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shortynme posted on Mar 19, 2010 at 01:07AM
So Kurosaki is always talking about how it's his fault Teru's brother died, that because of what happened his has no right to love her etc etc.
Anyways. I've been mulling it over and I can't decide what I think really happened.
I wanted to know if anyone else had guesses.
Why does Kurosaki feel so guilty? What made Teru's brother die? And why did he REALLY ask Kurosaki to become Daisy?
Any ideas?

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een jaar geleden jihmed said…
Got to admit... I have no ideas :)
I don't think we have enough back story to get close enough to what really happened (I'm sure we could get a bunch of random guess though...) I'm really looking forward to seeing how this part of the story gets played out, it really makes things much more interesting! There had better be a good reason behind all of this!
een jaar geleden shortynme said…
I kind of get the idea that Teru's brother died in place of Kurosaki. Like it was a trade or something.