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leah120492 posted on Jul 09, 2008 at 08:52AM
Cars 2 is an upcoming computer-animated 3-D film being produced by Pixar Animation Studios and a sequel of the 2006 film Cars. It will be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, and is scheduled for release mid-2012. Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis takes over from John Lasseter as director.[1] Lasseter mentioned, "This time we’re going international."[2] Cars is the second Pixar film to have a sequel, along with Toy Story.

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een jaar geleden Materz_wifey92 said…
I know i can't wait for this movie itz about Ligtning McQueen and Mater. McQueen is taking a tour and Mater is going with him.
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een jaar geleden Tiffanyg21 said…
een jaar geleden Humbi04 said…
I want to see this film sooonnnn....
een jaar geleden anab01 said…
Hi........this is ana.its great idea you just enjoyed it.
een jaar geleden MeaghanDavis said…
I cannot wait and I'm excited to see Mater and Lighting. I'm totally excited for it though:)
een jaar geleden 18wanda said…
big smile
een jaar geleden Fefe92 said…
Why so later? 2012?!? Nooo,too later!
een jaar geleden Fefe92 said…
Mhmm..Perhaps it will be sooner...Summer 2011...I read that
een jaar geleden lightning95 said…
Oh yeah, Cars 2 will happen. I was listening to the radio the other day, and they had Larry the cable guy (voice of Mater) as a guest. He said he had been really busy because they were makeing a Cars 2. That's all I know, but it will happen.
een jaar geleden Fefe92 said…
It will be released on 24th June 2011.And in the whole world not later than December 2011.That's sure.
Pixar decided this because Cars is a very very huge success in the world (in my country,Italy,there are objects for school like scissors,glue...with Cars Character in!)so,the company thought (well!)to fix the release 1 year sooner..Great!
een jaar geleden Fefe92 said…
I read some characters that there will be in this movie:
_Lightning McQueen,that is on journey with his best friend Cricketto;
_Mater,on journey with Lightning,is now his team captain;
_Fill McMissile,a spy that resembled James Bond,busy on a special mission;
_the Twins Mia and Tia;
_Chick Hicks.
The other...I don't know,but I hope that no one will be forgotten :)
But..And Sally??
een jaar geleden carsfan said…
big smile
Cars 2!
its actually comming this JUNE 24 2011 (Canada and U.S.A)
Ive been waiting for this for nearly 2 years now! XD
Im super excited!
een jaar geleden madpringle said…
Have you heard that they are on tour right now. Here is the link right here!


 Have u heard that they are on tour right now. Here is the link right here! [url=http://www.pyrami
kiyomiwong95x commented…
oh my god a proper trailer awesome no stuff like this in the U.k ;( een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden lovelife324 said…
big smile
I saw Cars 2 three times already. I'm probably seeing it again sometime this week! I LOVED CARS 2!!! GREAT PIXAR MOVIE!!! MATER AND FINN ROX!
een jaar geleden glechtstern said…
It's time to stand up for Pixar. Critics have been blowing Cars 2's ratings to pieces. Their reviews have blank statements with no evidence from the film. Look here: www.rottentomatoes.com/m/cars_2. Their main criticism is that Cars 2 is not "emotional", like Cars (which it doesn't have to be, it's in a whole different genre), and that it's only for kids (which it isn't, because most kids can't understand much of the humor.)Together we can fill the hole the critics made. Start posting!
een jaar geleden kiyomiwong95x said…
Yeah I seen it it's good but not as good as the first one though, hey I got some good news Cars 3 is coming out on the 16th June 2017, I am so excited Idc that I will be 16 on that day (yup it's my bday) I am sOOO excited even though it's in 2 years time.