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Does anyone know where I can find this interview??

Okay, as some of u will know is that on the episode good cop bad cop, season 7, Cote Really cried. This is at the point where Gibbs walks up to Ziva and whispers something in her ear. It was not scripted that he should walk up an say something, but he did. No one of the crew except Cote and Mark know what he zei and they only have let lose, that it was very personnel for their characters. Had to be if it really made Cote cry.

Now this is from an artikel of interview, but I cannot find it, does anyone know where I can??
 earane posted een jaar geleden
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mywillbdone said:
TV Guide Nov 8-14 2010 Front cover with Cote, Mark & Pauley - P24, QUOTE - ‘Last season, Ziva was welcomed back to the team after a traumatic estrangement, symbolically sealed when Gibbs whispered something into her ear that made her weep. That was a real moment, captured when Harmon spontaneously murmured something unscripted to de Pablo, off mike, that neither actor is willing to disclose. All de Pablo will say about that scene – which millions of viewers tried to lip-read – is: “It was something resonant to both Ziva and Cote, as the foreigners and immigrants that we are. I obviously had a response.”’
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posted een jaar geleden 
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