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kowalski nervously approached the tabby cat. "hey, abial?" he asked, cautously. "you can call me abby," she said, smiling sweetly. "okay, abby, could u help me?" he asked, obviously trying to sound casual. "why sure. with what?" kowalski motioned for her to follow him, and he led her outside to the hanging tree.

"thats it, thats it, follow the science guy," skipper sad to himself, watching from the top, boven of the steps as abigail followed kowalski.

kowalski led abigail outside, and stopped he door the big hanging tree, on which, the noose was now visible to all. "see that rope?" kowalski asked,...
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Hannah swiftly followed the path Kowalski took, recognizing every building, scanning over each straat sign and number, still in the correct direction. She stopped short of a crosswalk, catching her breath and wiping her forehead. 

"Good god, if I can't get to Private, oh my god... I can't beer seeing him in.. So much pain.." Hannah's maternal instinct spiked within her heart, as it blasted to the speed of sound, giving her a renewed strength. 

Hannah raced past bystanders, not giving a care in the world about how rude it was, since her top, boven priority at the moment is finding her de-facto son...
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u guys enjoying my play so far? I hope so! In case u don't know what Cirqus Voltaire is, here is a look at what my play is based on!
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