disney crossover OC Mashup Game: Round 12: Forest Animals (RE-OPENING)

CaterdayGirl posted on Jun 02, 2012 at 12:38PM
Ok so I've been wanting to make more OC mashups since the first one I made turn out so good so I decided to make it into a game.

So Here's the Rules:
-Anyone can join
-You can only post one OC per person.
-To make it easier I'd like all entries to be clipart (meaning white background)
-You have to make your on OC from different Disney characters. you can use non-disney as long as you have at least one disney character incorperated in you OC.
-don't make your OC really small or really big. If you do when I go to resize it it will lose some of the quality of the picture
-I will set a theme, or at request, for each Round to set your OCs in.
-Since this seems to be so popular I'm making a new rule. If you have done three rounds in a row you have to wait at least a day to join in the round. That way any new comers have a chance of joining in. If there are still spaces you can join after 24 hours.

NEW RULE- You must reserve your spot in the picture BEFORE you make your OC.

Each round will last five days. Post your OC here and then at the end of the round I will take all the OCs and put them all together. I will post a background picture for each round. In some cases you will have the choice to have you OC sit or stand tell me which and I'll decide the rest, unless you have something in particular you want your OC to do.

Round 1: Tea Party-link
Round 2: Mermaids- link
Round 3: Seven Brides for Seven Dwarfs- link
Round 4: Cinderella's Fellow Servants- link
Round 5: Animals-link
Round 6: Esmeralda's Gypsy Friends
Round 7: Kids link
Round 8: Family Fued link
Round 9: link
Round 10: Enchanted Servants
Round 11: Next Generation of Villains
Round 12: Forest animals

 Ok so I've been wanting to make meer OC mashups since the first one I made turn out so good so I deci
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