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posted by Xander-Kriechen
    Xander walked quickly down the long corridor dragging a prisoner behind him.
    “Help! Help!” the woman laughs as she stumbles along in Xander’s grasp, “I’m being oppressed!”
Rolling his eyes, the young prison guard throws the deranged woman into her cell, causing her to fall to her knees. He quickly shuts the prison bars and glares at her through them.
    “My, my, sir,” the woman began smirking up at her guard, “You just met me, no need to be so aggressive with me yet.”
    “Ms. Clement,...
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posted by Loretta_Selwyn
Loretta is a member of the esteemed pure-blood Selwyn family. Due to the power her family has held throughout the years, she developed an interest in the Ministry of Magic and wizard governing at an early age. Upon leaving her Slytherin house at school, she moved into an apprenticeship with one Dolores Umbridge. After working with Umbridge, Loretta settled into a position within the Department of Law Enforcement and mostly assists within the ‘Improper Use of Magic Office’. Since Loretta does not need to hold a job due to her inheritance, she devotes only a moderate amount...
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