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Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
Xenos:*thinks*damn I should have beat her without the powers
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
returns to guild hall the next day Isaac) Hey Xenos whens the next magic games
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
Xenos:dont know ask the guild master
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac: maybe later, looks like she has her hands full right now) gestures to the leering men and the small riot in the middle of the guild hall
een jaar geleden fruitgirl05 said…
Name-Shalia Tia


Magic-Draining God Slayer

Place Of Living-Guild Hall

Weapons-Dual Daggers

Apperance-Yellow hair, Green shirt, Green Pants, Yellow Shoes, Yellow eyes, Big Boobs

Personality-friendly(unless you challenge her), brave, Athletic, destructive sometimes

Birthday-April 06

Pet-Exeed Nelly


Any Other Things you like us to know-Female, almost died at 12 when explosion happened, Very Stealth, parents died at age 13(2 years ago)
een jaar geleden fruitgirl05 said…
(my friend(xenos)said I can join can I)
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
(Draining God slayer? What the hell kinda magic is that? You can't just put dragon or God or devil after every magic you have! Just call is Draining magic. Meleegod19 this goes for you to... How is it possible to be the God of infinite? It just doesn't make sense!)
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Follow me on Instagram
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(shut the fuck up dash and while your talking about slayers YOURE A FUCKING SLAYER TOO!!!)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(ur a fucking speed devil slayer so shut up let her do what she wants with her magic names or whatever and just shut the hell up talking to me you said u didn't fucking wanna roleplay with me now go back to your own and wait till one of your friends come back)
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
(... Can everybody just calm the fuck down there is a rule for that kind of stuff you know, it is stated on the official fairy tail wiki [and other sources] that to be a slayer magic you have to be able to consume it [i.e.: Iron, Air, Fire, Sand] as a rule of thumb so if you can't explain how you would eat something [speed, infinitey, and draining] than it shouldn't be called slayer magic, now if you would kindly chill the fuck out and try to work this out instead of bitching at each other it would be appreciated -_-)
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een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
(also to clarify for Rp purposes Mirajane is still the guild master right no changes there)
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een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(and yes mirajane is the guild master)
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
(i'm just trying to point out how ridiculous the arguement is and thanks for the info, and point out the basic rule of thumb for slayer magic)
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
*Isaac lets out a loud roar, reminiscent of a dragon's causing half the guild to cover their ears and look at the young man*
Isaac: hey Mirajane!
Mirajane: Hey Isaac, what'cha need?
Isaac: whens the next Grand Magic Games
Mirajane: in about 8 months why?
Isaac Oh allright *laughs* looks like i'm a little off on my timing *rubs back of head and walks out grabbing a random job from the request board*
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een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
I mean Fairy_Tail_Wizard_Cre8
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Name-Xenos Inferno
Magic-Infinite Dragon Slayer
Place Of Living-Boys Dorm
Weapons-Infinite Fists
Appearance-Dark Purple Hair With Black And Red
Black Jacket Purple shirt Platinum Shoes Brown belt
With Platinum Buckle
Personality-Nice Little Reckless Red Black eyes
Pets-Kai the exceed
Birthday-November 8th
1st Generation Dragon slayer
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Xenos Fire is From Edolas
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
So Xenos Fire Is Xenos Infernos counterpart
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Xenos Fire Family Were the only ones that were the only
Ones that could use magic in edolas
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
standing in magnolia park under the tree in the middle
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac (mumbling):man I think that job was barley not s-class i mean really *lights a cigarette and takes a log drag as he leans against the trunk of the tree
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(did you seriously have to make a copy of me)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(dude u went back looked at my info and COPIED EVERYTHING I HAD EXCEPT THE CLOTHES AND THE PET!!!)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(and my person is only 14)
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Xenos fire is Xenos Infernos edolas counterpart
njohnson12 commented…
that would also imply that they would use different magic though porlyuscia nor mystogan use there earhtland counterparts' spells een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden MoneyDragon said…
Xenos Inferno Is 16
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac takes a long drag of the cigarette and stands up straight, within the next few seconds Odin lands on his shoulder and they begin to walk home
een jaar geleden Fairytailcre8 said…
Name-Rakio Iontrus
Magic-Electric Dragon Slayer Magic
Appearance-Aqua with Dark Brown
Pants with electricity On the bottom Shoes with glass and
Personality-Nice Don't let anyone hurt his friends
But fun
Birthday-July 5th
Pet-Denko the exceed
Guild mark left arm Aqua

last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
(Making a new character because I am bored of Dash and the RP is was in with him wasn't going anywhere)

