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When people commentaar on your deviations, is there anyway to tell WHICH deviation received the comment?

Whenever i see that someone commentaar gegeven on one of my drawings, it takes me over an uur to look at all of them to try to read the comment. Is there any way to know which deviation was commentaar gegeven on so it will be quicker?
 MasterOfFear posted een jaar geleden
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taytrain97 said:
When u go to your messages, it should say that 'blahblahblah097 commentaar gegeven on your deviation (insert deviation name here)' right above the comment.
Where it would say the name of the deviation is the link to the deviation.
Click that link and it will take u to that deviation, then u can look down in the commentaren and see what they zei about it.
Hope that helped. ^^
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posted een jaar geleden 
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