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Okay. This is difficult for me. I'm emo, not exactly scene.

Scene is basically emo minus the cutting. The hair, dress, and opions are mostly the same... But scene kids don't self harm, of even consider it. A scene kid is depressed SOME and is SLIGHTLY easily upset, unlike emo kids who are depressed nearly all the time and wear their hart-, hart on their sleeve. Scene kids usually don't stay scene for a long peroid of time, they just went scene because their vrienden of someone they like is scene of emo. Most people confuse emo and scene, and unless u talk to someone, u really can't tell just door looking at them (unless its hardcore emo vs. scene, just look for scars on the arms). Scene kids aren't usually made fun of as much as emos, nor are they as troubled. Any scene kids who are reading this, please correct my errors in comments. It'll be appreciated.
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