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Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum by F.D. Beckham has 29 chapters and 220 pages. Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum is a delightful, light hearted, and interesting story about a girl named Brookline who is sent to live at an orphan asylum. Brookline unknowingly possesses a special perception and ability that manifests through strange dreams and deep feelings. Periodically she has strange dreams, but she does not understand them nor understand why she has them. Being a child she thinks they are very amusing and share them with her friends.

St. Mary’s Asylum is unlike the typical idea of an orphan home. There are no rigid rules. The children do as they please, which often results in mischief. A grim nun named Sister Quartince, the new director of the asylum, attempts to bring order and structure to the home. However, the spirited children with the encouragement of the other nuns and priest defy her.

Although the home is poor, it is comfortable and the children love it. Brookline grows to like the asylum, and she develops a good friendship with her roommates, Jane and Missy. Throughout the story Brookline and her comrades get into exciting and unusual situations and meet interesting people, getting into trouble and having lots of fun.

Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum contains the excitement, comedy, and mystery that children like, and it is good for improving reading skills.

Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum is the first novel in a series of novels about Brookline. The second book in the series is called Brookline and the Broadacresons. It will be about Brookline trying to adjust to her new life with her new adoptive family, and she discovers her special ability. Brookline and the Broadacresons will be out later next year.

Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum can be found in(click on any of these links), , (Bn stands for Barnes & Nobles)and . The book is also available on other online bookstores. The novel can be ordered by book stores. Barnes and Nobles has the best price and delivery time for book orders.

Book information for ordering is:
Title: Brookline of St. Mary’s Asylum
Author: F.D. Beckham
ISBN 13: 978-1-4257-6757-0 (trade paperback)
ISBN: 1-4257-6757-5 (trade paperback)

If you decide to read the novel please send me a message telling me what you think of it. It would make a wonderful novel for children age 12 and up, teens, and young adults to read. Brookline grows up as the series goes on, and the subject matter will mature, resulting in the books targeting teens and young adults.

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