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Peaceful.... That's all the Kylike Planet was,they avoided dangers,And fought only when needed.

But one day...... That would all change....

One lazy morning,the Kylikians got up from their beds,yawning,streching,yawning again. But then,a power level device that the Kylikeians use to see just how powerful something is when it lands,It read 30,000,No doubt about it.

A sayain just landed.

As soon as it happened,Kylikians being massecared left to right,leaving no Kylikian alive,The warriors,each with their own different power levels,confronted the Sayain,They actually hurt the Sayain.

But alas,the...
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Okay, we all have heard the crazy rumors of dragon ball AF, some think it's real, some think it's phoney. Either way, it still completely sounds awesome, right, I mean, think about it, Goku going into Super Saiyan 5! We all know we really would like to see that. Well, heres the truth, Dragon ball Af is probably phoney. First of all Dragon ball Gt prett ymuch settled the score, and it wasn't really that populair so they probably wouldn't want to take a chance. Also I think that Akira Toriyama gave us the signal that he was finished when he wasn't that artist for Dragon ball GT. Though we have to look at the bright side, Akira Toriyama's kids may take over the bussiness. Also the first zombie movie director actually made a come back and made the movie Zombieland. So maybe Akira may make a come back for us, and we want that, so come on Akira Toriyama!!!
FUNimation has finally confirmed that their re-release of the first DragonBall movie will indeed see the light of dag this December.

Curse of the Blood Rubies is due out 28 December 2010 for a cheap MSRP of $14.98. Set to be included is the original and uncut Japanese version, which is one of the only series/movies-proper items that has never been released this way in North America. There is still no clear answer as to which English dub will be included (the original edited version from 1995 with the first cast, of an updated and unedited version with a recent cast).


Funimation has...
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From another universe far away Vema comes to a timeline when kid Trunks and Goten already exist and Majin Buu’s havoc has just ended. When the Z-fighters meet him their in disbelief, Gohan tell him he was here already before to help save their timeline and he went back a few years geleden so what brings him back here. He tells them I have not been here before my name is Vema I heard a lot of great things about u guys. So how did u get to the level your at now and what happened with the androids in your timeline? Tien asked ? I was Training with my father Vegeta, me him and my mom were the...
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posted by Yellowflash1102
 Dragon ball Z: Universe X
Dragon ball Z: Universe X
- Dragonball Z: Universe X -


Vegeta stood to his feet allowing Gohan and Trunks to also get to their feet whilst dusting themselves off a little. As they did so koeler, koelwagen did not verplaats from his spot, he just continued to have a smug look on his face due to his apparent immortality and ability to seemingly not die.

"Thanks Vegeta...I'm surprised though that u were able to help us dodge that attack though." Gohan zei without considering Vegeta's pride at the time.

"Hmph. Don't insult my Saiyajin pride Gohan. I may be outclassed as a Super Saiyajin but my battle intuition...
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posted by doctorgoku
Trunks was frantically running down a beaten alleyway. Sweat dripped down his forehead as his stamina began to weaken. Every step he took was one step deeper into his pride being lost. Instead of fighting the threats that faced him, he ran away from them, waiting for Gohan to save him. What would his father think?

Androids 17 and 18 had it in for Trunks. He was a meddling brat that didn't know his place. The evil humanoids had killed Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and even his father Vegeta. All Trunks had in this world was his mother Bulma and his best friend Gohan. Instead of protecting his mother,...
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Chapter 26
The Z Fighters flew in the sky, leaving the battlefield. Non of them zei a word. They were just quiet like a mouse. They all knew that volgende time they are there again, they will stay there forever.
The Son family finally arrived to their little house. Gohan touched the ground softly with his feet. Chichi continued to walk forward, the same thing did Gohan. His eyes beggan to water as he suddenly stopped, and glanced up to the sky.
“Dad…I…I love you. I will try my very best to help. To bring u home pagina again, so I could love you…you know I will.” Gohan walked in and arrived...
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posted by bamagirl5899
what if goku had a daughter that was the same age as trunks.and when u see * thats crimsons thoughts.

Crimsons pov

I looked over at my brother Gohan I'm as strong as dad and he knows it but he won't admit it. "Are we ganna fight of not Gohan."I yelled he was half a mile away. "Whenever ur ready loser." he zei *thats it im killing him.* "GO"we yelled at the same time we both yelled KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEE-HAAA. But mine was stronger but I wasn't going to really hurt him so before he got hit I teleported behind him and zei "Dragon fist attack" and I knocked him out.I looked over at Goten he was...
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hallo Everyone! I'm sl77712! And today I am Going to answer the #1 vraag of the Dragon Ball Universe: Vegeto VS Gogeta: Who Is meer Powerful?

This is Based on Facts zei through-out it's Story-Lines, but I do not consider the Mangas, because only Vegeto was shown officially.
Now: To start off we must consider the Individual Power Levels of both Vegeta and Goku.
While it can be zei that Vegeta is indeed less Powerful than Goku in Level, he is much meer Skilled than Goku in Fighting. On top, boven of that: What Vegeta lacks in Strength, he makes-up for it in Strategy and Pride.

With Goku, his Power Level...
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Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed on Monday that its mobile action RPG game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has reached 200 million downloads worldwide.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is holding a series of in-game events to commemorate the milestone.

The app lets players fight against many iconic Dragon Ball Z characters while traversing a world map. Players form teams of characters to face off against enemies in battle. Players must gather Ki balls to unleash attacks. Basic gameplay is free, but certain in-game items are available for purchase.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle launched for iOS and Android in Japan in 2015. Bandai Namco Entertainment also released an English version of the app in 2015.
the scene opens with goku and vegeta Jr. trainig in ssj form

Goku Jr:hey you're pretty good

Vegeta jr:you're not half bad either

Mysterious voice:you both are good for your age

Goku Jr:who zei that?

