A Long Lost Elvis Presley Song
I'm looking for a rare song by Elvis Presley, & it has the words "squeezing tighter".   I don't think it's "Stuck On You", I think it's another song by Elvis.  Do you know the name of the rare song by Elvis? Sweet Lady P.S. Please Reply
Did Y'all Know...?
Did y'all know that Elvis' ex-wife Priscilla Presley said that she divorced Elvis not b/c she didn't love him, it's just that she needed 2 find out what the outside world was like?  Well, it's true.  What are your thoughts, feelings, & opinions about that? Sweet Lady P.S. Please Reply  
Ur favoriete Elvis Presley Movie(s)
Hello! What is ur favorite Elvis Presley (EP) movie(s) & y?  The reason y I asked is b/c on Tues., 8/16/22 will be the 45th anniversary of Elvis' death.  Elvis made a lot of movies, but my suggestion 2 u is that u can make a list of ur favorite Elvis movie(s) that u either wanna see on TV or the movie(s) that u haven't seen such as "Tickle Me" or "Live A Little, Love A Little".   After u make ur list, u can send ur lis...
Ur favoriete Song(s) door Elvis Presley
Hi!   Do u have a favorite song(s) by the l8, gr8 Elvis Presley?  Well, the reason I asked b/c on Sat., 1/8/22 will be Elvis' would've been birthday.  My suggestion 2 u is that u can make a list of ur favorite song(s) by Elvis Presley, & email them 2 some FM radio sttions that plays oldies music such as 102.5 The Shark FM at www.1025theshark.com; Dick Bartley at dickbartley99@gmail.com; Ryan Seacrest at www.raynseacrest.com; Little Steven at mail@undergroundga...