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SoCelebrities posted on Aug 19, 2011 at 06:05PM
"Huge fan of Courtney Love :-) I am finishing a new fan site link real time news, pics, videos, daily email alerts. Check it out, let me know what you think.


 "Huge fan of Courtney Love :-) I am finishing a new fan site real time news

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een jaar geleden 67dollparts said…
I am alive today because of Courtney Love. Courtney's music speaks to me like no other. I have NOBODY's Daughter tattooed on my shoulder. But, she's tattooed on my soul. I couldn't have survived to 50 without her music. Whether it's Hole or solo. Dont care cause Courtney has saved my life many times. It's her music/lyrics that have made me realize....i am not alone. Thank You, Courtney. I would do anything to thank you for my life.
een jaar geleden 67dollparts said…
Just one more thing....i have your America's Sweetheart in my car. I listen to all your cd's Hole etc.v but this particular solo is my fave. Especially track 6. Almost Golden. Your music has kept me from suicide. I hope you know the impact your music has on those of us you've touched