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Fairy Type Pokémon Vraag

Which Pokemon do u think should be Fairy type?

Honestly, I think Skitty/Delcatty and Minccino/Cinccino should be fairy type.
 SkyheartPegasus posted een jaar geleden
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Fairy Type Pokémon Antwoorden

Princessboy said:
1. Uxie mesperit azelf: because then the whole protecting against dialga and palkia thing would make meer sense. Roar of time and spacial rend deal massive damage to them with out it.
2. Cressilia: shes pink, power of dreams, signiture verplaats is a magical sacrifice (similar to the winx earning there enchantix) and most importantly, so darkrai can be part ghost with out him becoming to powerfull against cressilia.
Melleotta: changes from singer to ballerina door a song, small, feminine and can learn dazzling gleam.
Jirachi: grants wishes.
Pichu/pikachu/riachu: there part of the fairy egg group.

Pokemon that shouldnt be fairy type but are:
Mime jr./mr mime.

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posted een jaar geleden 
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