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Cinema Bizarre How Do U Think Who Of Them Is Gay

49 fans picked:
 guiltygoth posted een jaar geleden
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strify, kiro, & yu are bisexual.
luminor is gay.
& shin prefers not to say...
but i personally hope hes straight. :D
posted een jaar geleden.
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EBKJ picked luminor:
i want to say none but.... ....
posted een jaar geleden.
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SuperUkeChan picked striffy:
Actually, except Yu [as much as I know] they are all bi or gay. I know for sure that Luminor had a boyfriend something like a year ago, and of course Kiro has one now LOL
posted een jaar geleden.
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iPegasus picked striffy:
strify, kiro, yu are bi and luminor is gay.
& shin probably is dating someone himself!
yhu never noe.
i wouldn't mind dating them all!
mostly strifty
posted een jaar geleden.
last edited een jaar geleden
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BizarreTokio picked kiro:
Kiro and Luminor are gay, Strify and Shin are bissexual and Yu is straight...
posted een jaar geleden.
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HotelBizarre19 picked luminor:
mrs-mindfreak, Shin is also bi.
posted een jaar geleden.