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One fine day, Lisa Cuddy and Baby Rachel were window shopping.

"Oooooo look at that rok Rachel! Mummy would look amazing in that!" zei Cuddy, pointing
at a tight black rok displayed in a koop window.
Rachel responded with some weird baby noises which seemed to be in agreement with Cuddy's observation.

Cuddy and Baby Rachel crossed the road, intending to visit the baby clothing store, when Cuddy noticed a quaint little koop called:

Mr Finklesworth's Emporium Of Merriful Wonderment

"Intriguing... Shall we go have a look in there Rachel?"
Rachel responded with meer agreeing gurgles.

Cuddy and Rachel...
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This My First Video!!! my english is very bad! LOL I speak spanish! <3
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For those that missed it on tumblr/twitter/LJ - here are the gift details:

Lisa LOVES cookbooks. I’ll be compiling vegetarian/vegan recipes from her fans all around the world and having them published into a book.

It WILL get to the Huddy Queen :) I have "her people's" address.

So dig into your family cookbooks of browse around online and find your favoriete recipe. Make sure to include your name and country. For US residents, I’d love to include states for all those comfortable with it.

Here is our current participant tally (please note that this is a tally of just the emails - if meer than...
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Title: Pilot Redux
Rating: T (I guess – for innuendo)
Summary: I’m working on writing a Huddy ending on add-in scene for each episode. This is a continuation of “Pilot”. My first huddy fic so be nice :-)

“5PM…Doctor House checking out…make sure u write that down.” House tosses the last chart onto the desk. He smirks and makes his way to Cuddy’s office, bursting through the doors.

A soft groan of exasperation escapes her lips. “Do u even know how to knock?”

“Of course I do.”

“What do u want, House?”

“I just came door to see if u had any other eloquent pearls...
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Made door poetgurl1989. House and Cuddy make each others lives a living hell...they are so in love!! LOL!
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