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It`s been confirmed that Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe) is pregnant with her seconde child:

"CSI: NY - Anna is pregnant and so is Lindsay
From the new TV Guide: CSI:NY's Anna Belknap is adding to her family; her seconde child is due volgende year. "They are not planning on hiding it," she tells TV Guide about the pregnancy written into her story line."

But unlike her last pregnancy which envovled her being taken out the toon for a while, this pregnancy is being written into the show, Anna`s character Lindsay Monroe going to reavel she`s preggers and Danny`s the daddy.

"CSI: NY - Danny and Lindsay are...
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I saw a this on another Grey's Anatomy site so i made a CSI:NY version of this game so here are the rules and instructions:

You will need:
An episode of CSI:NY
Drinks that come in a can of bottle(usually done with alcohol but can also be done with other beverages like pop, juice, water etc.)
Shot glasses

-If someone says boom take a shot
-For every scientific word u don't understand take a sip
-Every time Mac says "let me start the story for you" take 2 sips
-Take a shot if some calls a character door their first name if the are usually called door their last (ie. Flack, Hawkes, Angell)
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Mac Taylor sighed and looked up at the clock. It was exactly 7:45 his therapy session was going to start in another five minutes. It had been six months since he had been kidnapped and tortured door his deranged acquaintance Ella McBride. She had imprisoned him in her townhouse for two days and had repeatedly drugged and had sex with him while he was unconscious. She had also physically tortured him.
Mac was finally able to incapacitate her and escape with the help of his colleagues Stella Bonasera and Don Flack. Ella had been deemed unfit for a trial which relived Mac.
He wasn't sure he could...
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