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posted by vamp2wolfgirl2
Ruby was a typical girl she loved to watch films listen to muziek , read ... ruby was in her laptop chatting in this website she didnt actually have any vrienden so she got to the internate in zoek of new vrienden
vamp2wolfgirl2 : hallo ppls what u all doing ??
jbgirl: not much .. just here board.
dh23 : yeah nm ..
vamp2wolfgirl2 : kool.. what u guys wanna talk about ??
dh23 : cheese ??
jbgirl :hahaha lol .. hallo guys g2g .. talk to ull later ..
vamp2wolfgirl2 :yeah sure see ya ..
dh23 : ok byes.
dh23 :so .. where here
vamp2wolfgirl2 :yeah here .. jejeje
dh23 : jejeje ?? what does tht mean...
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