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** This artikel contains spoilers! If u haven't already watched the movie, don't read it! **
I've finally watched the newest DBZ Movie, so I'm going to illustrate my point of view.

What I loved about the movie.

 Videl in Battle of Gods
Videl in Battle of Gods
The animatie Style: it is awesome! The graphic is clean and colorful. The backgrounds are good and the battles are clear. All the characters have a great style, especially Videl, she was improved a lot. I liked Goku's blue training outfit on King Kai's planet.

The Plot: it's unusual. I mean, it isn't the usual DBZ Movie where a strong villain comes to the...
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FUNimation has finally confirmed that their re-release of the first DragonBall movie will indeed see the light of dag this December.

Curse of the Blood Rubies is due out 28 December 2010 for a cheap MSRP of $14.98. Set to be included is the original and uncut Japanese version, which is one of the only series/movies-proper items that has never been released this way in North America. There is still no clear answer as to which English dub will be included (the original edited version from 1995 with the first cast, of an updated and unedited version with a recent cast).


Funimation has...
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posted by Yellowflash1102
 Dragonball Z: Universe X
Dragonball Z: Universe X
Dragonball Z: Universe X


As the newly transformed Super Saiyajin and the tyrannical Chilled stood afar from each other, neither moving from their spot it was clear each was awaiting the other's first move.

Finally, it was Chilled who had become severely impatient as he lept up with a lash of his tail and began to charge balls of energy in his hands before firing a volley of attacks towards Bardock. "Hmph. Poor insect, I almost feel sorry for you." Chilled zei with a snicker.

Bardock however didn't even move, the majority of the energy attacks completely missed as dust...
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posted by mrmorganjmartin
tell me what u think so far

    The times were finally peaceful for all the Z Warriors and much time had passed when Goku Jr. finally perfected his Super Saiyan abilities as well as Vegeta Jr. Everyone that had taken part in the many adventures with Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu and many others has long since been passed away. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are the only known people that have a potent amount of Saiyan blood running through them. Now, in the present, almost everyone has a trace of Saiyan in their DNA, but most do not even realize it.
    We begin our...
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hallo Everyone! I'm sl77712! And today I am Going to answer the #1 vraag of the Dragon Ball Universe: Vegeto VS Gogeta: Who Is meer Powerful?

This is Based on Facts zei through-out it's Story-Lines, but I do not consider the Mangas, because only Vegeto was shown officially.
Now: To start off we must consider the Individual Power Levels of both Vegeta and Goku.
While it can be zei that Vegeta is indeed less Powerful than Goku in Level, he is much meer Skilled than Goku in Fighting. On top, boven of that: What Vegeta lacks in Strength, he makes-up for it in Strategy and Pride.

With Goku, his Power Level...
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Chapter 10
Goku hid himself behind the wall. Trunks walked out the door into the hallway, to go with everyone who are waiting in the waiting room. Goku walked back in with his wife.
“Oh hone! I’m so happy!” cried Chichi. “Did u sine the papers?” Goku stayed serious, trying his best to sound happy.
“Yes hone, Goten is almost ready to go home pagina with us!”
“Oh how wonderful, and I am a lot meer relaxed, cant whait to go home!”
“I know…” Goku zei with a serious tone and smile.
“Hone? What’s wrong?” Chichi asked worried.
“Nothing! What could be wrong?” Goku answered...
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posted by Kame_123
Please somebody help me bring this to life :'(
Stronger then super saiyan blue, stronger than Ultra instinct! :'(
Its "Kamé Destruction"! :'(
I'm not a very good drawer which I feel like a failure.
It's a power up, a charge that only goes up and beneath and it will vaporize anything close!
Please help
Zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz!!!
posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Radditz landed in front of a being with green skin and antennas (it reminded him of a bug), dissaointed that it wasn't Kakarat he had sensed he growled.

"You're not Kakarat!" the green being cocked an invisible eyebrow.

"No I'm not." He stated simply his voice oozing sarcasm.

Radditz could tell and sneered.

"Would u mind advising me on where I might find him instead of stating the obvious!"

"I don't even know who u are talking about!"

Radditz scoffed how dare he speak to me like that!

"Then your useless to me!" raising his power slightly as he yelled shaking the ground slightly as the green man...
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posted by SaiyanGirl
Female Saiyans have never been shown to be able to transform into Super Saiyans,
however Akira Toriyama has stated that there ... :(
I'd like to see a female super saiyan, it'd be so cool! Akira should make Pan and Bulla super saiyans! I think Bulla could be a super saiyan because she's 1/2 Saiyan like Gohan and Trunks.Pan's 1/4 Saiyan but she's gohan's daughter too! >.< Also Fasha who is a pure blood saiyan could easily be a super saiyan if Akira made another storyline...
Well this is a wish at all... hehe xP
“You two are different!” says Sasuke, “W-what are you?!” “Don’t u know? We are …” Says Vegeta, “Super Saiyans!”
Naruto begins the fight door hitting Goku, but Goku easily dodges it and counter attacks Naruto with an energy blast. Goku throws Naruto faraway with the energy blast. But Naruto breaks his fall and teleports behind Goku and hits Goku vigorously on his back and uses his Rasengan against Goku.
Vegeta teleports behind Sasuke and hits him with a super heavy punch! “Aaaaaaghh!!!!! H-hell no!!” cries Sasuke, “Kkkaa!! Th-that hurts.” Sasuke runs with great speed...
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I heard that at the Beginning The Creator of DBZ was gonna make Frieza a Girl but he Changed it because he didn't want Goku to Hit a Girl!
Well thats why "he" has a girly voice ^^ but I believe that he didnt change her gender... lol

Now wikipedia about Frieza:

