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SBTA81 posted on Jul 27, 2012 at 11:28AM
Hi everyone,

Didem (edp) has asked me to take over the Darren Criss contest that she has been running for a while now. I'm really excited! And I hope a lot of people will join :)
First of though: Thank you Didem for running that contest for so long and bringing fun to the Darren Criss spot!

If you're all okay with it, I'd like to mix things up a little bit. For example, one week the contest is for finding the best picture, the next week it's for coming up with a funny line for a picture, the next week it's editing time, and so on. If you have any fun ideas, feel free to let me know!

ROUND 1: come up with a funny line for Darren for this picture. Something he's thinking or saying. (WINNER: EDP)

ROUND 2: Find a picture of Darren with (a) kid(s).

Good luck everyone! And have fun :)

Winner gets 5 props.

PS. No cheating please! Let's keep things fun for everyone.

 Hi everyone, Didem (edp) has asked me to take over the Darren Criss contest that she has been runn
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een jaar geleden edp said…
At first, Congratulations on the new contest Wendy!

Well... Lots of things come up with this hillarious picture. But it looked most like "Trying to get taller Trouty?" to me. Appreciate Darren's height.
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een jaar geleden sheerika said…
Darren:His afro is even bigger then mine, is that possible
Chord:Chi yeah I totally rock this hair
een jaar geleden randomgirl3000 said…
"Why is Chord Trying to steal my look?"- Darren
een jaar geleden Sweetest66 said…
Thanks for inviting me!!!

"I thought i was hugging Chord, not Corbin Bleu!" (Darren's thought)
een jaar geleden SBTA81 said…
My entry:

Did I just hear a bird tjirp in that big bird nest on top of Chord's head?
een jaar geleden SBTA81 said…
Thanks everyone, for participating! link here!

Also, the new theme for the next round is posted! Hope you all will participate again :)

een jaar geleden Sweetest66 said…
Round 2: so sweet <3
 Round 2: so sweet <3