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(Part 5)

Lucy: *in the building*

Blaster: Lucy! Where are you?

Lucy: Blaster! I am up here!

Blaster: Ok! We are coming as soon as possible!


Lindwurm: *takes aim at Blaster*

Flame: *kicks Lindwurm* I shall avenge my friends!

Lindwurm: How dare you! *fires at Flame*

Flame: *dodges and blasts the ground and jumps in the air, pulls out his Sword and slashes Lindwurm*

Lindwurm: *falls over*

Blaster: *climbing building*

Lucy: *sees him* Blaster!

Blaster: Lucy! Jump into my arms!

Jet Drones: *fly over to the area and brand at Blasters back*

Blaster: Oww...*falls off*

Lucy: No! Blaster!

Blaster: *falls on...
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