transports this wide-eyed maiden soon to be princess to the real world that it New York City!!....
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Here is the worst rom coms I have ever seen I may use an odd swear word but anyway enjoy.

#1 Just like Heaven

Im sorry I really tried to like this movie but seriously it was boring all the way through the ending. Reese Witherspoon plays a workaholic doctor who dies in a car crash and her spirit is sent to her old apartment where she meets a lonely man named David(Mark Ruffalo from 13 going on 30) who lost his wife from a brain tumor. At first the two hate each other and u probably get the rest of it. What really pisses me off with this movie is a man falling for someone who is dead I mean I...
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