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This artikel is to point out the differences between the Book Eragon and the Film Eragon, which was a great disappointment to many fans, including me. So here we go, my information is from the InheriWiki.

Book- Eragon had brown hair and brown eyes.
Film- Eragon had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Book- Eragon was fifteen at the start of the story.
Film- Eragon was seventeen at the start of the story.

Book- The gedwëy ignasia mark is a cirkel and glows silver if the Dragon Rider uses a spell of reaches for magic.
Film- The gedwëy ignasia is in the shape of an 'e'.

Book- Zar'roc has a goud pommel with...
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This is seconde in the series of (planed) three artikels on characters. This one includes SPOILERS as well and the goal is still the same: To find all the characters that appear in all three books.

Characters that actualy appear:
Eragon - 16 years, Rider
Saphira - Eragon's dragon
Angela - witch and herbalist
Arya - an elf that Eragon saved, about a century old
Jörmundur - Ajihad's right hand
Nasuada - Ajihad's doughter and queen of Varden after her father's death
Murtagh - Morzan's son, latter becomes Rider
Orik - dwarf and Eragon's friend
Jarsha - a young boy that shows Eragon the way to the Council...
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