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Source: Drawn door Walter McLoughlin
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Randomness in StarClan:
In the mood of writing something based on the new book coming out, Crookedstar's Promise...

Willowbreeze: Crookedstar!
Crookedstar: (looks up from reading Crookedstar's Promise) *sighs* I can't read a decent book that isn't even in stores yet! What, honey-shnookums?
Willowbreeze: There's a package for you!
Crookedstar: Send it over!
(Package is sent flying and Crookedstar grabs it with super reflexes)
Crookedstar: Thanx, babe!
Willowbreeze: I have to go to a bridge game. See u tonight!
(Crookedstar is alone in his super-house)
Crookedstar: I wonder what it is...?
Adress: Place...
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