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Eliza Dushku Which of her character's abilities would u want?

70 fans picked:
Faith - slayer stregnth
Tru - Relive a dag
Echo - imprinted with abilities (but forget who u are)
 Bellona posted een jaar geleden
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jarik picked Tru - Relive a dag:
There's been a few days where I wish I had a "do over".
posted een jaar geleden.
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FaithLehane picked Faith - slayer stregnth:
I really like the Slayer package - 'hot chicks w/super powers' lol. Tru's ability is mighty cool too. Don't know about Echo... I like knowing who I am.
posted een jaar geleden.
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LilyPad2404 picked Echo - imprinted with abilities (but forget who u are):
I love Tru and Faith but I choose Echo because I think she is Amazing.
posted een jaar geleden.
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nataliejade picked Faith - slayer stregnth:
I wouldn't mind be able to relive days aswell;
posted een jaar geleden.
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Faith-Rulz picked Faith - slayer stregnth:
i like tru...wouldnt mind having alittle bit of echo's abilities but i like knowing who i am....slayer package...you're so right FaithLehane! lol!
posted een jaar geleden.