Name- Kyro

Age- ???

Magic- Luminous Arts (Complete apposite of Dark Arts AKA black magic)

Place of living- ???

Weapons(optional)- Staff of light (Summonable)

Appearance- Picture, but he has grey eyes not yellow

Personality- Quiet, Independent, Shy, Selfless, Solemn, Expressionless

Birthday(optional)- ???

Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)- N/A

Boyfriend/Girlfriend(optional)- N/A

Any other things you would like us to know- He is blind due to the magic he uses but his other senses are 8x stronger then any other human. He is also on a lifelong quest to expel all darkness in the world.

last edited een jaar geleden
 (Making a new character because I am bored of Dash and the RP is was in with him wasn't going anywher
MoneyDragon commented…
How u Get that picture een jaar geleden
njohnson12 commented…
basically every body left because u copyrighted a character so basically every body lft because of u lack of originality een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
Kyro: *Enters the guild hall with a parchment sheet in his hand* A lot more recruits it seems.. *He says quietly* Wait a minute... *He turns around hears Isaac walking away so he jogs after him and taps him on the shoulder* Excuse me sir... Have I missed the Grand Magic Games?
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een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac*turns around* nah there not for a couple months why ya' asking friend
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
Kyro: *He stares blankly at Isaac* I just saw a lot of new recruits. Thought maybe we won and wizards thought we were the best option. My names Kyro.
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac:*extends hand out for a hand shake* I'm Isaac, and people are just showing up out of the blue *grins* beats me why.
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
Kyro: *Hears his arm extend, so Kyro extends his until he finds Isaac's hand for the handshake. As he grabs his hand he feels the power of Isaac* I was just about to go out and train. Would you care to join? But first, I have to return this job.
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac: Sure but i just got back from a monster hunt so i'll wait for you to get back
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
Kyro: Ok... I will meet you back here. *He starts walking when suddenly he starts glowing so brightly you could be blinded. After the glowing fades he is gone. Then he is at the guild hall entrance carrying the paper and hands it in to Mirajane* I hope Isaac wasn't looking at me... *He says as he is walking back towards the entrance and back to the tree.*
een jaar geleden Fairytailcre8 said…
Rakio:Sup nice to meet you
Kyro:What magic do yah use
Rakio:I am a First Generation Electric Dragon Slayer
Kyro:I use Luminous Arts magic
een jaar geleden Fairytailcre8 said…
Rakio askes Isaac:have I missed the grand magic games
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac: No there not for a couple of months
een jaar geleden brodxe said…
(Please don't use my character to talk)

Kyro: Are you ready Isaac?
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
Isaac: yeah lets head out Kyro
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(fuck this I'm just gonna go make my own fairy tail roleplay club I don't care if he is from edolas its my characters name and fuck u money dragon)
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
(I made a new forum this one is getting out of control you can keep your characters, if you decide to come over to it how ever there are some rules i put up to prevent this sort of conflict)
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden njohnson12 said…
(its the same story as this one but with new rules and limitations compared to the old ones)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(hey dash I mean kyro or whatever dude u have to kill off your old character to make a new one)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
(that's what I'm about to do I want new magic and a new name)
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
Xenos:seeya guys ill be back I guess.....
Linsey:im coming with
Flare:me too
een jaar geleden MeleeGod19 said…
Xenos:we're running there flare sit on my neck linsey get on my back*runs to an ancient cave*