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posted by usernameinvalid
I'm sure door now u have heard of the children's TV toon "Adventure Time". It's very popular. I must admit, I am a pretty big fan of the toon myself! It's a cute toon with a good storyline, which is meer than I can say for a lot of cartoons these days.

But.. it's the story behind the toon that's rather upsetting...

Finn was a 13 jaar old boy who was extremely lonely: having no vrienden and being ignored door his mother, who was having a difficult time enough trying to support him working 2 jobs. His only friend was his loyal dog, Jake. A few years later, Jake died of old age. After Jake's passing,...
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u were lying in bed in u (color) pajama pants and (color) Tank top, when all of a sudden u herd something laughing. u shoot up to look around, u have always been scared of the dark, and u see a small silhouette for a shadow in the corner of the room. u lean over to u lamp shade at the side your bed on your night tafel, tabel and turn it on. u start to scream, but the things covers your mouth with his hand. u stare at it frightened. It…it was a clown!! With a strikingly huge black and white striped nose, pale skin, black hair, and almost white eyes. From what u could see he...
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This is what all the people on YouTube think about the red mist lost episode. It is sometimes better not to know. Also I did not make this video I just toegevoegd this video.
red mist
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