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Source: 4 my good friend,iluvdeidara418,i hope she likes it & doesn't mind me using her real name <333
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If u thought the first was funny un....this is gonna be a RIOT lol

1.Tell Tobi that Deidara zei they're gonna dress up for twin day.

2.Mix his clay with play-doh.

3.Everytime he enters the room,scream "Akatsuki alert!Invader:Yamanaka Ino!"

4.Get a microphone and scream "Uchihas Rule...especially Sasuke!!!"

5.Ask him how it feels to get owned door the Sharingan.

6.Dye his clothes purple and say "I knew u and Ino were related!!!"

7.Blow up the hideout and say it was his fault.

8.Tell him he's dramatic when he blows up stuff.

9.Act like a dude,hug him and say "Love ya Dei-chan!"

10.When he talks about art scream "Poser!!!"
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