Disney Princess Mother's dag Countdown! Round 6: Who is Your favoriete Grandma?

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Grandma Fa
Gramma Tala
Grandmother Willow
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BB2010 picked Grandma Fa:
1. Favorite Quote: Cheer up, child. It’ll turn out all right in the end. You’ll see (Mrs. Potts)
2. Who do you think would be a great mom?: Cinderella
3. Looks the most like her daughter: Queen Iduna
4. Which mom would you like to get to know more?: Queen Athena
5. Favorite Mom: Ariel
6. Favorite Grandmother
7. Favorite Non-DP mother/guardian

If you want to submit a mom/guardian for the last round here's a link

Or if you want you can just submit them right here! :)
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BB2010 picked Grandma Fa:
Here's the list so far for the final round:
Mrs Jumbo - Dumbo
Marge - The Simpsons
Littlefoot's mother - Land Before Time
Kala - Tarzan
Ursa - Avatar the Last Airbender
Annie Hughes (Hogarth's mom): The Iron Giant
Sarah Hawkins (Jim's mom): Treasure Planet
Yocheved (Moses' mom): The Prince of Egypt
Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)
Esme Cullen (Twilight)
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LMH5113 picked Grandma Fa:
They’re all great, though!
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wavesurf picked Grandma Fa:
Although I like the other two, as well.
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WhiteLagoon13 picked Grandma Fa:
Love her! But the other two are so endearing as well!
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