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posted by HaleyDewit
One dag after Stefan has joined Klaus.
Damon was lying in his bed, his eyes closed, when a shadow came over him. Soft lips touched his and he opened his eyes, staring at the brown ones of the woman he had loved for many years. He knew it was her; the other girl wouldn’t be so playful, especially not now her boyfriend was gone.
“Get off” Damon said, not in the least impressed door her lack of clothing. She held her head diagonally and put a teasing smile on her face. “Damon, Damon, Damon, u should know better than to say no to me. u know how … vicious I get when I don’t get what...
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Again im not a writer but i am so in love with the couple !!! x damon and elena

Damon and Elena school love part 3

It was stefan, i had no idea what to do my mind just froze all i could think about was getting damon out of my room, damon stood up and walked slowly over to the window without taking his eyes off me and picked up his overhemd, shirt where he had thrown it off in the heat of our passion. He just stood there looking at me but i was panicing that stefan would come up and see .
"DAMON!" i shouted but damon flew across the bedroom and put his hand over my mouth
"You shouldnt be so stupid to shout...
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Again im not a writer im just so in love with the couple that all i can do is think of them in different scenes

This is part 2 of the school party love (the volgende day)

After what had happened last night with damon i was unsure how to approach stefan, i felt gulity like i had done something wrong, i lay in my bed wide awake and kept thinking about how to put what i feel for damon into words and going over and over in my head the passion of last night. My phone began to ring

"Hello?" i zei as my hart-, hart began to race
"Hi i just wanted to know if u got home pagina veilig last night"
"yeah" he said...
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I am not a writer so please be nice and i know im not good at spelling of setting it out but its because im writing this on notepad.

"Elena keep an eye damon" zei a voice in the background I turned around it was caroline. I had gone to the school party where i had intended to go with stefan but of course if one brother goes the other one has to follow.

"Damon" I shouted as he tried hitting on bonnie "if your going to be here i want u on your best behaviour" he turned and laughed.
stefan had gone to get me a drink and left me with damon after we had gone to georgia i could stand to be around...
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Elena was lying fast asleep, much to Damon’s relief. Something really wrong was going on out there and Damon dreaded the moment he’d have to tell Elena. She already had so much pain to go through, he didn’t want to make it any worse.
But Damon knew Elena had seen right through him and when she’d open her eyes she’d demand to know what was going on and he wouldn’t be able to lie again.
He took his coffee and brought it to his lips, when he felt a sharp, burning pain in his head. His cup fell on the floor as he moved his hands to his head. He fell on his knees as he screamed.
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posted by Vampirefan10
Damon, Elena, Rebekah, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie and Professor Shane are racing against time, searching for the cure. Professor Shane has decided to lead the group on an expedition to Canada where the cure is supposed to be hidden. However, pretty soon an earthquake occurs and everyone starts to run for cover. Stefan, Rebekah, Jeremy, Bonnie and Shane head in one direction while Damon and Elena head in the opposite.
This results in the couple being separated from everyone else. Elena then suggests that they should probably find a place where they can spend the night and look for everyone else...
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This is the end of my life
The start of forever
Now I’m sentenced to the night
That’s not what I had in mind

This is everything I never signed up for
But maybe everything I need
To help me close the door
To things I should’ve let go long ago

‘Cause darkness is surrounding me
Trying to find air, ‘cause I can’t breathe
Without you
I need your love to get me through
‘Cause though my hearts not beating now
It still pounds when you’re around
I don’t think I can do this without you
I need your love to get me through

This is when I open my eyes
To what I couldn’t see before
Though I’ve recently...
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 toegevoegd door irenenew
submitted by irenenew
No fandom wants to see a ship they've loved, supported and fought for replaced.
For us, the departure of Elena could well mean kissing the hopes of a happy ending for our ship goodbye forever. But it could also mean something else: the potential for a new romance - whether that be a hook-up of meer - for Bamon.
The animosity between DE fans and Bamon fans has been a long-standing one. In some cases, I would argue that the biggest ship war has been with Bamon, not Stelena. DE and Bamon fans simply do not get along due to their totally conflicting perspectives and understanding of the characters....
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1) Holding On and Letting Go door Ross Copperman: The first real kiss of Damon and Elena in the episode The New Deal. On the porch which made it even better than the dying kiss. Damon was tired for feeling guilty for nothing, so he took matters in his own hands. It’s not like Elena turned him down. She wanted that kiss to. Elena said, “This is right.” Damon responds, “right now. It’s not right now.” (words might of been changed.) So even though she didn’t choose him in the finally, there’s still a strong chance.

