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The Good:

1. He (his name is Lev) smiles when i talk to him

2. He "chuckles" at some of the things i say

3. He always makes eye-contact with me

*4. He stands fairly cose to me (ex: whenever he doesnt hear something that i say he leans down so i can repeat it and he can hear. but when he does that his ear is like 3 to 4 inches from my lips! then im just standing there thinking "dude, if u dont back up im gonna freakin hyperventilate and faint!"

*5. We always walk colse to eachother [sometimes our arms brush ;D])

6. He seems to enjoy my presence

7. He looks at me quite a few times (i feel like...
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Stage 1:

Who are you?
Oh what to do!
My hair's a mess
I'm wearing my worst dress
I have to look great
So u give me a great rate

Stage 2:
I was nine
He was so kink
His dark hair
Soulful eyes
Drew me right in
Sleek hair
I'm starting to like this whole affair

Stage 3:
He looked at me
I was really, really tempted to flee
But his eyes
They were gazing
So longingly right at me
So l stayed

Stage 4:
He gazed so longingly
Not at me
But at another girl
This caused a great whirl
Inside I was weeping
I wanted him for keeping

Stage 5:
Last jaar
He looked at me
I was really really tempted to flee
But now I see
It was just young love it turned out to be
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So, this is one of the songs I wrote about the guy I like. Jonathon is my crush's first name, but we all call him door his middle name. I decided to use the name "Jonathon" anyway.
At first I wasn't sure if I should post this of not, but I guess I will. :) Tell me what u think! :]

Come to Me (Jonathon)

(La da da)
(La da da da)

(First Verse)
You are the greatest thing
That’s happened to me with a guy
I swear I’ve never gotten this far
But I’m scared to find
That our lack of communication
Will catch up over time
And everything I’ve tried to build will come tumbling down
But with u not calling
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So, I wrote this song over a maand geleden now, maybe meer than that, and it's about me and my crush's complicated situation, where he might've liked me before he found out that I liked someone else. But now that I like him, he rejects me. :/
I hope u enjoy it!!!! :) Tell me what u think!

My Friend (Don’t Lie

First Verse: Sometimes I wonder if u ever saw me in your dreams
I know it sounds creepy but that’s only how it seems
Sometimes I wonder if u ever were in love with me
Even though now u say u don’t
But I just want u to know that I’m here on the sideline
Waiting for u if you...
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u are my life
You make me speechless
You make me smile
Your a thriller to be around
You give me butterflies
I want u to hold my hand when things get Bad
You never tell people to beat it
You accept people for who they are wether their black of white
Your another part of me
I love u till the break of dawn
When u cry I cry
I can't help it
Can u feel it too
You want to change the world
Were no longer in our childhood
Lets come together as one
You don't stop till you've had enough
Your sometimes dangerous
I don't want u to walk away
They don't care about us
Your my earth song
You'll never be a ghost to...
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we the kings
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