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Authers note: LOL! This is my third fan fiction! XD So I might be going a little slow right now! XD Also... this doesn't reflect off of any Jackie chan adventures episodes, I'm just making this fan based!

Disclaimer: I don't own all of the characters in this! :3 (i own: Hann-yuu, Mii-lan, and Chii-lan. In this part any way!)
Warning: ... Okay, okay, only violence and a VERY small tuch of languade (i don't care about my spelling! XD)!
Key: -D-D- = Drago's promo
-J-J- = Jade's promo
-JC-JC- = Jackie chan's promo
-H-H- = Hann-yuu's promo

Jade sat on the briliant shade of green grass. She was trying...
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Alucard stared at his dying fledgeling. She looked like she was in pain, but why was the qeustion.
The only things that can cause harm to a vampire are... blessed objects! Were the blades on those sords blessed?
Good chance!
Then Alucard heard something behind him, like a cackling laugh.
"Amen." zei the obvious male voice.
he turned his head in a snel, swift motion, and his grin was still gone.
When his skinny face turned around, he saw THE Alexander Anderson! That man was an extermanating priest! He kills ALL vampires, even if they do nothing wrong, he continues to kill them.
Alucards grin creeped...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfiction!

Lex froze in fear. There standing infront of her, only feet away was one of the hunters that killed half of her team. And killing all thoughs soldger like gaurds for Weyland wasn't easy!
'Maybe Weyland died too...' she thought while the armor covered creature walked closer to her.
She wanted to turn and run, but she wasn't, and God forbid she would!
She promised her self she wouldn't run any more! Besides, the creature was already an inch infront of her!
lex gasped, she wasn't paying attention to him, which was a stupid thing to...
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(Ooman language)
"Yautja language"


Scar showed Lex down to his chambers. He honestly couldn't wait to get out of his armor, it was starting to take a tole on his back and muscles.
He opened the door after typing in his room-code and allowed Lex to walk in first.
Lex looked around the strange room, but it really didn't look to far away from an abrage human's room.
It had a closet
A bed
Even a night stand.
Lex looked back at Scar, he was undressing, so she turned around as fast as she could.
Scar already had his chest-plate's off, he unhooked the iron...
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A/N: Craig x Kyle fanfiction dead-a-head pep's! I don't own any of the characters featured in this fanfiction, they all belong to Comedy Central. And if u don't like it... Craig?

Craig: *flips yo people off* :| *pulls finger back*

Oh, and there will be some languadge in here.


Craig Tucker, the boy that has been known for his badass-dick-douchebag streak. No one really ever talked to him because they liked him of wanted to know him, only if they want him to protect them from a bully. Craig was and still is a serius fighter.

Craig Tucker on his 5th birthday only reseaved one present from...
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Disclaimer: u should get it door now... I only own a few characters, not all of them!
Warning: I put meer bloody voilent stuff with bad words in tis! XD


Lex layed down in her bed, after today... fighting with that bastard Ron. She just wanted to sleep.
But that dream shattered when she heard the door open, she was going back and forth on greating the person of people. But on the other hand, she would just pretend to be asleep.
She desided to pretend to be asleep, but that's not in her nature realy...
She shot her eyes open and sat strait up in her bed.
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Disclaimer: I only own: Sara Sandrzik and Hirou the healer, no one else!
Warning: bad words and bloody stuffz! :D

While Scar was putting his mask back on, he felt the earth beneath him tremble... it was simaler to the way Lex was trembling before.
(Um... did u guys feel that to?) Savern said, breaking the silence.
"I did... do you-" Lex began, but she was cut off door the the queen jumping out of the ground.
Lex was grabbed door the Queens tail, she was sqeezing the life out of her!
Scar atempted to jump up to the queen and slice her inhalf, but the queen just began to sqeeze harder!
Lex began to bleed...
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Disclaimer: I own no characaters and so and so...
warning: Gore, laugage

After a long run threw the temple, the three finnaly got to the man whole.
(How the hell do we get out of here in time?) Savern asked in his huffing.
Lex looked at the sled used to bring suplies up and down, but it was cacooned, they couldn't use it.
(We'll have to do what the elders told use to do, we'll have to jump up to the surfuse!) Scar said, he then freed one of his hands from his grasp on Lex. He had to use it to maintain his balance when he began to jump, but he wished he could keep his hand on Lex, she seemed more...
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Scar: What does that tittle mean?! *looks at lex all consernicis.*
Lex: I hope she's not-
Me: NO ONE WILL DIE! (exept a few other speices of aliens... >.>')
Savern: Not me right...
Me: *Sighs*

Disclaimer: If I own any of the characters in the fallowing fiction.... then I geuse I'm superman!
Warning: Bad words and violence! Oh my!

"LET GO DAMN YOU!" Lex shouted. But the Alien kept his grip on her. He tightened on his grip on her with his tail. He wasn't going to let her go!


Scar didn't here Lex's scream's for help until it was too late!
She was gone...
(LEX!!!!!!) Scar roared. He failed...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: Yeah, I own no characters, only story line like I zei before!
Warning: Bad words and blood!

Lex was petrified in fear, now, not just one, but TWO predators were infront of her. One of them was holding her arm tight, probebly to keep her from moving... but why?
She then remembered that Sabastion's friend zei that there was a sacraficial chamber... was she going to be sacrificed? HA! Such laughable thoughts!
'Why would they...? The one infront of me could have finished me off before, but he didn't!'
But still, she wanted to get away. But the damn creature wouldn't let her arm go!
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the story line!
warning: meer laungage and gore! Yay! :D

Lex tried to hold still... 'They don't have eyes... maybe they use viberations and sound... like a worm!'
Lika a worm... ha! As if they were! u can kill a worm with a stop of your foot, but these things...
But as she was thinking, she noticed it had a grid like pattern on it head (and some on his shoulders).
Did holding still help.... hell no! That thing was coming closer to her... as if it knew she was there! And of course... it freaking did!
Lex wanted to scream... but she couldn't!


