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posted by PrincessAyeka12
 Aurora's Playlist
Aurora's Playlist
vorige Playlists;

Snow White: link

Cinderella: link

I like making playlists on my ipod for all of my favourite characters from all kinds of media. Sometimes the songs don't fit the characters and are just there to capture the symbolism from objects, animals of magic used in the film. I've made a playlist for a few of the Princesses and it's time I shared them with you.

Symbolism: Dreams, Sleeping, the original story, Dawn, Magic, Fairies, Sword, Song, Dance, Rose, Briar Rose

Soothing Dreams door Stephan Rhodes

- Dreamy Aurora


A Thousand Years Part 2 from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 door Christina...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Don Carlo
Don Carlo
Hi guys, since my younger brother loves classical muziek especially opera. I will write down some of the perfect opera that features princesses in it, ready?

Don Carlo (Giuseppe Verdi)

Based on a true story about the real Don Carlos, the Infante of Spain and son of King Philip II of Spain. He was originally betrothed to Elisabeth of Valois, but because of his madness, she married the King instead.

Turandot (Giacomo Puccini)

Actually, I don't mind if Disney were to make another Chinese princess. The signature song 'Nessun Dorma' is the most populair aria ever and it is sung door Pavarotti (RIP) and...
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Since my birthday is only a few days away I decided to make some artikels relating to my favoriete DP Movie aswell as my favoriete movie of all time Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, this is the first one and for this one I decided to write about my favoriete songs in the movie, it was slightly hard to place some of these since I love all the songs in this movie especially the top, boven ones where really hard, but anyway hope you'll like this article
Also I was too lazy to add pictures to all the songs so I only added pictures to the top, boven 2 (I might add pictures to the rest later), both of those are made...
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Hope you'll like this article, it won't be very long, but oh well! Let's get started :)

1. Congratulations on being DP fan Of The Month, how does it feel, did u expected it? Thanks. I was hoping that eventually I would get recognized for what I do on here.

2. How did u discover Fanpop? Last summer, I was looking up funny pictures of the DP's and I was like 'Oh, cool pics on this site but I would never make pictures.' Then I answered a few kwis vragen for fun and before I knew it, I was reading articles. I wanted to write cool artikels like the ones I had seen PrincesLullaby, DreamyGal...
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posted by princessforlife
 Im the chick on the right :)
Im the chick on the right :)
So, everyone has been doing these articles, so I thought why don't I do one too?

First Name: Saniah
Nia for short :)

Country of Origin: U.S.A. I live in Michigan. Crappiest state ever. I dream of the dag I can leave this boring dump.

Favorite Disney Movie: Well all of them! But my all time favorieten would have to be Tangled and The Lion King.

Hobbies: Watching Disney Movies, reading, eating

Music I like: Mostly Disney. But im also into Taylor Swift.

Movies (besides Disney movies) that I like: Titanic, Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron (I love it soooo much), The Road to El Dorado, Die Hard, Fast...
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Here the first part of the best Disney Princess minor villain count down. Since there are thirty-three characters in the count down there will a total of three artikels each with eleven characters. Remember this isn't my personal opinion, these were voted door the fans. Enjoy!
 Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice
Thery'e just... trees. Scary, sure, but only in certain lighting._misscindyspice

Scary Trees (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) I'm not surprised they were the first to go since they pose no actual threat to Snow White. They're very scary but in reality they're just trees.
 Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of the movie! I always skip them!_PrueFever
Just... Urgh, they are the WORST part of...
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Alright, I skipped my trips to the gym for this article, I'm such a slacker! Anyway, at least it is geplaatst now. A total of 21 users toegevoegd their favoriete DP films lists and I averaged out the rankings. WARNING this lijst is very typical and expect 2 ties!

12. Brave

I'm going to be honest, the main reason why it's last on my lijst is probably because it's Pixar. I don't get that feeling of magic watching Pixar films that I get when I watch Disney movies. I only love a few of Pixar films and Brave is not one of them unfortunately. People have called it unoriginal and I can't say I disagree,...
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posted by Diazdiaz95
 The artikel seemed too plain looking so I thought I'd add this nice picture of my favoriete princess, Mulan
The article seemed too plain looking so I thought I'd add this nice picture of my favorite princess, Mulan
Hello everyone, I've been on Fanpop for a little while now,I've written a few articles, made polls, commentaar gegeven everywhere, and basically just have pretty much been a Fanpop addict but nobody knows who I really am. I haven't really introduced myself to my fellow fanpoppers so here it goes....

My birthday is January 3. I love my birthday because it's like a week after Christmas and so early in the year. I also love winter so it's perfect for me. The fact that the cold has never bothered me might be one of the reasons I like Frozen, get it, because in Let it go ok whatever, sorry, that was a nerdy...
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posted by dclairmont
 icoon door BraBrief
Icon by BraBrief
Team Aurora may have had a late start, not even having enough members to originally create a team, but we've risen from the ashes, and are now here to take over the world (mwahahhahah) Well, I hope u enjoy reading this :D

Leader of Team Aurora: me (dclairmont)
Other Members:


Aurora fascinates me as a character, because while we see a lot of her personality, a lot is open to interpretation. She's pretty much everything I love in a female character: responsible, feminine, imaginative, a bit sassy, perceptive, not rebellious, proper but a bit free-spirited...
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 Best Hair All Around.
Best Hair All Around.
This is part one of my most beautiful princess articles. I will be judging the princesses by: Hair, Waist, Face, Legs, Eyes, Smile, Knees, Arms, Hands and Shoulders of in other words the things that I find attractive in girls. Then I will have an all around artikel where I rank them all with the points. So this is article, I love hair, all of the princesses have hair on their heads, so that's an important thing to know and talk about. Also I will be bring how the hair's personalty, because hair does have that. Now time for my ranking.

