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Dexter finds out he's ugly, so he transforms his face to look better for the school photo.
 The Seventh Khan Ryuu No Kishu, or, 'Rider of the Emperor Dragon'
The Seventh Khan Ryuu No Kishu, or, 'Rider of the Emperor Dragon'
Natowodin reached far down the heavens with His mighty hand.
He knew the world's salvation lay hidden among the people.
He brought her from His image down to the people in Shangara.

Natowodin has blessed us,
Natowodin saved us in our time of need,
Natowodin has blessed Shangara.

The boy genius identified her to us.
The Avatar Princess of Shangara,
Passed all tests, became a warrior.
Strong hart-, hart girl,
Born a princess of Shangara,
Natowodin made her a warrior.
She tried to warn her people
Came out of the brand of Taigon's destruction
Mighty Khan Ryuu bowed to her.

Natowodin has blessed us,
Natowodin saved us...
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This was a promo for Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoon Fridays block.
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(We last saw our young genius, in the car with his family, meanwhile Mandark plotted another plan to get rid of Dexter,and Dexterina got really really angry!sooooo let's see how everthing is now shall we?.........)

Chap.2 Don't mess with the Dexi

(Ultraville elementary,Ms.Talenti's Gifted Class..)

Dexi:So I tell DoDe to get out my face like I usually do....and volgende thing I know Helen gets mad me!

Rest of class:Oooooooh

Dexi:I know RIGHT!??

Random classmate: u are so right not to be vrienden with HER anymore!!

Ms.Talenti:Class,settle down now.Dexi u can talk about your fasicnating story during lunch....
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Iterveiwer:Ok today I am here with the ster of Dexter's laboratory Dexter!and he is gonna tell us how life has been going since the end of one of cartoon networks Golden Age Shows....

Interviewer:So Dexter your fans have been wondering and have few vragen to ask u would'nt mind answering a few of them would you?

Dexter: Of Course not and may I say that I am suprised I still have so many fans who wish the toon was still around!

Interveiwer:Ok the first vraag is.... Are dating Blossom form the power puff girls and if so how did u meet?

Dexter: that is the dumbest vraag I have ever heard!of...
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ok for fun we as in me has decided to go and put the fourth chapter of when Dexter met Dexi here on the Dexter's labratory club and then we'll put chapter's five to the epilouge in the Dex3fan club! so here goes!

Chap.4 My Best Buddie the evil girl genius

We last left our young heros ( of I should say hero and hero turned villan)about to have a little chit-chat.Let's see how it went!

Ultraville Elementary school cafeteria....

Dexter:Where are we going?

Dexi: like I zei I just need to talk to you.

Dexter: about what?


Dexter: fine there's no need to shout though!

Dexi: oh just...
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