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 Princess Snow White
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princess snow white
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Hey, as u know my lijst has changed A LOT, so I decided to make a new article. I just warn u that this lijst is temporary and it can change, because, I'm planning to rewatch some films and because like I have zei before, I'm very indecisive, I mean, really my lists change ALL THE TIME! Also, just to avoid misunderstandings, I want to say that when I mention a princess' beauty/ singing voice of any other superficial thing like those, it doesn't mean that I judge based on these traits. I won't put a DP higher because she's beautiful, I just felt that since I'd talk about the princesses,...
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(Credit to Diazdiaz95 for the idea.) Ok, so I'm going to be listing my favoriete character from each Disney Princess movie. I will only be including main characters and main antagonists. (Maybe minor antagonists if they serve enough purpose.) anyways, like always, keep in mind this is my opinion, so please respect it. Thanks everyone! Now enjoy the article! :)

I will be separating this artikel into two parts, because I have to finish the countdown results, so I'll have part two up tomorrow after the countdown results, probably.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is just one of those...
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Ok, so I have a lot to discuss in the top, boven section today. First, I would like to give Bellerose829 credit for thinking if this idea. Second, I will be using a different method, also thought up door Bellerose829. In this method, each Princess will start out with zero points, and will lose of gain points from cartian things about their appearance. +1 means that the feature is nice, it adds to their beauty overall. +2 means that it is a great feature, adding meer to their beauty than a plus 1. +3 not only means it adds a lot to their beauty, but is a unique feature of the Princess that makes them...
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