2) All I Need door Within Temptation: This song is Delena all the way....
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"I Can't Lose You"

Elena noticing that Damon had left the room and then going to find him could be meer significant than it first appears. (This was only brought to my attention after someone commentaar gegeven on this on YouTube). Remember the scene between Damon and Stefan in 2x19, when Stefan boasted that he had the one thing Damon didn't, Elena's respect? Well, this scene proves that Stefan is wrong about that. If Elena didn't have respect for Damon, of Damon's opinions, then she wouldn't have gone to find him. She knows he's angry and upset about the plan involving the elixir, and seeks him out...
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Stefan looked at the floor guiltily.
“Go on Stefan, explain yourself,” Damon pressed. Stefan looked up at him angrily.
“You already know everything.” He looked back at me. “Elena, I’m so sorry I left you. I asked Damon to tell u everything and maybe if he had…” he glared up at Damon with a rage that petrified me. “Maybe if he had told u then I wouldn’t be here explaining myself, I wouldn’t have walked in on u two upstairs, and possibly we’d still be together…” I knew he was right. If Damon had told me that Stefan had zei he loved me and he was sorry about whatever...
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“Oh my…” I brushed Damon off and backed away from them slowly. “Stefan…what…What have u done?” I was shivering with fear. This was not the Stefan I used to know. This Stefan was full of malice and I was frightened. I was meer frightened than I had been when I had discovered that he and Damon were both vampires. But then I knew I could trust him. Then he didn’t feed off of people. Then he was gentle, controlled. And now? Now he was dark and dangerous. Like Damon. But Damon had learnt to control his urge for human blood. Stefan however was obviously finding it difficult since...
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posted by tvdlover
The reason Damon and Elena share that understanding between is because of the fact that their decisions are motivated door love and it is not about whether it is wrong of right, all social rules go out the door. One of the reasons why I ship Damon and Elena is because they both re-awaken each other. Elena re-awakens Damon’s humanity and Damon re-awakens the girl who died the moment her parents died. Damon and Elena both take each other out of their safety zone. They are real with each other. I believe that even though we see Elena is this sweet and a compassionate girl, I think that we have...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Rachel looked around her before she pressed the klok, bell of Ric’s loft.
“Rachel” Stefan zei a little surprised, when he opened the door. “Come in”
“Are u alone?” Rachel checked. Stefan nodded and she followed him inside. “I need to know something” she cut to the chase. “How do u know I’m a werewolf?”
“It’s a full moon tonight and u were acting strange earlier” Stefan explained. “Plus I’m a vampire, I have learned to recognize them, even if they’re in human shape”
“Veronica will kill me if she finds out I’ve been talking to you” Rachel zei scared...
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This was on the CW boards and it cheered me up a bit after the horrific episode. I never realized just how many references Damon and Elena have gotten about this...

HOME is where the ♥ hart-, hart is:
Damon/Elena are eachother’s home pagina (where they belong)

So many HOME references regarding Damon/Elena, we all know how much effort TVD puts into music, it’s not just about the songs sounding great—there’s a deeper meaning behind them too (The cast and Chris Mollore have expressed that) All the reference’s ——»>

> Friday Night Bites {Damon caressing...
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posted by DelenaDestiny
Stefan is way to nice-nice with Elena! He needs to be himself around her otherwise it is fake and everyone knows a fake relationship never ever works out well. Whenever Elena is around Damon she is happy and Damon isn't afraid to be himself around her. Sure they (Damon and Elena) have had their ups and downs, but they always manage to work it out in the end which proves that their relationship is much stronger than Stefan and Elena's! Stefan never tells Elena not to something, especially when she shouldn't do it. Damon would make sure that Elena would not do anything that could get her hurt.

Another reason is that Stefan can't control himself, he is a danger to the people around him because u never know when he will go off the rails and hurt someone. Damon does get mad and does stupid stuff, but he would never hurt Elena, no matter what!
I am sure u all remember the little, well quite big... deal Stefan and Damon made before Elena chose Stefan. Well, let's be honest, it was Stefan's deal and Damon went along with it. Sweet as it was, and as much as I love their brotherhood - as much as Stefan likes to believe it was selfless and the honorable thing to do, let me tell u something - no... it was not. Now, I do love Stefan. But the guy is not sefless with his love and he never has been, and coming up with that deal just proved how he never will be. After all that time of watching the woman he loves be in love with his brother,...
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posted by delenasalvatore
I don't understand why people assume that it will always be Stefan and Elena. Even some DE fans believe this, and that seriously puzzles me because there's a lot about the way the driehoek has been written that seems to be saying the opposite.
Let's look at the bron of this mythical assumption. First: that Stefan was the first brother Elena fell in love with; a very common (but highly illogical) belief amongst Stelenappers that this somehow acts as a precedent to an SE endgame.
I don't think there was anything very remarkable about the way SE met and fell in love. While I do think that the...
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posted by HaleyDewit
My first thought when I wake up goes to you
Just another dag I have to get through
And I know I’m overreacting
And I know there are worse things
But right now I feel like I’ve lost the only thing I knew

It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before
And though I want it to stop, I keep asking for more
Guess I rather wallow in hurt, instead of moving on
‘Cause I know the pain, the drama, the tragedy
The tears and the misery
Was worth it all

My last thought before I go to bed is one of despair
‘Cause I can’t figure out how to be when you’re not there
You’re all see, hear, all I can breathe
You haunt...
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posted by yasmeen40
Chapter titel : I Give u Pain & Pleasure

Triple Shot - i own NOTHING of TVD

I need a mintute just to get to u , I feel like I might be getting through

Come over and say Nothing , Silence is everything

( Aly & Aj – Silence )

The morning came too early for Damon 'cause he knew his answer would announced realy soon , probably today knowing how stubborn Elena can be .

After showering and getting ready , he heard a knock on on his door he thought ( WoW ! she wants her antwoorden very badly I see )

He decided against wearing the pants and overhemd, shirt in his hand and just greeting her in his black boxers...
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