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posted by whitelion
i think there is a lot of pressure on quantum of solace to deliver because of the sucess of casino royale. the movie is a good continuation of casino royale but it would stand as a great movie door itself also. it has all the right ingriedients but it adds a few new ones which make it all the better, for example its the shortest bond film ever made but it doesnt hurt the movie at all. i think the franchise will be sucessfull with daniel craig as bond so i loved the film and u should go see it. daniel graig adds a breath of fresh air to the franchise and the casting for all the films has been superb all around. quantum of solace is taking oo7 in a new direction for the better it seems. but of course every movie has its flaws but to some those flaws are the very thing that makes the movie unique and different from the other 21 that came before it.
posted by shourie
Daniel suits the role of Bond. I heard that Bond is going to be changed as Robert Pattison. Daniel is amazing playing Bond cause he chases the villain with hardwork,spirit and many meer qualities. All the the other bonds we have seen just toon off. They wait for the villain to come to them. They do not chase the villain. They are usually shown with boozes and girls. The role of Daniel is very active and thrilling. He has something new to do. In the first part of Quantum of Solace which is The chase, Daniel Craig has Thrilled us. He is very positive. That's what is so good in him which impresses his role to the audience. Ain't he the best?