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Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:*Looks at the quest board*
Hmm....oh...a giant cyclops..needs slaying...filled with danger...300,000 jewels...in west side mountains....I'll do it. Hey Mirajane, I'm gonna go do a quest. It has a cyclops.
Mirajane: Alright good luck, Kai.
Kai: *Packs everything I need and heads off to the west*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *eats bread and drinks water on the way to the next town*
*Yawns* I might ask what the people about the giant cyclops.
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: * goes to sleep on the ground*
*the town next door found me and took me there*
7 hours later
*Wakes up* Where am I?

een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Women from the town: Kai, are you going to slay the giant?
Kai: How do you know my name? And yes.
Women: Your name was on your bag. Nice sword by the way.
Kai: Thanks. * grabs sword and goes off to hunt for the giant*
*2 hours later*
Kai: I see you ya giant one-eyed freak.Phoenix Flare Rush(A giant fire ball that will the opponent many times)
Kai: * goes to hit the Cyclops* Haha, bullseye.
Cyclops:*Hits me with his club*
Kai: Ouch! Phoenix Wings*Wings sprouts from my back in a fire form* Ok..now I'm pissed. Phoenix Wing Flare Attack (An attack if I have my Phoenix wings)
Giant: * Spits on me making my fire go out*
killer24 commented…
wow your RPing even though no one is here, dedication for ya i guess een jaar geleden
killer24 commented…
why thank u young sir een jaar geleden
Gray-Dragneel commented…
No, thank u een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: That's it, time reveal my true strength, Flame Piller
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *sitting in a branch*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Phoenix summon; Phoenix Flare End!!*The pillar turns into a phoenix and the the phoenix bashes into the giant making him crash into the mountain)
Runs up to the giant and draws sword**Stabs his eye*
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een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Haha..ha..*takes his eye out of his socket*Let's go show the town.* heads toward the town*

1 hour later

Kai: Hey, guys, check it out.
Girl from earlier: Thanks, here's your reward.
Kai: Hmm.... can I just have 3,000 jewel...it was kind of easy.
Girl: NEVER!!*shoves bag at me* Bye..
Kai ok...*heads to Fairy Tail* *camps half way there at 12 midnight*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: * wakes up and heads toward Fairy tail guild again*

5 hours later

Kai I'm back everybody!!
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *looking at the bandage on his arm*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:*Goes back outside and lean against the tree and falls asleep*
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: I will forever be a demon, it's something I'll just have to live with.
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *wakes up and sees Seimon above him* Hey Seimon.*Climbs up the tree* How's it going?
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: I think I'm gonna go*Jumps down and walks home*

Kai's house: Kai: Hmmm......*Put's 300,000 Jewel on a table* I'm gonna go out to eat,*Puts normal glasses on and a fedora on*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai;*Grabs 1,000 jewel and heads out*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *walks in a Ramen restaurant and sees someone who looks like me* Huh? You! The dude with the brown hair!
???:*Turns around* (His hair is on the right eye) Brother?
Kai:Brother? I have no brother!!
???: Kai!! It's me,Cecil Hitaru, your twin brother!!
Kai: I don't recall having any twins!!
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Cecil: Maybe this will refresh your memory; Ice make: Sword *Grabs the Ice Sword
Kai: Phoenix Flare Fists, Man I was hoping to eat*Goes to hit Cecil*
Cecil: *slashes at me*
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: *watches them from a tree outside of the restaurant*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *blocks every slash* Phoenix Flare Edge(Body turns in to flare) *Charges at Cecil*
Cecil:Ice make shield*grabs the shield*
Kai*blasts through the shield* Phoenix Flare rush! *Hits Cecil*
Cecil: Ice make Ice Golem War Hammer!!! *hits the phoenix flare rush*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Like I said before,you're not my brother!!
Cecil: dad never told you,he locked me down in the basement, mom never died!!
Kai: Shut up!!!Flame Pillar,Phoenix Flare tornado!!!(The pillar goes towards Cecil)
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: ah when too twins meet its lovely *grins as he watches*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:* walks away*You ruined my apatite. *Goes to the tree* I know you're up there Alex
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Phoenix senses you up there
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: awe you stopped fighting *swings upside down hanging by the back of his legs and looks at Kai* kill joy
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *woke back up* ... *got down from the branch*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Alex, I don't what to do. He is pretty hurt.
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *Stomach grumbles and runs back to home*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: *Eats an apple* That's have to do...*Walks to Fairy Tail* Hey Seimon you're awake!How are you?
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: I'm alright, how about you?
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Great!! A little hungry though ^-^. Are you an S-class wizard? I'm not one yet.
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Yeah,
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Nice. Can I come with you on you're next quest?
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:I'll be helpful. I mean after all, I'm a phoenix.My dad taught my he basics: Phoenix Punch and Phoenix dodge. But I taught myself the Phoenix Flare
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Talk to me when if you want to.*walks in Fairy Tail*
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: awe ain't that sweet, he wants to join the big boy hahahahahahaha *jumps down from beams in the roof and lands in front of Kai*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:*Gasps* When did you get here?
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Alex, are you an S-Rank wizard?Because I want to see whats one is like!Never been there.Everyone thinks I'm to weak.But I live up to 500 years old. Like I said I'm a phoenix. Phoenix magic can only be taught to Phoenixes only.
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
big smile
Kai:Well see ya!*goes to quest board*Hmm....500,000 jewel for helping a curse library? Seems easy. Hey Alex!!!Wanna go destroy a library!?
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: *head lifts up from looking at his ammo with bullets in his mouth and grins then loads his pistols* yes I would but remember 'he who destroys a book kills reason it's self'
last edited een jaar geleden
Gray-Dragneel commented…
Umm....that doesn't really make sense. Do u mean, gives a book a reason to kill itself een jaar geleden
killer24 commented…
i don't know its on a game they say that stuff but i think it means boeken are reason een jaar geleden
Gray-Dragneel commented…
Oh...ok een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *went to the job board* A demon destroying job, heh.
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Alright, then it's a team job for now! Alex and Kai!!Say,Alex,what magic do you use?
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Hey Seimon, whats you looking at?*Looks at the demon quest*Demon Slaying!!??Seimon, don't tell me you're gonna go alone!! Demons are scary!!At least take Alex and me with you!!I don't want to go to the library yet!!
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: woa this kid is like really hyper or something, i use gun magic and requip gun version *walks to Seimon* well you wouldn't be trying to be tuff and all dark are you? *leans in next to his ear and wispers* cause your not or is it that you have a crush on the new boy? *grins and walks out of fairy tail waiting for the others*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Great to know that you like to shoot people with gun.*Runs after Alex*Fine I guess we'll destroy the library...
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: I've had my share of demons, because I am one.
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: hahaha, kids these days there so natsu like don't ya think Seimon *shouts back through the door way*
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai: Seimon, that's awesome. Alex, Natsu is awesome as well. Hey you wanna have a race? First one there gets 3/4 of the reward. The library we're supposed to go to is east of Mongolia.
een jaar geleden killer24 said…
Alex: go ahead kid I'll catch up *walks onto the main road heading for the streams in the city* I'll use the water and swim there
een jaar geleden Gray-Dragneel said…
Kai:Ok,Phoenix wings *Starts flying to the library*Phoenix Flame Speed burst!!(A move that increases my speed if i have Phoenix Wings*
een jaar geleden TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Theres a big reason I have this bandage on my arm, to contain my demon arm.