Goku:that was me, Goku

Vegeta Jr:who are you?

Goku:come with me and I'll explain everything

*they transport away*

????:Hmmm, there are no strong fighters here

*sense the past*

????:but there was a bunch of strong one's here before, lets just bring them back

*the sky turns black and ???? does a weird spell*

*The Z fighters appear*

Gohan:what's going on?

Vegeta:we were dead!

Piccolo:it's impossible for shenron...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Apia's options were limited; this she knew well. She had only one choice she wasn't sure if it was the right one but she would soon find out. She knew how pathetic and compleley useless it seemed but it was either that of Radditz got killed.

"K-Kakarot listen to me, u don't want to kill him." she choked.

Goku looked at Piccolo and then back at Apia "He'll kill everything if we let him go."

"Y-You're wrong, would u really kill your own brother for the sake of this planet."

Goku shook his head "This planet is my home pagina and until u learn that u will suffer greatly."

Apia was out of options he...
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I looked over at oranje ster high school *I would already have a reputation becuase of Gohan and Videl, but then tonen up with the capsule corps heir people will be talking about me and Goten.*Trunks parked the car and we got out I looked around then back at my schedule Gohan had shown me where everything was before.I then looked over at Trunks schedule same classes as me *great* I thought sarcastically. I found my first class. The teacher must have known Gohan beacuase I had a zitplaats, stoel in the front I didn't know if that was good of bad.Then the teacher had Trunks stand up and tell something...
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Chapter 9

“Blood?…Chichi! Oh no!” shouted Goku running out the door. He could not even think straight I mean he could use his transmission…but he could not just think straight right now.
“Did u call an emergency?!” screamed Trunks asking his mother in a shivering tone.
“Yes! Yes! Of course I did!” Vegeta came running out the building. All of sudden, they all heard a loud cry. A huge truck came raining down fast with sirens going louder than a lions roar. Doctors quickly carried chichi on a wheeling bed, carring her in the van. The busje, van began to run but gohan quickly jumped...
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** This artikel contains spoilers! If u haven't already watched the movie, don't read it! **
I've finally watched the newest DBZ Movie, so I'm going to illustrate my point of view.

What I loved about the movie.

 Videl in Battle of Gods
Videl in Battle of Gods
The animatie Style: it is awesome! The graphic is clean and colorful. The backgrounds are good and the battles are clear. All the characters have a great style, especially Videl, she was improved a lot. I liked Goku's blue training outfit on King Kai's planet.

The Plot: it's unusual. I mean, it isn't the usual DBZ Movie where a strong villain comes to the...
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 Toriyama explains Goku's mother Gine
Toriyama explains Goku's mother Gine
Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball series, has finally shed some light on who Goku’s mother is likely to be. 18 years after the official series ended in Japan and 11 years after the after the ending of Dragon Ball Z in North America, Toriyama sheds the light on who Goku’s mother is. Her name is Gine, while her face is yet to be revealed, many fans wait for the Toriyama’s Jaco the Galactice Patrolma manga in April to which we’ll finally see her. There was also an interview which sheds quite a lot of light on this matter as well as a beschrijving of Gine, keep reading.

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(This is after the buu saga, so that means no Uub, no Pan, everyone is the same age they were before that)
A giant ship is seen flying from the explosion and the camera cuts to the aliens inside it. u could see some fighting, some weightlifting others meditating and few looking out the window. In the control room there were a few chatting
"What a boring planet"one said
"I know right, not worth our time"
"Well what are we gonna do ? The last good one we had was 15 planets ago"
"Next destination is Earth"
"Earth ? That sounds boring!"
"Whatever, we're just going to what's closest"...
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posted by rileyferguson
 Super Saiyan God Goku
Super Saiyan God Goku
NOTE: This artikel contains Spoilers, so if u don't like them, I would recommend u to turn off this page right now.

I just watched the entire Battle of Gods movie, and it was totally epic. The scenes were awesome and the graphics and animatie are just beautiful. I can say now that the movie is action packed and is totally epic. I would recommend u guys to watch it because it is a great movie and it is totally awesome to watch.

The plot is Ok. Dragon Ball films usually start with a villian coming to destroy the earth and Goku usually saving the day. But in this one, it's different. Goku...
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posted by rileyferguson
I do not own this fanfic. Someone made this story on Fanfiction.Net and I really wanted to post it here.

A wolk of dust brushes against the innocent, grassy terrain beneath the feet of the two warriors. Silence falls in-between the deadly gaze of one, and the excited gaze of another. Both of the proud beings had a thousand words to say to the other, but all they could do was smile. They've been waiting for this moment all of their lives, and nothing could get in their way.

"It's time to find out which one of us is the true Saiyan Elite, Kakarot," Vegeta scowled as the spandex of his gloves rubbed...
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Chapter 28 THE BATTLES BEGGUIN!!!!!!
The dag has finally arrived. I tried to put on my boots,but I was sgaking so much. I put on my sweatbands one door one. I stood up nice and tall, feeling confident. But then again…fear. I tried to let my fingers reach the door knob, but something was holding me back. Was it fear? Was it because I know I don’t stand a chance and that I will die….I placed my hand on the knob, but my hand pulled back. Tears ran down my eyes. I cant do this! I cant! Im just a kid! A six jaar old! NO! I cant! I glanced at my mirrow against the uithangbord and did a loud gasp. My...
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