As scar was walking...
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Savern: Okay... any dag now for me to meet a girl u know...!
Me: GOD! You'r worse than Rayn was! She's in this one!

Disclaimer: I only own: Hirou the healer, Ayamichiomi, Irouku the hunter, and Amy & Sara Sandrkiz no one else!
Warning: Bad words and violence!


After a whole uur of crying, Lex sat up striat on the bed.
She couldn't forget Scar's face, voice, of apearance... And she didn't want to forget...!
She never felt this alown since her father died...! She blaims the death on herself... and she blaims Scar and Savern leaving her intirly on herself!
Then she layed back on the bed...
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posted by Flamefox
link to be mean,Why'd u bring her here though?!,Roy asked.Cause you're the one of the only people i trust!,Marth yeld.Ugh,fine,but i only have tow rooms that are open cause many people have tried to attack me...,Roy said.So?,I asked.Since there's only' two rooms and the stairs that lead upstairs there's only two beds....,Roy explained as if he where talking to a seven jaar old.Why are u talking like that i'm fifteen!just cause i'm short does'nt mean i'm not this old!,i yeld.It was quiet all of a sudden.How old do u think i am?,i asked.I'll go get some blankets and sheets for u two!,he...
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Authers note: This is an add on, it's just focusing on meer of the characters! Like I said, I only own a few of the characters, not all of them! x3


Haruhi sat still on the top, boven of a stack of broken, tattered, and rusty cars in that old rommel, ongewenste yard. She tried to remember who she met about a jaar ago. She just remembered he had dark purple hair, and a few percings here-and-there.
She then just remembered his nickname: MC Cobra.
But she didn't really remember his real name... what was it? It was Japanese like her name. And to be honest... she really liked his name too.
What was that guys name......
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 Addie Pierce(Lucy Hale)
Addie Pierce(Lucy Hale)
Secretly Jealous
A Novel
Chapter One: Addie Pierce

    My name is Addie Pierce. I’m in 10th grade, and I am 15 years old. I have 2 sisters, Amelia and Betty. Betty is 29 and Amelia is 5. Betty is married, and has 2 children, Lisa and Mike. Amelia, is your average 5 jaar old of course, annoying as much as my little brothers, Tyler and Franklyn. Twins, of course, get to be the luckiest 4 jaar olds on the planet, while I’m stuck with stacks of homework, and a boyfriend who never talks to me. Yes, I have a boyfriend-Levi. Levi’s 16 and about just the smartest boy on the planet....
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Authors note: Hey, before u read, I just want u guys to know I'm getting a lot of insparation for Warriors Code and Honnor chapter 3!!! :D

Seras layed down in her coffined, she knew it was daytime outside. She fell asleep after a few minutes.
When she slept she dreamed about her family... what a horrid dream it was! u see, her family was killed door a group of thugs. She had to watch from a closet... and that memory haunts her to this day!
She woke up to the sound of a male voice saying 'Time to get up Police girl!'. She shot up.
Her master was infront of her grinning ever so wickedly.
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Authers note: This is a new fanfiction! :D This is based off the anime 'Hellsing' and 'Hellsing Ultimate'. It's kinda gory, so just a heads up from aunt Maddy! XD

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfiction!

Warning: Bad words and blood (like warriors code and honnor! XD)

Key: A = Alucard's promo
I = Integra's promo
W = Walter's promo
S = Seras's promo

The aardbei blond girl, named Seras Victoria, ran for her damned life.
What ever that priest is... he isn't human! Same with the rest of her team mates... they were diferant... like... like... ZOMBIES!!
She then felt her legs...
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posted by madening_mahem
The 20 jaar old Info broker, Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也), wasn't known for loving one human (or woman) in paticular...

That was...until he saw Moira Kagamine (モイラ 鏡音), an 18 jaar old and a manager of two high-end stores, with a lolita fashion style to boot.

Of course he wasn't completely head over heels for her (what kind of story would it make without semi-reality and filers :D), but she DEFINITELY caught his eye. At first, he thought nothing of it, but soon he saw her again , and again. She had taken notice as well, apparently, the reason why they saw each other so frequently was...
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posted by Flamefox
Ugh....,i groaned as i fell onto my couch.I was tired from trying to earn money for my place 24/7.*Knock* *knock* What now?,i thought going to my door.I opened the door to see two people that make u pay tax's.You need to pay within a week,or the house is ours,the one one the left.Can't u wait?i need meer time!,i said.Well u need to pay now-,he zei cut off.Just this one time Lil Red,the on the right said.Thanks....,i zei closing the door before they could say more.I went back to my divan, bank and turned on the TV.Get prepared for the major earthquake tonight....,said the lady on the news.Yeah...
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Alucard let the fledgling go. She didn't have Icey-blue eyes any more, they were meer like his, a crimson color.
He acualy prefured that color over her blue eyes. But the dracula didn't know why...!
Then the draculina flinched in shock, but the vraag was: Why did she flinch like that?
Alucard thinks the girl is strange... but of course she isn't used to being in the hellsing mansion! So he read her mind like a book.
'Where the bloody hell am I?!'
'Hellsing Mansion police girl!' Alucard answered with a smirk across his face.
Seras jumped 2 inches in the bloody air! How could he read her mind!?...
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