Fanpop Help Me to get the Movie "The Spy Dad 2003" in English and/or german with this Peition please.

Johannes_John posted on Oct 10, 2015 at 11:46PM
Hello everyone. I'm completely new to this Forum.

My Name is Johannes Haeberlein and I'm 32 Years old of Age, and I live in Germany/Bavaria.

The Reason why I'm here is, that I found several Day's ago a Movie Title. It is a Chinese Movie, and I was searching for it like a Maniac. Now that I know the Title of this Movie, I saw, that this Movie is only availabe in Chinese.

I don't know, but did You ever hear about Avaaz?

Avaaz.. This is a Board where You can start Online Petitions to every Theme that's important for You.

I started a Online Petition today, and in this Petition I'm talking to the Producers and the Writer of this Movie, that We - as Fans of Chinese Movies, would love to be able to watch that Movie in English and also in German, because in America, Australia. England, and Germany are living several MILLIONS of Fans, and I just thought it would be a Lucrative Idea for the Regisseur and Writer and the Media Groups which released the Movie in 2003, to release that Movie again, but also in English and German.. Because the bigger the Puplic, the more Money they earn, because a lot of Peoples want to buy the DVD then.

I just want to carefully ask and beg You, if You could please be so Kind to Sign my Petition and to share this Petition where ever you want. It is absolutely for Free and all You need is a working Email Adress and Your first and last Name.

Maybe you can share it in Favebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Tumblr or Deviantart, or....simply where ever You want to :)

Here is the Link­Jin­g_T­ony­_Le­ung­_Ch­ina­_St­ar_­Ent­ert­ain­men­t_C­hin­a_F­ilm­_gr­oup­_Pl­eas­e_s­how­_Ch­uet­_ch­ung­_ti­t_g­am_­gon­g_2­003­in_­Eng­lis­h_a­nd_­G/?­nRH­jwh­b

By the Way, I hope it is allowed to post such a Link, because it's no Youtube Link or a Link to any other Video.

If it is not allowed, please feel free to delete my Post ;).

Best Regards

Johannes Haeberlein.

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