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posted by hm94991
 "Journeyman" videos in the travel spot. *sigh* (image credit to Cinders)
"Journeyman" videos in the travel spot. *sigh* (image credit to Cinders)
Ok, this is getting a tweee bit ridiculous. And before I start off, I know this has been discussed before, I'm just refreshing everybody's mind.
Yesterday, I was fanpoping. I come across the link spot- And went to videos. link is what I saw. There were appel, apple pie videos there. toegevoegd door Hulu.
link are some afbeeldingen door other fanpopers reporting this.

Hulu's videos should NOT be done door a webcrawler. (or whatever u call it) Dave, either have a manual team do hulu's videos, of dont do it at all.

EDIT: as amazondebs says in the comments, Fanpop isen't even getting paid for hulu's videos. What is the purpose of having them here?

(Another) EDIT: meer of this maddness. and in link spot!
posted by lost_my_thought
Hip-hip-hooray! Wow- I had just hit 20 fans and I am so excited. I have been "fanpoping" since last June and frankly at first I joined fanpop just to get to watch some videos of my favoriete shows. In the beginning I don't think I even paid attention to whatever was going on with the web-site- videos were the only thing that mattered. I suppose some people do kom bij just for that. But the meer time I spend on this web-site the meer cool things, that others like Youtube lack, I have found. I definitely loved the format of the profiles- the spots arrangement, the updates, the how many things you...
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posted by knifewrench
For quite a while I've been commenting on other people's picks and waiting for a reply, and refreshing the page, and refreshing the page, and refreshing the page, only to find that they haven't replied for 2 days and finally figure that they have probably gone on holiday of actually have a life.

So I have thought up an idea to keep us aware of any commentaren on our comments.... whatever; anyway I have thought up of a "keep me updated" button; this means that commentaren appear in our update box as if we owned the content.

I like to post my ideas in an artikel rather than a suggestions emai because I like to see what my fellow fans think. If it's getting annoying I'll emai u guys like everyone else does.
posted by johnminh
Ok, this is my first time to write a soapbox. Please be gentle with me and don't make it hurt too much. *giggle*

So I've been a member of Fanpop for a little while now, and I've seen how the community has evolved and grown. I first came to Fanpop for two reasons: link and link.

Towards the end of Season 1 of Heroes, my interest in Fanpop started waning. Call it TV burnout. But a funny thing happened: Dave sent me a message about a new feature that was going to debut: Picks! I dabbbled in it a little door adding the pick: link It was fun, but I didn't think I'd be creative enough to add any good...
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This part of my Fanpop User Guide describes some of the basics of using the site, and was last substantively edited on 19 December 2007.

Covered in this article:
Finding spots
Fans of spots and users

Finding a spot
There are three primary ways to find spots that fit your interests, which is really the whole point of the site.
The first (examples are marked with "1" in the illustration) is door reading the lists on the main page of the site ('fanpop home'): it's entirely possible that some content displayed there is of interest to you, whether it be a spotlit spot,...
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Source: Do not want. 4/27/12.
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posted by Kristina_Beauty
Hi everyone! This is Kristina_Beauty! This is my fourth please don't judge it...ANYWAY! Great news everyone! I'm writing a series called Handy Kristina McDandy that will help newcomers and gurus on Fanpop learn new things! I've written two Handy Kristina McDandy artikels so far, and I'm STUCK!!!

So far I've written a how to get a profiel picture on Fanpop artikel and a how to message someone on Fanpop article. What should I write about next?! Tell me your answer in the commentaren section below, and I'll choose one and write about it in my volgende article!!!

Don't worry if your answer...
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3 Most Important Traits For Startup Entrepreneurs door Blurr CoFounder Daniel Korman
posted by kamiko11asakura
Shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form
Hold his favoriete red chaos smaragd, emerald
As he held himself from a cut on his arm
Some of Shadow own blood add dropped
Onto the red chaos smaragd, emerald making it glow bright red
Out of a flash of like roze light
A female version of shadow who add different quills form
Shadow but she was midnight black hot roze
Markings on her quills arms and legs
Hot roze round her light roze eyes
Ice white ice blue inhibitor ring like zero the hedgehog
With the ASAKURA Royal family crest on it with matching hover shoes like zero
Shadow was in shock looking at the young hedgehog
She beautiful thought shadow as he blush roze
End of part 1 🌼
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About 2 weeks ago, there was a vraag on this fan-site, asking which were the most embarrassing things we did here on Fanpop, however, I couldn't answer it because "apparently" my answer was far too long. As a result, I have decided to write an artikel about it, instead.

Before we begin, I want to make a disclaimer that most of the things I'll be talking about revolve around Disney's Frozen, since that's the thing I was obsessed with when I became a Fanpop member.

I've been here on Fanpop since November of 2014, and I've made some pretty embarrassing things myself. Here they are:

1.In November...
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posted by deathding
 Sponsored door Pepsi!
Sponsored by Pepsi!
Not capitalized for your viewing pleasure! :)

#1. How long have u been on Fanpop?

Technically almost six years if you're counting my REALLY old profiel that I forgot the paswoord to that I made in April of 2011, but as far as this account goes, I've been here for almost 5 years, as I made this profiel in March of 2012.

Also, that other profiel is my only other one. I probably would've kept it had I not forgotten how to sign in with it. XD

#2. Which club are u the most active on?

Probably the Random club. I've always been active in general there, writing articles, posting on the uithangbord every now...
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