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posted by ArielandEric16
Ok guys, I've been here since November 2012 and I finally decided to write one of these. Since I have been here I have made a lot of vrienden and I enjoy getting to know all of you. Ok here are some things about me.

My name is Brittany. I'm 17 years old and I am a junior in high school. I live in a small town in Louisiana with my mom, two of my sisters, and my stepdad. I am the oldest of five siblings. I have four sisters and one brother.

I love all of the disney princesses, but my favoriete is Ariel. She has been my favoriete princess my whole life and I don't think any other princess could ever take her place. The Little Mermaid was the very first disney movie I ever watched and I instantly fell in love with it.

I don't really have a least favoriete princess because like I zei I love them all.

My favoriete prince is Eric, but I also love Flynn Rider. These two are tied as my favoriete disney prince. I know a few of u guys are not too fond of Eric, but I love him. He's charming, adventurous, and HOT. So is Flynn ;).

My favoriete DP couple of all time is Ariel and Eric. They are just the cutest couple ever in my opnion.

My favoriete non-disney movie is Anastasia. I just watched it
for the first time recently and I loved it. Dimitri is so cute and they make a great couple.

Some things I like to do when I'm not fanpopping are hanging out with my family and singing. I'm not a very good singer, but I do it all the time lol.

My favoriete book is "Tuck Everlasting". Some of u guys have probably seen the movie including me, but I love the book.

Well I hope this artikel helped u guys get to know me better and feel free to express your opnions about me. u can also ask me any vragen u might have. Thank u guys for taking your time to read this; I really appreciate it :).
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posted by hisblueeyes
The question, "Which princess do u think is the smartest?" is asked very often and every time it is asked, there are those people who pick Belle. There are the people who not only pick Belle, but comment, "Because she reads." Then, there are the people who think that is a dumb thing to say, and begin immediately saying stuff like, "She only reads fairy-tales." Every time this process has been repeated I have wanted to say something like what I am about to say, but never got the chance. So now I'm going to say it.

I think many people forget that Beauty and the Beast is not set in 2011. It isn't...
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Scene 14- Inside the spaceship, prisoner room #1.

Narrator: Meanwhile in the evil alien ship thingy, our unusual heroes(So far) are still unconcious as they- *Hella opens her eyes* never mind the girl's waking up...

*Hella Mutters something(Don't ask what) then fully wakes up and looks around and sees that she's tied up with Rodney who is also awake from being knocked out, but is now snoring.

Hella: *Whispers* Psst, Hey! hallo Rodney! Wake up! Wake up U idiot! *Rodney stil snores, so Hella decided 2 kick him(dont ask where)*

Rodney: OW! Whatd ya do that for?

Hella: *Shushes him* Not so loud! Do...
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