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 Happy Birthday auroraxaurelia!
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Have a good one! :)
beauty and the beast
posted by Winxclubgirl202
 I'll protect u
I'll protect you
Here is chapter one of my story!
(Belle's point of view)
When I first meant Balto, I didn't know what to say. I was on the ground scared out of my mind because I was attacked door wolves. Balto zei "I'll protect you." I just stared, and thought ~dogs can talk?~,and then I watched him fight the wolves, it was impressive to see a dog like him handling this. Once the wolves had enough of Balto they ran away. I zei to him "thank you, what's your name?" The dog replied " my name is Balto?" He asked "your's?" I replied "my name is Belle, nice to meet you." Standing up, I went to my horse, and undid...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 Earlier when I went up to him after gym class he had his overhemd, shirt off. I nearly died!
Earlier when I went up to him after gym class he had his shirt off. I nearly died!
Dear Diary,

Last night I had the funniest dream. Me and Shang were at the strand and Shang was surfing. Seriously, Shang, near a surfboard? Nani, yes, Ariel maybe, but not Shang. He says he hates it and he’s meer content to swim “like a normal person” as he puts it in that arrogant tone he sometimes adopts. Honestly, just because his dad’s an army captain, he thinks he can do what he damn well likes! He is so frustrating!

And yet, let’s face it, I still have a massive crush on him! Oh, I know that makes me sound like a swooning schoolgirl but I can’t help it! Earlier when I went up...
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posted by LightningRed
Thomas breathed deeply. The fresh sea breeze gently blew his hair. He gazed into the distant deeps of the blue ocean. It was almost a whole jaar after he boarded the ship to Virginia. Now he was going again to that beautiful land, this time with his family. Indeed, in Virginia he didn't find the goud he was looking for, but he found land. The number of English settlers was increasing, and Thomas thought it was better to try their fortune in the free space of Virginia than in the crowded, bustling city of London.

His father had had a bad jaar as a storekeeper in London. Things didn't go well...
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So here's my artikel for the best guy for Ariel. I have made picks to eliminate choices until there are only two left. Last one standing is the best match for Ariel. This artikel is what I think of each guy with Ariel and than commentaren from fans from the picks.

Jim Hawkins #9
 door ponyboyjonny
by ponyboyjonny

This one couple is widely debated. Some people love it some hate it. I personally like this couple but I prefer him with Audrey. I'm still a fan of Ariel and Jim but not as much as I use to be.

dont like her much with jim...i like him meer with jasmijn for example. (DIAMELA)
hate it (pretty_angel92)...
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 Confused jasmijn and Amazed Aladdin
Confused Jasmine and Amazed Aladdin
A young man with shaggy black hair, hazel skin and dark chocolate eyes walked through the smoky and humid bazaar. His eyes flickered with excitement as he made his way down to his favoriete place ever, the beach. A young woman ran to catch up to him. "Aladdin!" She called, "Aladdin wait for me!". Aladdin turned around as his best friend caught up to him. "Took u long enough Jazzy." He snickered while playfully twisting a long strand of Jasmine's charcoal hair around his fingers.

They walked hand in hand until Aladdin stoppped short. Sitting in front of them was a beautiful girl with a long...
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