Frieza had many races under his thumb in his planetary trade, but none were as prevalent as the Saiyans. Gifted with natural fighting ability, strength and the ability to become stronger after every battle, Saiyans became powerful weapons in Frieza's subjugation of planets. However, these very abilities made them a liability to the paranoid...
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The wind started to rush and the fight between Goku Vegeta and Naruto Sasuke begins… Naruto starts to attack Goku but Goku dodges the attack and counter attacks Naruto with a heavy punch. And Vegeta fires his first energy blast to Sasuke but Sasuke blocks it with his sword. Vegeta punches Sasuke,but Sasuke blocks it and blows Vegeta faraway with his shiny sword. But Vegeta manages to break his fall and teleports behind Sasuke and kicks him in his back. On the other hand, Naruto is punched door Goku. He is thrown faraway door Goku’s punch. Naruto crashes in a huge rock and the rock breaks completely...
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Chapter 8

In the Capsule Corp building Vegeta heard a vehicle traveling through his eardrum. He stood up from his bed, and glanced out the window. Bulma was so focused into her laptop, and Trunks was taking notes from his results. Vegeta suddenly glanced the Son car, and he put on a big frown on his face. That car remembered him soo much of his arch enemy…. Him and Goku never got along. Apparently Vegeta has tried, and tried, and tried to become a lot meer stonger than Goku…but it was impossible. But the thing that makes Vegeta meer furious…Goku is a low class warrior…but Goku acts...
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Naruto and Sasuke are very bemused to see that Goku and Vegeta can also transform… “Wh-what the?!” Sasuke shrills. “Gaaarhh?!!!” Roars Naruto.
Vegeta says to Goku, “Kakarot, now u take care of this winged one. I’ll take that tail kid.” Vegeta takes Goku’s place and Goku takes Vegeta’s one. “Now it’s u and me, kid!” Vegeta says. Vegeta teleports behind Naruto and Naruto is confused. Vegeta takes the chance and crushes Naruto with his Big Bang Attack!
On the other hand, Super Saiyan Goku and the transformed Sasuke are beginning to fight. Just then Goku announces to...
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From another universe far away Vema comes to the the timeline when kid Trunks and Goten are already born and Majin Buu’s havoc has just ended When the Z-fighters meet him there in disbelief,Gohan tell him he was here already before to change his timeline and he went back a few years geleden so what brings him back. He tells them I have not been here before my name is Vema I heard a lot of great things about u guys. So how did u get to the level your at now and what happened with the androids in your timeline? Tien asked ? I was Training with my father Vegeta, me him and my mother were the...
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Chapter 7
“Finally, couple of minuten later, Daddy had reached the closest hospital, and mommy was emidiatly taken away for help. Haha and the funny thing is that the doctor and the nurses found tme strangely different than a human in my mommy’s belly. I was no human! No! I am 50% human from mommy, and 50% alien of Saiyan from daddy.The doctors immediately looked at daddy and did a D.N.A, then the doctors went screaming like a bunch of monkeys home! If u ask me, that’s silly! They thought I was a human baby since I look exactly like one, im half!
Chichi began to cry tears of joy. But...
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I looked over at oranje ster high school *I would already have a reputation becuase of Gohan and Videl, but then tonen up with the capsule corps heir people will be talking about me and Goten.*Trunks parked the car and we got out I looked around then back at my schedule Gohan had shown me where everything was before.I then looked over at Trunks schedule same classes as me *great* I thought sarcastically. I found my first class. The teacher must have known Gohan beacuase I had a zitplaats, stoel in the front I didn't know if that was good of bad.Then the teacher had Trunks stand up and tell something...
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posted by ivanruiz40
these a are all the kamehamehas. here goes kamehameha. duble kamehameha. maximum power kamehameha. continues kamehameaha. scatter kamehameha. origanol kamehameha. angry kamehameha. solar kamehameha. shunkido kamehameha. kamehameha times ten. big bang kamehamaha. ss kamehameha. final kamehameha. fet kamehameha. jet kamehameha. multipule kamehameha. master student kamehameha. father son kamehameha. bros kamehameha. family kamehameha. true family kamehameha. cocolate kamehameah. kaioken kamehameha. fast kamehameha. flying kamehameha. bluff kamaehameha. and thats all the kamehamehas i hope u enjoyed it.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
Unpopular opinion. I do not hate Dragon Ball GT. If u think about it this way. Everyone and everything that happened in GT is canon to what happens after DBS story line wise. Cause everyone gets much older. And Goku is no longer around. Except for his great,so many greats Grandson Goku Jr. Now to add fuel to the Fire. I do like Dragon Ball Super,but at least GT gave us epic transformations. Not just hair recolors. If u bash me for liking GT, than shows u have no sign of respect for others opinions. Weather the opinion is crap of not. I hate when people have a negative opinion. And they spread it around like it's a fact. Which it is not. Than others believe it cause of word of mouth. Instead of trying to figure it out for themselves. People these days that hate something just cause someone else does needs to actually grow the heck up. And try things for themselves. Instead of letting public opinion influence there own opinion. That is what i do. And other people should do as well.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
 Dragon Ball GT.
Dragon Ball GT.
Chapter 26
The Z Fighters flew in the sky, leaving the battlefield. Non of them zei a word. They were just quiet like a mouse. They all knew that volgende time they are there again, they will stay there forever.
The Son family finally arrived to their little house. Gohan touched the ground softly with his feet. Chichi continued to walk forward, the same thing did Gohan. His eyes beggan to water as he suddenly stopped, and glanced up to the sky.
“Dad…I…I love you. I will try my very best to help. To bring u home pagina again, so I could love you…you know I will.” Gohan walked in and arrived...
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