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LOL This part of shippuuden episode 32. LOL when we first meet Tobi!
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Yuki is a normal girl. She think that,as she was kidnapped at her 18th Birthday of all days!!!

Yuki:*thinks*Why?Why me and not another girl?

The guy who kidnapped the girl is none other as Kabuto,the Doublespy of Orochimaru and Sasori.

Kabuto:*smirks*Orochimaru gave me the mission to kidnap u and he would like to test something on you.

Later at the eastly hideout of Orochimaru...

Kabuto:I got her.

Orochimaru:Ahhhh!There she is!

Then she got cells from a girl named Karin.

Later in Yukis cell...

Yuki:Oh great!Why at my 18th Birthday!?

Suddenly a boom! came from the lab.A blonde guy who wears a black mantel with red clouds on it,was appearing and had finally killed Orochimaru.

Yuki:*senses the guys chakra* What? I can sense something!It came towards my cell!

To be continued...
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Yeahanother sk8er boy amv.......... The idea of this <3 sickens me,but yeah sum ppl dont ppl same way,so un
Later Yuki dreamt from a woman.


Yuki:Huh?Whos there?*turns around to look for the voice*

???:I am your mother,Yuki. Someone killed our Clan,the Blacc-Clan!!!

Yuki:Who did that to you?

Tears were running over Yukis face.

Yuki's Mother:Don't cry, my lovely Yuki. u would find out your true identity!!!

Then the dream ended.

Yuki:Dei!!!I dreamt something!!!

Deidara:*rub his eyes*What is it?

Then Yuki told Deidara what she dreamt.

Yuki:We should find out which Abilities she meant!

Deidara:Yeah you're right!

To be continued...
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