Primove Wireless-Charge Electric Bus coming to a city near u ?

The intellectually superior people of Quebec and Germany
have teamed up within the multinational Bombardier
and innovate with a cable-free electric public transportation.

The Primove Technology uses wireless charging as a way
to make sure electric buses batteries are always full :
they will do a quick charge at the bus stops
wherever there's an under-asphalt power pod.

The bus battery will also take advantage of the
frequent and powerful brakes of these vehicles ;

the great deal is, u don't need new buses to run this system
- just upgrade the ones you've got.

Putting the chargers under the straat surface
is your main issue, but the work will happen
near the sidewalks so traffic puzzles are mostly avoidable.

This technology is truly green where clean power
is dominant (Hydro, Wind Turbines)

My nation will get Primove all over (we don't have trams here)

 Stormbeach posted een jaar geleden
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