13: Aurora
 Okay hair
Okay hair

I'm so sorry Aurora, your very beautiful...
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posted by Shiki_Otherside
 Frozen movie poster
Frozen movie poster
Frozen, the latest Disney Princess movie that was claimed to have been the best movie since The Lion King. Does it hold it up as a Disney Classic?

The Princess and the Frog was released in 2009, in an effort to restore the Disney animatie Company's reputation. In this movie they went back to their own roots, using a fairy tale revolving around a princess, who receives her Prince Charming in the end, and sings catchy tunes along the way. Notable differences from the other films included an African American protagonist (Disney's first!) and a modern setting (New Orleans, Louisiana). Although...
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This is an artikel expressing my opinion about some of the renaissance princesses most exaggerated attributes. I may do this for the other DP's, but I thought I'd start with the 3 that get a lot of flack. I feel that while the renaissance princesses have a lot of fans, they also have many haters. This is my opinion, and I know it's not very popular, but try not to be too negative. c:


Ariel is known universally as being the brat among the bunch. Though, honestly, I don't see how she's that big of a brat. She has been wanting to go on land for years, and years, and when the chance arises,...
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It's happening again! Yes my opinions on the princesses looks has changed again and I felt like doing an updated lijst on that, as soon as I've finished my DP movie marathon I'll do an updated favoriete DP list, but oh well let's get started with this article!

10. Mulan

I think she's pretty, but quite plainly pretty. Normally I think Asian girls are very pretty, but I don't think that Disney made Mulan as pretty as real Chinese girls are. Her eyes are just black and I don't like that, her lips are weirdly drawn, her smile is weird at some shots and her hair is only good when it's in a ponytail...
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posted by Harmony97

14. Cinderella

To me, Cinderella isn’t the best princess. I’m not sure what it is, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure if it’s her voice, her personality, of her naivety, but I just can’t stand her. She doesn’t try very hard to get Prince Charming, she does try just not very hard, she doesn’t even tell him her name! How wrong is that? She dances with the dude all night and doesn’t even tell him anything about herself, to me, that’s just wrong!

13. Megara

Again, this whole truth...
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Snow White woke up to a big horn. It was actually Le Fou still going on with his "funny" jokes. He didn't seem to notice that his audience had fallen asleep.
Snow White looked at the watch on Prince's wrist. It read 6:00. She couldn't tell if it was morning of night. She longed to get up and stretch.
"And what does a bird say to a--Hey!" Le Fou finally noticed what was going on. "Why are u guys sleeping? I was on my seventeenth encore!"
His only answer was a snore from Adam.
Le Fou clenched his fists and lunged at Charming. "Wake up, Princey!" He slapped Charming across the face.
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posted by cromulanfav
I made this artikel because many things changed on my list, although not very significantly, and new princess came.

Here is my link , if u want to compare. This one may not be organized and written so well, and I was slightly afraid that I will be repetetive, but I gave my best.

Disclaimer: I love all princesses, and even if u don't get such impression when I describe them, I really do.

 Boring exuse of a main character
Boring exuse of a main character


Old position: 9th

A beautiful, young woman is standing on a cliff. She jumps. She is fun, exciting, brave and smart. She is strong woman who knows what she...
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I know I've changed my mind like 84932084932048392048329 times. Okay like 4. I was rounding. But this is the lijst I can look at and be satisfied. This is the lijst I don't want to change anything around. This is the lijst where I'm not constantly questioning myself. This is the lijst where I just instinctively put the princesses in their spots instead of overthinking. Get it? It's a good list. So this time, I got to skip the heavy drinking and lab results (...okay, maybe only the latter) and here's my list.

[F] 10. Aurora
*to the tune of link...
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Everyone gasped. But after Snow White's disappearance, nothing much could shock them. No one fainted, which was lucky, because Tiana and Belle had the smelling salts. Suddenly, a thought came to Pocahontas. "Where's Mushu? Was he down here with Mulan? Is he still on the main floor of the castle?"
As soon as the words left her mouth, the pile of heavy chains on the floor lifted slightly. "Should we verplaats them?" jasmijn said. "What should we do? It could be something dangerous..."
The pile continued to quiver. A single red talon reached out under the heavy metal chains. "It's Mushu!" Aurora cried....
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    Ariana couldn't find the words to describe her shock. Luckily for her, she didn't have to say anything. The little krab decided to do the talking.
    "I can see you're unfamiliar with your ability to communicate with sea creatures," chuckled the British crab. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian Pacifignus Ardetemis Hans Isaac Mercutio James Percival Angus Harold. But u can just address me as Harold."
    "Oh my God, I must be dreaming," Ariana pinched herself. "Crabs don't...
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posted by KataraLover
Lady Tremaine went to the guards.

"Oh please u must find my step-daughter the poor girl" cried Lady Tremaine

"Don't worry mam we'll find her" zei a guard

"Oh please, please do I don't know how I'll live without my dear Cinderella I Love her like she's my very own daughter" zei Lady Tremaine

At the house.

"Why are u going threw so much trouble mother for that little nobody" asked Drizella

"Yeah we can get another maid" zei Anastasia

"Girls, girls u don't understand. We need her because without her we can't touch a penny of her fathers money. Then we'll go poor and on the streets again" said...
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